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Poland Demands Psych Evaluations for Homeschoolers
December 7, 2016: Mental health exams for homeschooled students and requiring parents to obtain permission to teach at home are in a proposed education law before the Polish parliament.

Stand with Poland, Sign the Petition
October 3, 2016: Activists are seeking international help in opposing regulations that would impose additional burdens on homeschooling families in Poland.

Join Dr. Gordon Neufeld in Warsaw
September 26, 2016: Polish homeschoolers gather for an upcoming event with developmental scientist Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Through the Eyes of A Father
September 26, 2016: Meet a homeschool family from Poland and learn about the growth of homeschooling over the past decade.

Homeschooling endangered in Poland?
February 29, 2016: Homeschool leaders resist changes on the horizon that would add requirements and weaken homeschool freedom.

Invitation from Polish Homeschoolers
June 20, 2013: Homeschoolers in Poland are inviting all comers to educational family camps to be held this summer in Kraków. The idea behind this project is to practice cultural exchange and development.

Poland: Firm Steps Forward
May 9, 2013: Homeschooling in Poland is growing stronger through positive legal changes, the creation of umbrella schools, and increased numbers of homeschoolers.

Family Camps Connect Generations
February 19, 2013: A Polish couple organizes and hosts family camps to encourage home education and solid relationships between families.

Victory: University Accepts Documents from Homeschool Grad
June 6, 2012: A homeschool graduate in Poland has received news that he will finally be able to complete his university studies, thanks to the assistance of HSLDA.

Poland: Grateful for International Support
January 24, 2012: To all who work to support homeschoolers and make connections in the homeschool community, thank you very much!

International Homeschooling—Watch Video from a Dozen Countries
January 2, 2012: Homeschoolers from across Europe gathered for a meaningful time of sharing experiences and learning about the homeschool laws in other countries.

Homeschool Leader Interviews
November 16, 2011: Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

Poland: First Homeschool Graduates
September 30, 2011: Although homeschooling in Poland is a relatively new phenomenon, the country has produced multiple homeschool graduates. Hear from the graduates.

Report from Poland: European Homeschool Conference
September 27, 2011: Polish homeschooler leaders explain the benefits and outcomes of a recent homeschool conference held in Spain (in Polish). Includes a video with HSLDA’s Mike Donnelly (in English).

Home Education in Yesterday’s and Today’s Poland
March 7, 2011: Homeschooling in Poland has a long and fascinating history. Read on to learn about the victory Polish homeschoolers achieved last year that has caused the number of Polish homeschoolers to skyrocket.

Showdown on Marriage Looming in European Union
The stage is now set for a major showdown on the issue of same—sex marriage in Europe—a debate that has profound implications for the very future of Europe. The precipitating event will likely be Poland’s firm rejection last week of those portions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual preference.

Homeschoolers in Poland Facing Trouble
The situation for homeschooling families in Poland is getting more difficult. Homeschooling is legal there, but highly regulated.

History of Homeschooling Movement in Poland
When Poland was devoured by its German and Soviet neighbors in 1939, the school system officially stopped functioning. The home became the underground seat of learning for more than a million young Poles. In 21st century Poland, some Poles still learn underground, although their war is different.

Letter to Ministry of Education
Chris Klicka, HSLDA Senior Counsel, writes to the Ministry of Education, encouraging officials to allow more freedom in Poland’s notice of intent to homeschool laws. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Introduction to HSLDA
In this letter to Ministry of Education officials, Senior Counsel Chris Klicka introduces Home School Legal Defense Association and points out success stories of homeschooling in the United States. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Homeschooling Progresses in Poland
Homeschoolers in Poland have been moving forward. Over 10 years ago, Marek Budajczak started the homeschooling movement in Poland. He has battled for the right to homeschool legally and has written a book in Polish for homeschoolers.

Homeschooling in Poland
The Polish Constitution guarantees the right to choose home education. Unfortunately, the Educational System Act of 1991 gives local school districts approval authority over homeschools.

 Country Information

Compulsory Education Ages: 6–18

Legal Status: Homeschooling is legal. Article 37 (Parts 1-8) of the Polish Act Educational Law states that parents may apply for permission to homeschool from a non-public or public school director within the region (voivodstvo) the family lives in. The Act also enumerates the general conditions for homeschooling, and among them the necessity of presenting to the director along with some other documents an opinion by the regional public psychological-educational consultancy office (the urge that doesn’t concern any other parent in Poland). Please contact the organizations below for further information about which schools are friendly to homeschoolers, although not every voivodstvo has one such.

Number of Homeschoolers: Over 6000 families

 Contact Information

Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Domowej
Polish Association for Home Education
POC: Marek Budajczak
Tel: +48 606 283 403
ul. Drozdzynskiego 14
64-125 Poniec, Poland

Stowarzyszenie Edukacji w Rodzinie
Association of Education in the Family
st. Polna Rose 6/59
02-798 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 446 17 97

Last Updated: Mardh 16, 2018