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March 9, 2011

New Education Law Passes Parliament

By Gabriel Curcubet

At the close of 2010, the Romanian Parliament passed a new education law that unfortunately does not include explicit recognition for homeschooling. After fighting for a good homeschool law for the past decade, Romanian homeschoolers are saddened but have maintained their resolve to continue the battle ahead of them.

Since 2002, the Romanian Home Schooling Association (RHSA) has built a network of contacts in the Romanian Parliament, its Education Committee, and other key areas of the government. While RHSA had in fact obtained a majority in favor of homeschooling in the Educational Committee of the Senate, the Romanian government—which is against homeschooling—intervened so that the new law passed earlier than expected. This means that pro-homeschool senators were unable to amend certain articles in the proposed law to allow for the recognition of homeschooling.

Thankfully, the new law simplifies the recognition of foreign diplomas, a positive change for homeschoolers in Romania. Many homeschooling families in Romania currently enroll their children in foreign “umbrella” schools so that they can report themselves to school officials as private schools. Romanian and Hungarian homeschoolers who receive foreign diplomas will now have their diplomas recognized in Romania. Another positive development is that the Romanian Ministry of Education would like to establish a center in Bucharest where students can take their international baccalaureate exams. This will allow homeschooled students to take their exams much closer to home.

RHSA held its second nationwide homeschool conference in Bucharest in February 2011. Also, planning is underway for the translation of Christopher J. Klicka’s book, The Heart of Home Schooling, into the Romanian and Hungarian languages.

Gabriel Curcubet is the president of the Romanian Home Schooling Association.

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