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June 20, 2013

Romanian Homeschoolers Find Ally in Parliament

Fathers and mothers met for specialized seminars on the “Responsibility of Fathers” and “Encouragement for Mothers.”

By Gabriel Curcubet

On May 6 we had our bilingual homeschool conference in the central Romanian town of Sfantu Gheorghe, and it was a great success! More than 60 people attended the lectures and the discussions. Conference topics included: Biblical Basis of Homeschooling, Who Can Home School, Socialization, The Responsibility of Fathers and Encouragement for Mothers. The last two sessions were held simultaneously. After the sessions was a special time for questions and answers. The conference was a great encouragement both for beginners and practicing homeschoolers.

The majority of the attendants were Hungarian speaking, as some Romanian participants had to withdraw because of the Romanian Easter celebration. However, we wanted to connect the conference with Tedd Tripp’s lecture in the nearby city of Brasov. After the homeschool conference concluded, the majority of the attendants travelled to Brasov, where pastor, counselor, and author Tedd Tripp lectured about parenting. The meeting with Tedd Tripp crowned that blessed day.

Encouraging Reading

Many attendants of the conference bought Chris Klicka’s book Home Schooling: The Right Choice, available both in Hungarian and Romanian, and Tedd Tripp’s book Shepherding a Child’s Heart, also in both Romanian and Hungarian. Some parents who wanted to learn how my family started to homeschool received a booklet written by Gabriella Curcubet, which is a strong testimony for non-Christians.

Soon after the conference I received a call from a group of Eastern Orthodox parents in Transylvania who would like to start homeschooling this year. In the meantime, another group of parents, in Cluj, Transylvania, decided to organize a regional conference. We encourage different regional groups to organize their own conferences in order to connect homeschoolers from the same region. We would like to organize our next nationwide conference in Brasov at the end of August 2013, before the new school year starts.

Push for Better Laws

As you can see, the homeschool movement in Romania is growing exponentially. But this is not the only good news! We are advancing with big steps toward legalization of homeschooling. The Romanian parliamentary deputy who would like to introduce homeschooling in the educational law is working closely with the Romanian Home Schooling Association to develop the best bill possible in Romania. The deputy introduced our proposals into his bill project which he would like to introduce soon to the Romanian Parliament.

Please pray for the Romanian parents who attended our last conference, for the upcoming regional conferences, and for our next nationwide conference. Please pray for those parents who would like to start or are already homeschooling in spite of the difficulties—which can be persecution from the local educational authorities, the lack of money for school materials, or spiritual battles. Please pray for those people who hear the Gospel at our homeschool conferences. Thank you.

Gabriel Curcubet is the President of the Romanian Home Schooling Association.

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