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Parents Mobilise against Government’s “Slap-in-Face” over Homeschooling
March 14, 2019: A website that follows news in Portugal reports on efforts to overturn new restictions on homeschooling.

New Law Threatens Homeschooling in Portugal
March 12, 2019: Portuguese homeschoolers plan to challenge a national decree requiring that parents hold a university degree and obtain approval before teaching their children at home.

Students have classes at home
September 30, 2014: The national newspaper Sol covers the growth of home education and interviews MEL leaders.

What if, instead of going to school, your child studied at home?
June 1, 2012: Visão, a leading weekly magazine covers the growth of homeschooling in Portugal.

Video on Homeschooling in Portugal
Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance:
6–15 (if the child is 6 years of age by September 15)

Legal status of home schooling:

Homeschooling is legal and referred to as “Ensino Doméstico.”

The Portuguese Constitution (Lei Constitucional n.º 1/2005 de 12 de Agosto) states: “Parents shall possess the right and the duty to educate their children” (Article 26.5). The Statute of Private and Cooperative Education (Decreto-Lei n.º 553/80, de 21 de Novembro) defines home education as “that which is taught in the student’s home by a relative or person with whom he dwells” (Article 3.4a). There are annual reporting requirements and regulations that govern periodic testing. Please contact the home education group below for further details, or visit their Practical Guide to Home Education (Guia Prático do Ensino Doméstico).


 Contact Information

Movimento Educação Livre (MEL) (Freedom in Education Movement)
Contact via email

Last Updated: March 39, 2019