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December 10, 2008

A Family’s Influence in Southeast Asia

In September of 2008, ten international homeschool leaders joined HSLDA’s annual National Homeschool Leadership Conference. The following is an update from Randy Teo, founder and head of Teach Asia, an organization that assists Christian and home schools throughout Southeast Asia.

The Teos Begin Their Homeschool Journey

Randy and May Lin Teo live in the Republic of Singapore, a group of islands in Southeast Asia.

When the Teos first began to teach their daughter at home in 1992, “homeschool” was not a term that was either familiar or positively received in Singapore society. However, Randy and his wife had a strong desire to be the key persons teaching their daughter to learn more than just to read and write—they wanted her to learn who God is. This was their motivation for pursuing home education.

Not long after they decided to homeschool, God directed the Teos to ACE—Accelerated Christian Education Ministries, which is based in Texas. Randy simply intended to purchase the materials, but he ended up visiting ACE’s headquarters and then meeting with the founder in Singapore in 1994. After attending administrators’ training in 1994 in Texas, Randy was appointed one of ACE’s global representatives to encourage individuals to use the ACE system at home or in Christian schools.

From the Teo Family and Beyond

The Teos are thankful to be able to extend their ministry to the region in Asia through connecting with HSLDA.

Singapore has formally “legalized” homeschooling through the codification of the Compulsory Education Act in 2000 (click here for the text). Children born after January 1, 1996, are required to attend public school for six years starting at age 6. Exemptions to this mandate are allowed and include homeschooling. The law has been good because it has made families aware that they can choose to homeschool.

Randy Teo now runs the organization Teach-Asia, which assists churches and other Christian organizations with starting and running Christian schools and homeschools. By the grace of God, the Teos have seen an increase in the number of homeschool families enrolled in their umbrella program, with families from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Teach-Asia currently has about 73 families enrolled, reaching about 34 schools with approximately 1,300 children in the region.

Randy and May Lin appreciate your prayers for the Asian parents who are taking this courageous path of truly Christian education for their children despite the many challenges.

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