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January 10, 2003

Homeschooling in Romania

Few families currently homeschool in Romania, since Romanian education law states that the only place for schooling is the public school system. It is not technically permitted for parents to educate students at home. An exception is the student who is sick or has some special physical or mental needs.

The Romanian Homeschool Association represents both Romanians and the Hungarian minority in Romania. Recently Curcubet Gabriel, president of Romanian Homeschool Association, spoke with the vice president of the state's Educational Board. The vice president promised that he will work with homeschoolers to help change the law. HSLDA is working with Gabriel to help propose language that can be used for this purpose.

It is likely that changes will come in the near future as the homeschool movement begins to grow, primarily in Christian families and churches. Recently, John Burie, a homeschooling dad who is also a missionary from the United States, spoke on homeschooling in cities throughout Romania. The Romanian Homeschool Association sponsored Burie's trip and is presently developing a monthly magazine for Romania's homeschoolers.

The Romanian Homeschool Association has many needs, including curriculum and literature that promotes homeschooling. (They are able to use English curriculum.) At this time they are searching for lawyers to assist in forming a legal defense association for homeschoolers.