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Come High Temps or Thunderstorms
September 26, 2016: Families in Romania join together regardless of obstacles.

From Romania to Abu Dhabi: Homeschool Grad Profile
December 7, 2015: A recent graduate describes some of the challenges and bright spots of homeschooling in a not-so-homeschool-friendly country.

Romanian Debate Garners Support for Legislation
August 31, 2015: The Romanian Home Schooling Association (RHSA) recently participated in a public debate in Constanta, Eastern Romania, about the necessity to include home schooling in the educational law.

Political Instability Causes Rapid Growth
April 20, 2015: The homeschool movement is growing rapidly in circumstances of political and educational instability and rampant corruption.

Romanian Homeschoolers Find Ally in Parliament
June 20, 2013: A well-attended conference and steps toward legalizing home education are recent developments encouraging homeschoolers in Romania.

Romania: MP Organizes Committee Meeting on Homeschooling
May 9, 2013: Romanian homeschoolers stand firm in their decade-long fight to legalize homeschooling.

Romania: Families Choose to Homeschool under Hardship
April 26, 2012: The number of Romanian families choosing to homeschool is increasing dramatically despite economic difficulty, lack of support, and an unfavorable legal climate.

One Year Closer to Legalized Homeschooling
January 30, 2012: In 2011, Romanian families enjoyed highs and endured lows, including a new connection with an American umbrella school and a negative vote on homeschooling in the parliamentary Education Committee.

Romania: The Current Situation
June 30, 2011: Families in Romania currently seek affiliation with a U.S.—based school so that they can continue to legally homeschool under an “umbrella” institution.

New Education Law Passes Parliament
March 9, 2011: The Romanian Home Schooling Association reports on the recent passing of a new education law in the country.

Second Romanian Home School Conference a Success
November 22, 2010: A nationwide conference helped to encourage homeschoolers and grow the homeschool movement in Romania.

Romanian Homeschoolers Seek Good Law
May 3, 2010: A growing network of Romanian homeschoolers is lobbying parliament to formally recognize the right of parents to educate their children at home.

First Romanian Homeschool Conference Held
April 14, 2010: The first homeschooling conference for Romanian—speaking people took place recently in Arad, Romania, near the Hungarian border. The event was a big step forward in efforts to fully legalize home education.

Romanian Homeschoolers Move Forward with Help from America
A Romanian homeschooling association is working with the government to legalize homeschooling outright and preserve education freedom.

Ministering to Homeschoolers in Hungary and Romania
Homeschooling is legal in Hungary and Romania, but the movement is still in its beginning stages. Bruce Purdy, a pastor from Lancaster, Ohio, recently attended homeschool conferences in these two countries to encourage and support a number of these newly homeschooling families.

National Alert: Homeschoolers in Romania Need Your Help
We have another opportunity to help our homeschooling brothers and sisters in another country. The movement in Romania is beginning to grow, even though the law does not yet recognize it.

Homeschooling in Romania
Although homeschooling in technically illegal in Romania, there is hope for positive changes in the future.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Law: 6-16

Legal Status of homeschooling:

Homeschooling is neither prohibited nor recognized. Homeschoolers currently report themselves to school officials as a private school. This could change quickly. At this time, a family can teach their children at home and hope not to be charged with truancy if local officials are satisfied with what they see and proof can be given that students are enrolled in an “umbrella” private school. Trends are going against this, however. It is therefore urgent that homeschooling be legalized.

Homeschooling in Romania got its official start in 2000 when Romanian church planters under Westminster Biblical World Mission (WBWM) were encouraged to practice it by WBWM and HSLDA’s Chris Klicka. In the last five years, local officials inspected some of the homes and went away satisfied. But lack of legal recognition for homeschooling has always meant the state could step in at any time and declare it all illegal. This is why WBWM has not rested in its legalization efforts the last seven years. Progress was very slow the first six years, but the recent conference in March and publication of Chris Klicka’s book and now increased contacts in parliament have given hope to the possibility of a good law being written.

 Contact Information & Resources

Romanian Home Schooling Association
Contact: Gabriel Curcubet
Str. Santimbru Nr. 55/A
Odorheiu Secuiesc
535600 ROMANIA
Cellular: (40) 726-265-566
Skype: curcubetg
Facebook page

Chris Klicka's well-known book on homeschooling, The Right Choice: Home Schooling, has been translated into Romanian and published by the Romanian Home Schooling Association. Please contact RHSA for more information.

Last Updated: January 1, 2016