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New Zealand
New Zealand


Popularity for Homeschooling Growing
January 31, 2019: “It’s about just having more time with my children,” this homeschool mom told a local newspaper “More time to play with their friends, more time to delve really deeply into their hobby.”

A Chance at Self-discovery through Homeschooling
July 4, 2018: Flexibility and the prospect of customizing an education appeal to these New Zealand homeschooling families, according to local media.

Slippery Slope to Mandatory Schooling
February 19, 2013: A proposed Social Security bill hides an agenda to institute universal preschool requirement in New Zealand.

Tyranny of the Small Steps: Mandatory Early Education in New Zealand
May 9, 2012:A proposed Social Security bill hides an agenda to institute universal preschool requirement in New Zealand.

Welfare Reforms May Limit Homeschooling
October 24, 2012: Children of beneficiaries who are homeschooled may be forced into a registered school under the government’s welfare reforms.

Bill Breaches Human Rights
October 17, 2012: Many New Zealanders are concerned that a new Social Security bill will violate human rights in its early childhood education requirements.

Tribute to New Zealand Homeschool Leader
December 9, 2011: Craig Smith (1951–2011) was a key leader in the homeschool movement in New Zealand whose legacy and influence will impact generations.

In a Class of Their Own
August 29, 2011: A recent article in the Waikato Times, a New Zealand paper, dispels myths about homeschooling.

New Zealand Homeschool Leader’s Health Failing
August 12, 2011: Craig Smith, a key homeschool leader in New Zealand and longtime friend of HSLDA, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer.

Home Educators Did it
March 9, 2011: Keystone Magazine reports on a team of home—educated teens who won an international robotics competition. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

German Family to Apply for Political Asylum
December 8, 2010: Forced to flee their homeland, a German family is now applying for refugee status in New Zealand.

Government Decides When Homeschooling is Okay
September 16, 2010: A recent post on the National Council of Home Educators in New Zealand website reveals a startlingly obvious attempt by the government to decide when homeschooling should be allowed.

Homeschooling in New Zealand
Homeschooling in New Zealand has been prospering for many years due to a fairly positive legal atmosphere

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 6-15 (inclusive)

Legal status of homeschooling: Legal as long as homeschoolers file a statement of intent with the Ministry of Education in order to obtain a Certificate of Exemption from the compulsory attendance law.

Number of Homeschoolers: The Ministry of Education website says there were 6473 homeschoolers from 3349 families as of July 2007 (the latest available data).


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