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November 17, 2011

Russian Manifesto: Protect the Traditional Family

Over 80 Russian non-governmental organizations and experts met in October for a series of public hearings in St. Petersburg to point out serious problems in a draft recommendation offered by the Council of Europe (COE) on children’s and parental rights. The group pointed to the “destructive tendencies” of the document which purported to create policy on the rights and legal status of children and parental responsibilities. Ukrainian family organizations also endorsed the resolution.

The resolution delineates areas of opposition to the draft recommendation and cites possible outcomes of its approval:

[We] categorically object to the possible approval of the Draft Recommendation … If the representatives of the Council of Europe take action to approve this Draft Recommendation or any similar document, such action could be regarded as destructive for the traditional culture of Russia, including the Russian traditions of family life and child-rearing.

The Council of Europe is an independent European organization whose website states that it exists to protect the principles enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, a document that recognizes marriage in Article 12 and parental rights in Protocol 1, Article 2. The Council’s draft resolution, however, promotes an alternative view of the family and would seek to increase the power of the state over families and children.

Pavel Parfentiev, chairman of a Russian family advocacy organization, explains, “We hope that COE representatives and other national authorities will take into consideration the positions presented in the Resolution, being the consolidated voice of the civil society of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.”

This is just another example of non-governmental organizations attempting to increase the power of the state over individual citizens and families and to advance a radical agenda. HSLDA applauds the work of these pro-family groups and agrees with their concerns. This demonstrates why it is critically important to pass a parental rights amendment to the United States Constitution and to be vigilant in the defense of our own freedoms.

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Read the St. Petersburg resolution (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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