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August 25, 2011

Updated: Family Threatened by Child Protective Services

Update, September 1: We received news that the Ketterling family has sent a letter to the higher authorities asking to change their school supervisor. An official meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13 at 12 noon Norwegian time (6 a.m. ET). The rector of the current school, the Ketterling family, a fellow Norwegian homeschool family, and two potential supervisors will be present at the meeting. Prayer is highly appreciated.

A homeschool family living in rural Norway is being threatened by Child Protective Services, which is surprising to fellow Norwegian homeschoolers. Norway, like its Scandinavian neighbor Finland, is known as a country with a great amount of freedom for homeschoolers.

Families in Norway are able to homeschool legally under the education law that explicitly states education can be received in schools or “otherwise.” Homeschoolers are required to notify their local authorities of their intent to homeschool, but they do not need to gain permission or submit an application. By law, the local schools are obligated to supervise home education; however, Norwegian law specifically states that supervision must be “in agreement with the parents.”

In the case of the Ketterling family, the local school rector is attempting to require them to obtain psychological help for one of their children. The reason? One of their children is 8 years old and can only read very slowly. The parents have the right to refuse this request, yet the rector is threatening to inform the Child Protective Services if the family does not cooperate. As it is wise for homeschoolers to maintain a good relationship with their local officials, the family covets your prayer support for wisdom to know how to handle the situation.

If you wish to contact the family their address is:

The Ketterling Family
4646 Finsland

Note: A stamp for a standard weight letter to Norway will cost $0.98 through the U.S. Postal Service.