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April 14, 2010

First Romanian Homeschool Conference Held

The first homeschooling conference for Romanian-speaking people took place March 19–20, 2010 in Arad, Romania, near the Hungarian border. “It was a big step forward in our efforts here,” attests Gabriel Curcubet, president of the Romanian Home Schooling Association (RHSA). “The Lord wonderfully helped us organize it and carry it out.”

First Romanian Homeschool Conference
Romanian homeschoolers atttend the first RHSA conference in Romania

Home Schooling: The Right Choice in Romanian
Chris Klicka's book, Home Schooling: The Right Choice as translated into Romanian.

The conference covered the following topics: “So You Want to Teach Your Child at Home?” “Getting Started on Homeschooling,” and “How to Home School.” In addition to these presentations, the conference schedule included round-table discussions between speakers and participants, as well as the chance for fellowship.

The Romanian Home Schooling Association currently serves upwards of 150 families, including a number of families in Hungary and Ukraine. The homeschool conference drew over 80 participants, many of whom met fellow homeschoolers for the first time.

In one session, Curcubet outlined what Romanian efforts to legalize homeschooling have looked like over the past seven years:

  • Homeschool support groups founded in individual cities, counties and regions;
  • Specific homeschool associations (Baptist, Adventist, Orthodox, etc.) founded to complement RHSA’s work to legalize homeschooling;
  • Romania Home Schooling Association continued to coordinate steps taken at the national level to legalizing homeschooling in Romania;
  • RHSA continues to work closely with key people who have already helped the homeschooling movement in Romania;
  • RHSA resolves to find new key people in the government and media who can further help the homeschool community.

Curcubet also discussed the need to be prepared for a visit from Romanian school authorities. With many new homeschoolers in attendance at the conference, he explained in detail about the visit to his home by a committee of regional school authorities just a week before the conference.

A very special part of this homeschool conference was the unveiling of the Romanian translation of Chris Klicka’s book Home Schooling: The Right Choice. Along with support from the Home School Foundation, RHSA undertook the translation and publication efforts necessary to produce Klicka’s book in yet another language (Home Schooling: The Right Choice has previously been translated into Hungarian).

Curcubet states, “In God’s good providence, our printer … finished [Home Schooling: The Right Choice] one day before the conference. We sold 60 copies of it right there and then.” RHSA will continue to place Klicka’s book into the hands of homeschoolers, as well as provide the book to key officials who can help to make homeschooling legal in Romania.

Both this inaugural conference and the translation of Klicka’s book mark significant steps along the path to fully legalize homeschooling in Romania. After nearly a decade, Romanian homeschoolers have seen real progress on this front in recent months.