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June 20, 2013

Invitation from Polish Homeschoolers

By Zbyszek and Danka Borys

We would like to invite you to Kraków, Poland to take part in our educational family camps this summer, known as “The Project for Integration.” This is a private enterprise of families who are interested in education. Our own children are being homeschooled.

We are currently making plans to organize summer gatherings in July and August 2013 for small groups of up to 12 people, mainly families. The meetings will take place at our home, which serves as one of the centers for helping and facilitating for homeschoolers in Poland. We prefer the human touch to the glamor of big conferences, so our gathering has exactly this character.

The project centers on the belief that interaction leads to change. Every day during the camp, each individual or family will have a day to present their approach to life and education, sharing with other participants their lifestyle and cultural background. Of special interest is inviting three generation of families so that grandparents, parents, and grandchildren are all present to help build stronger family relations.

All activities are organized in Kraków, the cultural capital of Poland, where we can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and participate in numerous educational activities, including museums and other interactive educational centers.

The idea behind this project is to practice cultural exchange and development. We are interested in progressive trends in education, such as Montessori, Steiner, home education, a small group exchange system, and democratic education. It’s an intercultural, educational project that promotes international cooperation and development.

Please write if you are interested in this idea and would like to join the project or visit our website to read about the camp’s history and for details of the 2013 camps.

Zbyszek and Danka Borys support families and homeschoolers in Poland and Europe through their organization REGION Ling and the family camps that they host each year. Contact the Borys family.

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