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British Supreme Court Halts Plan to Monitor Children
August 2, 2016: The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom last week blocked key provisions of the 2014 Children and Young People Bill—a controversial Scottish law that would have ordered the government to assign a “named person” to monitor every child in the country.

Judges block 'totalitarian' law to appoint a 'state guardian' to be in charge of every child in Scotland
July 28, 2016: The Supreme Court ruled against the Scottish Government’s infamous named person legislation

Officials Overstep Bounds by Passing Bill to Invade the Family
March 10, 2014: HSLDA is asking freedom-loving homeschoolers to protest a bill passed by the Scottish Parliament that appoints a government social worker to oversee every child in that country.

Proposed Law Assigns Government Agent for Every Child
July 23, 2013: Scottish homeschoolers are asking for help in fighting a proposed law that would assign a government agent to every child at birth. Experts warn that this type of legislation represents the logical progression of state-centered parenting ideals as embodied in various UN treaties.

Bill Proposes Massive Invasion of Every Family
June 11, 2013: The government of Scotland is proposing the ultimate invasion of the family in order to “protect” children.

Bill to Spy on Parents is Criticised by Families
May 19, 2013: The Scottish National Party is facing growing calls to drop a sinister plan to interfere with family life by assigning every child in the country a state-sponsored guardian—or “Named Person” through a proposed bill in parliament.

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Legal status of homeschooling: Homeschooling is legal and protected by the Scottish Education Act of 1980 and the Standards in Scotland’s Schools Act of 2001. The Scottish Government published its “Guidance on Home Education” in January 2008 (available here).

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