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June 26, 2013

Simply Too Dangerous to Continue Homeschooling

Editor’s note: There were pro-homeschool measures introduced in the Slovak parliament in late 2011; however, all proposals were dismissed due to early elections which took priority.

The Slovak government which took power in late 2011 is one where the Socialist party has an overall majority, so they can do basically what they want. With regard to education, they want the entire school system to be uniform. Therefore, homeschooling is only allowed for the first four years. Additionally, permission to homeschool is granted only if the teaching parent is a qualified teacher for 6-10-year-olds, which means the parent must hold a master’s degree along with a teacher’s qualification for 6-10-year-olds.

Regardless, families are interested in homeschooling. Last year, 12 children (1st-4th grade) were legally homeschooled; for the 2012-13 school year, the number rose to 34! A Google group has been set up, and another homeschool support group exists as well. These groups are great: people are in contact and ideas are exchanged.

Although homeschooling from grade 5 upwards is illegal, there are a few families who have found a way to homeschool. In one instance, a very courageous public school headmaster agreed to cover the family. The homeschooled student had to be tested every month, but they bore with it, and he did exceptionally well.

This year, the headmaster has said it is simply too dangerous to continue. The parents want to continue homeschooling their son, and their son wants to stay home. They are praying and asking God to open up a way. Please will you pray with us? Please pray both for this family, as well as a solution in Parliament to increase homeschool freedom for all in Slovakia.

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