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 International News

Help Share Homeschooling Guide to Romanian Parents
March 27, 2020: A Romanian homeschool group needs assistance publishing a guide that could help families make the transition to home education.

Dad Being Tortured for Homeschooling
February 4, 2020: Friends and supporters of a jailed father in Cuba tell HSLDA that the government is pressuring him to deny his faith and renounce homeschooling.

Update: Kenya Court Grants Dad a Chance to Change Law
January 28, 2020: A father arrested for homeschooling has been granted a 90-day reprieve to challenge his country’s education law. Otherwise he faces criminal charges.

Prizes Offered for Research Papers
January 7, 2020: The Global Home Education Conference is seeking research proposals. Authors could earn cash awards and a travel stipend to attend the November event in Manila!

The State is the Parent? 2020—a Vision for Homeschool Freedom
December 17, 2019: Even as homeschooling continues to expand in the United States, around the world the movement is growing at a rapid pace and many governments are responding favorably.

Jailed for Christmas—Send a Card!
December 17, 2109: This holiday, Pastor Ramón Rigal and his wife Adya will not be “home for Christmas.”

Freedom Won—Lithuania Recognizes Home Education
December 13, 2019: Lithuania is a signature away from making homeschooling legal—a momentous accomplishment that attests to the perseverance of homeschool advocates around the globe.

New Law Makes it Impossible to Homeschool in Hungary
December 5, 2019: Homeschool families in Hungary are trying to find a way forward after the national parliament enacted a sweeping new education law in July.

Welsh Government Takes Aim at Homeschooling
November 13, 2019: Legislation being proposed in Wales could reverse the trend toward homeschool freedom in the United Kingdom.

Inaugural “Indaba” Brings Hope to African Homeschoolers
November 11, 2019: Homeschool parents and students shared their successes to inspire and inform one another.

Big Win for Irish Homeschoolers Curtails Growing Government Invasions
October 4, 2019 A court ruling means Irish homeschoolers no longer risk going to jail for defending their rights and protecting their children’s privacy.

Trump’s Historic UN Speech Should Help Persecuted Homeschoolers
September 25, 2019: President Trump reminded world leaders that religious freedom is of primary importance—a message we hope will benefit oppressed homeschoolers.

Swiss Court: Homeschooling a Privilege, Not a Right
September 24, 2019: The federal supreme court of Switzerland has ruled that homeschooling is a not a right, and that local governments may ban the practice.

Homeschooling Moves Forward in Ukraine, Philippines, Mexico, and Taiwan
September 10, 2019: New laws in these nations have removed barriers to homeschooling, which in turn has encouraged more families to explore this exciting educational option.

Homeschooling Family Arrested, Supreme Court Asked to Intervene
August 21, 2019: The Kenyan Supreme Court has been asked to determine the constitutionality of home education in the case of two parents who were prosecuted for truancy, but were providing an excellent education for their children at home.

The Fight for Educational Freedom in Lithuania
August 21, 2019: Lithuanian lawmakers are considering legislation that could make homeschooling legal in the Baltic nation. Meanwhile, families who are currently homeschooling face threats and harassment.

Judge Calls Homeschooling Harmful, Orders Child Back to School
August 20, 2019: A judge ordered a mother to send her child back to school, ruling that homeschooling fails to prepare students for adult life.

HSLDA Promotes Freedom During Ministerial Week
August 14, 2019: We participated in U.S. State Department events promoting religious freedom and rallied outside the Cuban embassy to call for the release of jailed homeschool parents.

Lawyer Gets Hard Labor for Helping Jailed Homeschoolers
August 13, 2019: A Cuban attorney who tried to help the now-imprisoned Rigal family with their legal defense has now been sentenced himself.

Will the Real Home Instruction Regulations Please Stand Up?
Are homeschoolers in the U.S. Virgin Islands required to follow the onerous regulations proposed in 2016—but which never achieved the status of law? We say no. Here’s why.

Relief for Persecuted German Homeschool Family
July 10, 2019: Dirk and Petra Wunderlich weathered yet another legal challenge last week, when a German court affirmed that they would retain custody of their children. But the family also learned that a separate appeal was denied by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights.

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents
June 12, 2019: Members of Congress denounced Cuba’s oppressive policies as two more homeschool parents were sent to jail.

Single Dad, 25, Insists Homeschooling Three Children is a Joy
May 5, 2019: To do the job, reports Media magazine, he is constantly training himself on different topics to make sure he can do the best job he possibly can as a father and teacher.

Brazil Set to Legalize Homeschooling
April 30, 2019: Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has proposed a new law to the Brazilian Congress, which would formally legalize homeschooling in Brazil.

U.S. Commission Condemns Cuban Aggression Toward Homeschooling Parents
April 26, 2019: HSLDA commends the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom for condemning Cuba’s treatment of homeschooling families in Guantanamo.

Cuba Crushes Homeschooling: Jails Pastor And Wife for Years, Others Recant
April 23, 2019: The Cuban pastor who encouraged others to follow his example and homeschool their children has been jailed. This could mean the end of homeschooling in the communist country.

Colombia Homeschooling
April 19, 2019: As the state school system continues to struggle, most Colombians receive much of their education at home or through on-the-job training.

Arrested, Trapped—Police Crack Down on Homeschool “Rebels”
April 16, 2019: HSLDA is asking President Donald J. Trump to help persecuted homeschooling families in Cuba, including several parents who have been arrested.

Guidelines Threaten Punishment Against Homeschool Parents
March 26, 2019: An English-language website reports that parents can be held legally responsible for sending their children to unlicensed, nontraditional schools, according to China’s education ministry.

Number of Homeschooled Children in Kent Doubles in Seven Years
March 25, 2019: According to a website, some parents choose this schooling method for the freedom and individuality it provides but some say they have no other option.

Homeschooling Once Again Attacked in New French Law
March 19, 2019: Families who wish to educate their own children are being targeted once again in a new proposed law known as L’École de la Confiance (the school of trust).

Homeschoolers in Hesse: “School is Poison and Destroys Creativity”
March 19, 2019: A German-language magazine in Frankfurt reports on the Wunderlich family, who continues to homeschool even though local authorities threaten to take action against them.

Home Education Rises 50 Percent in Wiltshire
March 18, 2019: Local officials note that among those being removed from public school to be homeschooled are many students with special needs.

Mom Explains Why Her Kids Haven’t been to School for Five Years
March 17, 2019: She tells a newspaper in Liverpool why she believes homeschooling has allowed her two sons to thrive.

Parents Mobilise against Government’s “Slap-in-Face” over Homeschooling
March 14, 2019: A website that follows news in Portugal reports on efforts to overturn new restictions on homeschooling.

Education Bill could Face Legal Challenge
March 13, 2019: The host of a radio show on the Isle of Man discusses a proposed law that could all but outlaw homeschooling there.

Homeschoolers Face Crackdown in Brazil
March 12, 2019: Brazilian officials have pledged their support for homeschooling, but the National Congress’s delays have led to harsh treatment of homeschooling families.

New Law Threatens Homeschooling in Portugal
March 12, 2019: Portuguese homeschoolers plan to challenge a national decree requiring that parents hold a university degree and obtain approval before teaching their children at home.

Homeschooling Growth Continues as Parents Seek More Flexibility
February 25, 2019: Homeschooling in Western Australia continues to grow with parents opting out of traditional schools for a host of reasons, according to television news.

Homeschooling and Its Certification in Brazil
February 19, 2019: This video explains in Portuguese the current homeschooling situation in Brazil.

Why Parents are Choosing to Unschool Their Children
February 17, 2019: Tired of the conformist educational code in the country, reports the Financial Express, some parents are now taking the path less traveled and choosing to homeschool—and even unschool their children.

Changes Ahead for Homeschooling Families
February 14, 2019: There are 1,000 children being homeschooled in Switzerland, 600 of them in the western canton of Vaud. But the rules there could be tightened, according to a Swiss website.

British Homeschoolers Under Criminal Law Threat
February 14, 2019: Officials in the Isle of Man not only want to make it harder to homeschool, they are seeking to criminalize parents who resist sending their children to traditional school.

Homeschooling Parents Pool Resources, Set up Centers to Enrich Learning
February 11, 2019: The Times of India recounts how homeschool parents are forming groups to share education resources and provide support.

Mumbai: A Group of Parents’ Forward March Towards Alternative Education
February 10, 2019: A filmmaker is working on documenting the experiences of homeschooling families as they encourage innovation in their children.

Parents Explain Why They Homeschool Their Children
February 10, 2019: Emmy and Fiona Katushabe Lakor share how they decided to homeschool their children because they felt traditional schools would not offer the kind of education they wanted for them.

Popularity for Homeschooling Growing
January 31, 2019: “It’s about just having more time with my children,” this homeschool mom told a local newspaper “More time to play with their friends, more time to delve really deeply into their hobby.”

Parents of Homeschooling Kids Demand Board for Accreditation
January 28, 2019: Parents homeschooling their children are seeking a means of accreditation and support groups.

Cuba Still Sees Homeschooling as a Threat
January 25, 2019: Families who choose to homeschool in Cuba risk harassment and criminal charges.

Home Education Growing in Ukraine
January 25, 2019: A new law has improved the legal climate for homeschooling in Ukraine, and has helped the movement expand.

Government Seeks to Legalize Homeschooling with Executive Order
January 24, 2019: According to a Sao Paulo newspaper, the national Congress is moving forward on passing legislation to normalize homeschooling in Brazil.

European Court of Human Rights Homeschool Decision Wrong Again!
January 22, 2019: The court ruled that German authorities did not violate the Wunderlichs’ rights when they seized their four children by force for testing and evaluation.

Schools Pushing Children into Homeschooling, Say Councils
January 17, 2019: The Guardian reports that some schools are forcing students with academic or behavioral problems to homeschool.

Parents Turning Their Backs on Mainstream Schooling to Teach Their Kids at Home
January 15, 2019: “I see a bond in my children that wasn't there before,” this Australian mother told ABC News about the results of switching to homeschooling. “And it's changed me so much as well.”

Homeschooling in Queensland almost Triples in Five Years
January 14, 2019: The Brisbane Times interviews homeschooling families and explores why home education has grown in the region.

Family Forced to Return their Daughter to School
January 14, 2018: Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales heard about the benefits of homeschooling and started teaching their daughter at home. They were overruled.

New Act Causes Difficulties for Lithuanian Homeschoolers
January 14, 2018: Rather than risk losing custody of her son for homeschooling, this mother intends to leave Lithuania.

Homeschooling Soars as Parents React to Cuts in the Classroom
January 13, 2019: A national newspaper in Scotland reports that increasing numbers of parents are teaching their children at home amid frustration over cuts to mainstream education.

'Huge Setback' for Parents' Rights as European Court Rules Against German Homeschoolers
January 10, 2019: CBN reports on a court ruling that German authorities did not violate the Wunderlichs’ fundamental rights when they removed the family’s children because of homeschooling.

“Compulsory Education is a Cage”
January 10, 2019: In this German-language interview, the attorney for the Wunderlich family discusses why homeschooling should be considered a human right.

Homeschooling in India
January 8, 2019: One family’s success shows how homeschooling is thriving in the world’s second most-populous nation.

Homeschooling Family in Finland Harassed
January 8, 2019: With HSLDA’s help, a homeschooling family hopes to finally end an ongoing investigation so they can concentrate on learning and growing together.

Authorities Legalize Homeschooling for Pilot Group
January 8, 2019: Island authorities are watching a pilot group of homeschoolers in order to support the movement and establish equitable education laws.

“Compulsory Schooling” Despite the Law: Home Education in France
December 28, 2018: The International Center for Home Education reviews an article by an education professor on French homeschooling.

What Do Parents in Maharashtra Think of Homeschools?
December 26, 2018: “I used to get 15-20 calls a day from parents across the country,” says this pioneering Indian homeschooler. “They were all interested in knowing my story and wanted to know if they too can take the step. I often caution parents that homeschooling does not have a set formula. What worked for me might not work for everyone.”

Learning with Leisure: Five Indians on What It was Like to be Homeschooled
December 20, 2018: “A lot of kids were jealous,” recalls one adult of her homeschooling experience. “They thought we could watch TV all day, we didn’t have to wear a uniform.”

Swiss NGO Says Homeschooling is Good for Freedom
After studying a number of factors, the NGO found little or no correlation between a restrictive approach to education and a healthy society. Their report concludes that homeschooling “is an excellent way to assess the degree of confidence that the government has in its citizens.”

Homeschooling is a Growing Global Movement—You Can Help!
December 13, 2018: HSLDA's Mike Donnelly writes in Homeschooling Today about a new global coalition working to advance liberty and stand against injustice. (Turn to page 20.)

Homeschooling on the Rise over Fears of Expulsion
November 12, 2018: More British parents are turning to home education because their child is at risk of expulsion from school, Sky News research has shown.

Homeschooling: When Lessons are at the Kitchen Table
October 8, 2018: A newspaper chronicles the growth of homeschooling in Northern Ireland.

Homeschooling: When Lessons are at the Kitchen Table
October 8, 2018: The BBC reports on the growing homeschool movement in Northern Ireland.

Protecting Parental Rights in the UK
October 5, 2018: The family unit, parental rights, and the protection of children are under threat as never before, and it is up to each person to preserve the freedoms the UK currently has through prayer, support, and awareness.

The Letter Kills but the Spirit Gives Life
October 5, 2018: For homeschooling to be legal it is not always necessary to change the law. But it does require our law enforcement to recognize the spirit of the laws in place.

Legal Changes in South Africa
October 5, 2018: Homeschooling families in South Africa face a great deal of uncertainty as the government considers new restrictions on home education.

Homeschooling in Iceland is a Privilege of Teachers. Help us Defend this Natural Right!
October 4, 2018: Show support for the efforts under way to change the homeschooling regulation in Iceland.

Number of Homeschool Children in Wirral at 10-year High
September 20, 2018: A newspaper in England writes that, according to a government report, home-education in one school district keeps growing.

Brazil’s Homeschoolers Look to Congress after Supreme Court Decision
September 18, 2018: The Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that homeschooling is not implicitly recognized by the country’s constitution. Homeschoolers now look to the legislature to protect their freedoms.

Brazil Supreme Court to Rule on Legality of Homeschooling
August 27, 2018: Thousands of Brazilian families are eagerly hoping that the court will affirm their right to homeschool.

Classroom Without Borders
August 9, 2018: Wanting their children to learn at their own pace, a community of parents in Penang have opted to put their children out of the public school system and chosen to homeschool them instead.

Calls Made to Try and Halt Homeschooling Policy Approval
August 7, 2018: A South African newspaper reports that about 1,000 calls and emails were sent to the Department of Basic Education only days before the Council of Education Ministers approved its homeschooling policy.

New Homeschooling Law to be Implemented
August 7, 2018: A controversial homeschooling policy has now been approved by the Council for Education Ministers (CEM), and will become a new law. The policy will provide for the registration, implementation and monitoring of homeschooling across South Africa.

Homeschooling in Communist China on the Rise Despite Ban
July 21, 2018: According to the New American, an increasing number of Chinese parents are defying the law in order to teach their children without communist indoctrination.

Call to Monitor Dorset’s Home-educated Children
July 12, 2018: Local lawmakers want to allow officers to check on home-educated children, according to the BBC.

The Chinese Parents who Homeschool their Kids, and Why they Reject Public Education
July 5, 2018: Parents tell a Chinese newspaper that they choose to homeschool because they believe it is best for their children.

A Chance at Self-discovery through Homeschooling
July 4, 2018: Flexibility and the prospect of customizing an education appeal to these New Zealand homeschooling families, according to local media.

Number of Nova Scotia Students Homeschooled Continues to Rise
June 29, 2018: This Canadian province has seen growth in the homeschool population for several straight years, a newspaper writes.

Record-Setting Event Promotes Homeschooling in Russia and the World
May 30, 2018: GHEC 2018 showed that homeschooling is a vibrant, growing movement prepared to meet the challenge of teaching a burgeoning youth population.

Leader Proposes Legislation Guaranteeing the Right to Home Education
May 17, 2018: A Brazilian newspaper reports progress toward a law protecting this fundamental right.

Unhappy Parents Embrace Homeschooling in Record Numbers
April 23, 2018: A newspaper reports thant the number of children being taught at home has soared more than 80 per cent over the past six years, propelled by strong growth in Victoria and NSW, which account for 54 per cent of home-school registrations nationwide.

As Homeschooling Grows Globally, Challenges Grow with It
April 12, 2018: Homeschooling is a growing global movement—this is clear to us as we make our way around the globe meeting with leaders, policymakers, and families.

Homeschoolers Enjoy Freedom in the United Kingdom—But for How Long?
April 6, 2018: In terms of home education, the United Kingdom has been described as one of the most permissive in the world. That could change.

Can Homeschooling Bring a Grassroots Revival to Jersey Island?
March 28, 2018: A homeschool mom on the island of Jersey reflects on how home education has helped her inculcate spiritual values.

The First Battle in the War against Education Freedom
March 28, 2018: National legislation introduced last year seems intent on granting the government greater control home education.

Families Denied Permission to Homeschool in Curaçao
March 28, 2018: In Curaçao, officials are harassing homeschool families despite a provision in the education law that should make home education legal.

“Homeschooling in Brazil Is a Fact. It’s Not Going Away.”
March 20, 2018: As the Brazilian supreme court prepares to rule on a high-profile case involving home education, the homeschool community in Brazil is not only flourishing—it’s growing.

Homeschooled Boy Tackled by Police
February 14, 2019: What should have been a happy homecoming to Norway for Leif and Terese Kristiansen turned into a parent’s worst nightmare when the child welfare agency brutally removed their son, Kai, after they started homeschooling.

House of Lords Prepares Law to Monitor Homeschooled Pupils
February 2, 2018: A bill to introduce greater monitoring for homeschooled children is in a “good position” to pass into law, according to its sponsor Lord Soley.

A Winning Combination
February 2, 2018: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that hundreds of Victorian families are balancing their paid work with teaching their children at home.

Home Education and the Safeguarding Bandwagon
January 12: A Christian blogger reports: The safeguarding bandwagon in relation to home education rolled on throughout the Christmas break.

Homeschooling Advocates Monitoring British Bill
January 9, 2018: An attorney who defends U.S. homeschoolers and their legal protections is warning about a bill in Great Britain that one day could materialize here.

Will Britain Treat Homeschoolers Like Outlaws?
December 12, 2017: U.K. lawmaker Lord Clive Soley is pressing forward with a bill that would force homeschooling families to register with the government and submit their children to extensive assessments.

From Evil Empire to Homeschooling Haven: Russia to Host GHEC 2018
November 14, 2017: In a few months one of the most exciting things I can imagine is going to happen: a global home education conference will take place in one of the most unlikely places—Russia.

Child Tracking: The Crisis in Bulgaria
November 14: Bulgaria intends to boost enforcement of compulsory school attendance laws. This does not bode well for homeschooling.

Sharing the Joy: Regional Conferences Spread Hope for International Homeschoolers
November 14, 2017: HSLDA Canada’s chairman helped spread the word about homeschooling at several events in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The Beginning of a Movement: Homeschooling in Chile
November 14, 2017: A former missionary kid turned homeschool mom reports how turmoil in the country’s education system is leading more families to teach their children at home.

South Africa Homeschoolers Face New Threats
November 14, 2017: A review of the laws and policies on home education started in 2014, and it is still ongoing.

Homeschooling Continues to Boom in Australia
November 14, 2017: The number of students registered for homeschooling grew by 13% nationally from 2014 to 2015 and again by 13% from 2015 to 2016.

South Africa Threatens to Overturn Advances in Homeschool Freedom
A new law proposed in South Africa would impose dramatic new burdens on homeschooling families and authorize the government to jail noncompliant parents for up to six years.

Education Ministry to Present New Opinion on Homeschooling
October 17, 2017: The Brazilian media reports that the decision could formalize home education in South America’s largest nation (Portuguese language).

Warm Greetings from a Persecuted Church in Guantanamo, Cuba
October 15, 2017: A homeschool advocate from Sweden visits the Rigal family and their church in Cuba and finds striking similarities (Swedish language).

Russians Welcome Homeschool Growth, Global Conference
September 12, 2017: Groundbreaking conferences in Russia drew attendees from a number of neighboring countries, revealing a growing community of families who are excited about homeschooling.

Could Trump’s New Cuba Policy Keep Homeschooling Father out of Jail?
June 29, 2017: A new focus by U.S. diplomats on promoting human rights in Cuba offers hope for a family facing criminal charges for homeschooling.

HSLDA to Brazil’s Top Court: Legalize Homeschooling
June 20, 2017: HSLDA filed a brief with the Brazilian supreme court explaining why homeschooling should be made explicitly legal.

Homeschooling Grows in Brazil
June 19, 2017: Online courses and a recent court ruling have helped home education to grow rapidly in South America’s most populous country (Portuguese language).

Sweden May Use Police to Force Kids into School
June 14, 2017: In violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the national government is pressuring local authorities to enforce its anti-homeschooling policy.

Rally Pressures Cuba to Free Homeschooling Family
May 23, 2017: Activists gathered last week outside the Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C., to demand that the island nation honor its commitment to educational freedom.

Cuban Parents Sentenced, Judge Denounces “Capitalist” Homeschooling
April 26, 2017: In a trial more focused on defending state indoctination than delivering justice, Ramón Rigal has been sentenced to one year in prison for homeschooling his children.

German Family Pleads for Help from Human Rights Court
April 11, 2017: Dirk and Petra Wunderlich have been fighting for more than a decade to homeschool their four children. Now their case will be heard by Europe’s top human rights court.

Why Homeschooling is Gaining Respect in Russia
April 4, 2017: A homeschool conference in St. Petersburg highlights a maturing movement and previews the Global Home Education Conference coming to the city in 2018.

China’s New One-School Policy
March 28, 2017: The Chinese regime has banned homeschooling because homeschooled students are not uniformly exposed to state-sponsored indoctrination.

Parents Arrested for Homeschooling in Cuba
February 27, 2017: The Obama administration argued that normal relations with Cuba would lead to improved conditions for Cubans. But things have not gotten better for homeschoolers.

Australian Homeschoolers Fight Proposed Restrictions
February 22, 2017: Families in the state of Victoria need your help to defeat regulations that would injure their children’s opportunities to learn in freedom.

The Last Homeschooling Family in Sweden
February 21, 2017: While others have fled to countries where homeschooling is protected, the Sandbergs are determined to stay and fight intense government harassment and repression.

The Best Chat We’ve Had with the UN?
February 13, 2017: Mike Donnelly gave a crash course on homeschooling to the UN NGO Committee on the Family.

Rising Sun, Rising Movement
December 13, 2016: Japana’s recent homeschool conference revealed how much the movement has grown—and the challenges it has yet to overcome.

Poland Demands Psych Evaluations for Homeschoolers
December 7, 2016: Mental health exams for homeschooled students and requiring parents to obtain permission to teach at home are in a proposed education law before the Polish parliament.

Stand with Poland, Sign the Petition
October 3, 2016: Activists are seeking international help in opposing regulations that would impose additional burdens on homeschooling families in Poland.

Goodbye USSR - Hello Home Education!
September 29, 2016: In 1984 the Cold War—as a struggle between the global forces of democracy and of communism—was a foundational understanding of global politics.

Homeschooling Legalized; Strings Attached
September 26, 2016: Legislators recognized home education due to 11 years of tireless effort from Bulgarian homeschool families—but the fight isn‘t over.

Join Dr. Gordon Neufeld in Warsaw
September 26, 2016: Polish homeschoolers gather for an upcoming event with developmental scientist Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Come High Temps or Thunderstorms
September 26, 2016: Families in Romania join together regardless of obstacles.

Making a Difference, One Family At a Time
September 26, 2016: What do Queen Elizabeth, homeschool families, and Wales have in common? Find out at TEACH camp.

Through the Eyes of A Father
September 26, 2016: Meet a homeschool family from Poland and learn about the growth of homeschooling over the past decade.

British Supreme Court Halts Plan to Monitor Children
August 2, 2016: The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom last week blocked key provisions of the 2014 Children and Young People Bill—a controversial Scottish law that would have ordered the government to assign a “named person” to monitor every child in the country.

Judges block 'totalitarian' law to appoint a 'state guardian' to be in charge of every child in Scotland
July 28, 2016: The Supreme Court ruled against the Scottish Government’s infamous named person legislation

Homeschooling Under Attack in France
July 15, 2016: New restrictions backed by threats of coercion have alarmed families in a nation with one of the largest homeschooling populations in Europe.

Homeschooling will not deter social skills
July 7, 2016: Parents discuss with MaltaToday how homeschooling allows children to socialize with a wide range of people and ages.

C.S. Lewis’s Stepson: Schools Should Be For Fish, Not Kids
July 5, 2016: In a recent interview, Douglas Gresham lamented the state of conventional education and recommended homeschooling as an alternative.

Lawmakers Quietly Crack Down on Homeschooling
June 28, 2016: Germany’s antipathy toward home education seems to have infected lawmakers representing the neighboring German-speaking Community in Belgium.

Answering the Objections: British Parents Offer Encouragement
June 16, 2016: Amidst the authority of the parent being questioned undermined, home educators offer reminders about the impact of homeschool parents.

A Celebration of Homeschooling: Wedding Day for Japanese Grad
June 16, 2016: A homeschool dad reminisces about their family’s journey.

Conflict in Quebec: Who knows best how to educate a child?
June 16, 2016: A family in Quebec faces difficulty and a court battle for their choice to homeschool.

Hungary for Home Education Support
June 16, 2016: HSLDA’s own Faith Berens recently traveled to Europe to encourage international homeschoolers.

Opera Singing Grad Praises of Home Education: France
June 16, 2016: How being homeschooled led to writing a novel and becoming an opera singer

Protecting Home Education Long-term: Global Partners Needed
June 16, 2016: HSLDA Canada’s leadership has a heart to encourage and equip homeschool leaders around the globe.

Russians leaders speak out about the harms of standardization in education
June 15, 2016: A new documentary covers the status of home education in Russia and interviews home education experts.

Schools should be for fish, not humans
June 8, 2016: Douglas Gresham, stepson of the author of the Chronicles of Narnia books, speaks on the benefits of homeschooling.

Under International Pressure, Norway Reunites Seized Children With Family
June 6, 2016: The Bodnariu family’s ordeal ends, but advocates vow to keep fighting for reforms.

Freedom of Education is Coming Under Attack Worldwide
February 23, 2016: A newly-published Index of Freedom of Education (2015/16) ranks each country around the world on this fundamental topic.

Social Workers Drag Boy From Plane, Get Dragged Into Court
June 4, 2016: Swedish homeschool student Domenic Johansson, now 14-years-old, has tragically been in state custody for half his life.

Norway Returning Stolen Children
June 3, 2016: Global outcry is reuniting a family ripped apart by the Norwegian government.

Open letter to Madame Minister of Education
June 1, 2016: French homeschool families resist a draft law to increase restrictions on homeschooling. (French)

Homeschooler receives honorable mention in UAE Writing Competition
May 16, 2016: Winners of the New Fairytales & Fables Writing Competition include homeschooled students.

Four Empty Beds: Norway Still Refuses to Return Bodnariu Children
May 10, 2016: Norway’s reputation as a leader in human rights is at stake. Hear the heart-wrenching story directly from Marius and Ruth Bodnariu to find out why.

What Happened in Rio?
April 22, 2016: The city of Rio de Janeiro recently showed its warm hospitality to 214 homeschool leaders, researchers, parents, and interested policymakers from around the globe during the second Global Home Education Conference.

Children Seized in Norway, Parents Begging for Help
April 12, 2016: A Norwegian couple’s children were taken by the government because they were being raised according to Christian values. Join HSLDA in helping to re-unite the family.

Homeschool Leaders Forge Ties In Rio
March 22, 2016: As Brazilian homeschoolers await a crucial court decision, leaders from around the world gathered to advance the future of homeschooling as a human right.

Homeschooling Canadian Style
March 1, 2016: Dwight and Kristen have homeschooled their family from the beginning because of an encounter Kristen had as a teenager.

Brazilian Supreme Court on Homeschooling—The Next Germany?
March 1, 2016: As hundreds gather in Rio de Janeiro, two weeks from now, to debate whether home education should be considered a fundamental human right, a case with huge implications for homeschooling and parental rights is making its way through the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Homeschooling endangered in Poland?
February 29, 2016: Homeschool leaders resist changes on the horizon that would add requirements and weaken homeschool freedom.

Head of State Supports Homeschooling
February 29, 2016: On January 16, Taiwan elected its first female President, Dr. TSAI Ing-wen. In her education policy white paper, Dr. Tsai endorses alternative education as a means to diversify learning opportunities.

German Parents Flee
February 29, 2016: Every year, many families leave Germany in order to homeschool their children, since homeschooling in Germany is outright illegal. My family is just one of the many that have left.

Australian States Get Failing Grades
February 29, 2016: How do Australia’s states shape up in comparison to freedom of homeschooling around the world? Read on to compare with your country.

Ugandans Say No on UN
February 29, 2016: Homeschoolers discuss a unique solution to the African development problem.

Stop Brazil from becoming the Next Germany on Home Education!
February 23, 2016: Is Brazil the next Germany when it comes to homeschooling? You can support global freedom and participate in the Global Home Education Conference by live streaming March 9-12.

Do the Math: The Percentage of Expat Homeschoolers Is Growing
January 20, 2016: What does it look like to homeschool as an expat? A Wall Street Journal blog post covers the story.

Do the Math: The Percentage of Expat Homeschoolers Is Growing
January 20, 2016: What does it look like to homeschool as an expat? A Wall Street Journal blog post covers the story.

Grinchy Government Decries “Scandal” of Unregistered Homeschoolers
December 21, 2015: In a shocking statement, national education official Neil Carmichael called on the U.K. to register all homeschooled children.

Suddenly I’m Teaching My Child A-levels in the Kitchen
December 15, 2015: A bright, ambitious student found herself in “academic hinterland” when conventional schooling failed to accommodate her deafness. She is now being taught at home.

“What am I Getting into?”
December 7, 2015:A homeschool father and author of one of the first books on home education in Spain shares about homeschooling.

From Romania to Abu Dhabi: Homeschool Grad Profile
December 7, 2015: A recent graduate describes some of the challenges and bright spots of homeschooling in a not-so-homeschool-friendly country.

Growth in Homeschooling in Australia
December 7, 2015: Statistics detail the tremendous growth in home education down under.

Indian Father Shares Homeschooling Challenges
December 7, 2015: A homeschooling dad from India assures readers that, yes, his kids are socialized and do have fun!

Hong Kong Families Tell the World: We Are Homeschoolers
December 7, 2015: A new book celebrates the achievements of several Hong Kong homeschooling families.

U.S.-Irish Partnership Stimulates Homeschool Community
December 7, 2015: HSLDA joined several American curriculum providers to support the inaugural national homeschool conference in Ireland. One goal was to inspire Christian homeschoolers to explore faith-based methods and materials.

Swedish Dad: My Family has been “Broken into a Million Pieces”
December 1, 2015: The Swedish Supreme Court has declined to hear the latest, and possibly last, appeal of Christer and Annie Johansson to be reunited with their son.

Update on Family Education
November 27, 2015: Home education advisor Irina Shamolina presents at a round table discussion in the Public Chamber of Parliament (Russian)

Struck Down but not (yet) Destroyed Hopeless yet not Abandoned
November 20, 2015: Please act on behalf of a Swedish family as they make what may be their last appeal to have their son returned to them.

Register Now for the Global Home Education Conference
November 10, 2015: Reserve your place at the global event designed to equip, energize, and encourage home educators. Save $70 when you register before November 30.

Government Approves Law Cancelling Parents’ Rights
November 1, 2015: The law would make Israel the first country in the world to take away parents’ rights as legal guardians of their own children.

State Will Isolate and Question Children about Homeschooling
October 27, 2015: As part of its plan to develop new ways to assess Irish homeschoolers, a government agency recently tasked with the job wants to interview home-educated children—away from their parents.

Growth in Home-schooling in Australia
October 19, 2015:Home schooling continues to grow steadily in Australia with a 6% increase from 2013-2014.

Homeschool Grad Critiques Government Report on Homeschooling
October 19, 2015: An Australian homeschool graduate reviews the recent parliamentary inquiry and recommendations into homeschooling in New South Wales.

HSLDA Writes Maltese Education Minister—Allow Home Education
September 8, 2015: Help families on the Mediterranean island of Malta by asking their Education Minister to allow homeschooling.

Latvian Parliament Expands Homeschooling
August 31, 2015: The homeschooling movement in Latvia has grown quite rapidly, particularly in the last five years.

Battle Won, Brazilian Homeschooler Admitted to University
August 31, 2015: A judges decision helped a homeschooler gain admittance to a major university in Brazil.

Indians Answer the Question ‘Why Homeschool’?
August 31, 2015: Though we had different experiences of school life, the moment we heard about homeschooling both of us loved the concept and immediately decided that we would want to homeschool our children.

Romanian Debate Garners Support for Legislation
August 31, 2015: The Romanian Home Schooling Association (RHSA) recently participated in a public debate in Constanta, Eastern Romania, about the necessity to include home schooling in the educational law.

South African Family Ripped Apart
The Doe family (name changed) in KwaZulu-Natal were devastated. They homeschool their children for reasons related to their religious conviction. In April, the Children’s court ordered that the three young children be removed and placed in the care of their grandparents, where they are compelled to attend school.

Irish Families Lay Firm Foundations
August 31, 2015: The Prince of Wales Hotel, Athlone was the venue for the event which saw 68 parents and 35 children enjoy all that was on offer, from book stands to children's workshops.

Swedish Family Homeschools in Japan
August 31, 2015: This new system is referred to as the “Konin” system, or translated, “Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates.” It no longer stipulates that students must have graduated from a traditional school or have taken the national examination.

Austrian Officials Go Far Beyond the Law
August 31,2015: In several Austrian states, the authorities are trying to add requirements for homeschooling going far beyond the regulations of the school laws.

German (and U.S.) Federal Policy Claims Another Homeschool Family Victim
August 28, 2015: A mom imprisoned by U.S. immigration authorities and her deported son are the latest tragic tale of German homeschoolers attempting to flee persecution.

Egypt’s education woes drive families to home schooling
August 3, 2015: The merits and drawbacks of home schooling have recently become a topic of debate in Egypt.

Going Far Beyond the Law
August 8, 2015: Homeschoolers band together against increased attacks; anticipate upcoming conference from September 17-20, 2015.

Welsh Homeschoolers Need Your Help Immediately!
June 29, 2015: Sign the petition to stop regulations that would impose onerous restrictions on homeschoolers in Wales.

Homeschooling in Canada Up 29 Percent in Five Years
June 18, 2015: Homeschooling may represent a small fraction of total school enrollment in Canada, but the alternative education route is gaining considerable momentum.

STF to determine whether to allow home education
June 13, 2015: The Jornal de Santa Catarina also covers the Supreme Court notice.

Supreme Court to decide if homeschool should be permitted
June 8, 2015: The Supremo Tribunal Federal, Brazil’s Supreme Court, will be taking up a case on Educação Domiciliar, or home education. See also the notice on the Supremo Tribunal Federal’s website.

Homeschoolers v. Germany
May 26, 2015: The German high court believes that children belong to the state. But the United States Supreme Court affirms that children are free individuals under the care and tutelage of their parents. Which is it?

German parents could face years in prison if they continue homeschooling
May 1, 2015: Four years in prison for homeschooling? Dirk and Petra Wunderlich were fined and warned of a prison sentence in their latest court appearance.

“Home Education: It’s A Right”
April 23, 2015: That’s the theme of the second Global Home Education Conference, happening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in March 2016. Help spread the news by liking GHEC 2016 on Facebook and sponsoring, endorsing, or promoting the conference!

Speaking Out Against Parliamentary Report
April 20, 2015: A parliamentary inquiry on homeschooling results in a 305-page anti-homeschooling report.

Homeschooling—A New Concept in Middle East
April 20, 2015: National parents in Kuwait have banded together to start a homeschool association, the first of its kind.

Court Says Homeschooling Not Criminal
April 20, 2015: A court ruling gives a great victory for home educators in Finland, stating it is parents that oversee their homeschool, not the municipal school that oversees the parents.

Political Instability Causes Rapid Growth
April 20, 2015: The homeschool movement is growing rapidly in circumstances of political and educational instability and rampant corruption.

Proposed Bill May End Decade-Long Effort to Legalize Homeschooling
April 20, 2015: The Bulgarian Parliament is expected to vote on a bill that would legalize homeschooling.

Families Satisfied With No Homeschool Law
April 20, 2015: Although undefined in Brazilian legislation, families are increasingly able to homeschool with fewer and fewer difficulties.

Movement Grows as Families Join Together
April 20, 2015: For the first time, the Christian Homeschoolers of Austria hosted a homeschool conference for training and encouragement.

A Safe Environment to Ask Questions
April 20, 2015: 15-year-old Eliza Tan shares how her own journey as a homeschooled student has enriched her as a person and a Christian teen.

Lorena Dias’ case shows the importance of family in education
April 13, 2015: Commentator Gilberto Dimenstein of Radio CBN Network in Brazil discusses the Brazilian court ruling on 17-year-old homeschooler Lorena Dias.

Unprecedented decision puts young woman who studied at home in college
April 13, 2015: A homeschooled student has won the right according to a regional court in Brazil (Tribunal Regional Federal da 1a Região) to obtain the certificate of high school completion by passing the national exam at age 16, even though by law the exam is allowed only for students 18 and older.

Teenager studying at home can enter college according to the court
April 13, 2015: The Brazilian television network Globo interviews Lorena Dias.

Social Services and Home Education
April 11, 2015: The French organization CEDIF works to protect parental rights and published an overview on these topics (French or recent English update)

Parents at home with home-schooling idea
March 27, 2015: The Times of India reports on seven couples who have decided to homeschool.

Help the Johansson Family Renew Their Case
March 24, 2015: Christer and Annie Johansson are introducing a new case to the Swedish courts in hopes of being reunited with their son.

Legal Basis for Home Education in the Russian Federation
March 20, 2015: Homeschool contacts in Russia have provided an updated summary of the current legal framework for homeschooling.

Homeschooled child prodigy Charlie Downing graduates with first-class honours aged just 15
February 28, 2015: Maths genius Charlie is not yet old enough to drive but already preparing for life as a pilot with flying lessons

Alumni share homeschooling experiences, which is growing in Brazil
February 25, 2015: Folha, one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, interviews homeschool alumni to share their experience.

Homeschoolers Look to Human Rights Court for Relief
February 24, 2015: A Swedish family is appealing to a European court in order to secure their rights to homeschool.

New Homeschooling Law
February 18, 2015: The Legislative Yuan passed a new homeschooling law in November 2014, marking a new chapter in the protection of parental choice in education in Taiwan.

Seven Days in Jail
February 10, 2015: Claudia Brunner from Oberickelsheim, Germany was imprisoned for not sending her son to school.

Swedish Chabad Emissary Taken to Court for Homeschooling Children
January 27, 2015: The Jewish Namdar family is back in court in Gothenburg, Sweden over their decision to homeschool their children.

Council’s Homeschooling Plan “Illegal Infringement of Rights”
January 7, 2015: Homeschooling parents in a London borough are campaigning against council plans to impose an annual home visit to monitor their children, saying it contravenes their parental rights.

Homeschooling Family Appeals to Supreme Court
January 6, 2015: Home School Legal Defense Association is helping Swedish parents who want their children to receive education outside of school, which has so far been denied by officials and courts. The family has appealed to the Swedish Supreme Court, arguing their human rights have been violated by local officials who denied their application to homeschool.

A Mother Wants to Teach Her Son at Home—And is Threatened with Arrest
January 3, 2015: A family in Oberickelsheim has been educating their 8-year-old son at home and is now being threatened by local officials.

Supreme Court: Homeschooling Criminal—Families Vow Resistance
December 9, 2014: After their children were taken into custody for homeschooling, one German family vowed to fight on for freedom. This week HSLDA’s director of global outreach goes on a mission to bring relief to a beleaguered homeschool movement. Mike Farris says this fight is important and shows how fragile freedom can be.

Chen Hui-jie Runs a Political Campaign—at Age 16
November 25, 2014: A teenaged girl in Taiwan serves as a campaign manager for a city council candidate, and provides a model of civic activism for cynical teens.

Egypt’s education woes drive families to home schooling
October 18, 2014: The merits and drawbacks of home schooling have recently become a topic of debate in Egypt.

Egypt’s education woes drive families to home schooling
October 18, 2014: The merits and drawbacks of home schooling have recently become a topic of debate in Egypt.

State Prosecutes in Spite of Constitution
October 14, 2014: Two Irish families who rejected the onerous registration procedures created by a national agency have been prosecuted in court, demonstrating why even an explicit constitutional right to homeschool needs defending.

Professor: Parents Incapable of Teaching Reading and Writing
October 3, 2014: An education lecturer from Monash University in Australia claims that all children should learn in a school and that only highly trained professionals can help children to read and write.

Growing Movement Hit by Statist Backlash
October 4, 2014: As the homeschool movement continues to grow rapidly, some families who choose this non-traditional path of education have faced overwhelming resistance from state power.

UK Considers another Crackdown on Homeschooling
October 2, 2014: Homeschooling has been growing in Northern Ireland but now finds itself under attack.

Wunderlichs regain freedom to leave but vow to stay and fight
August 28, 2014: A German family has vowed to keep homeschooling now that an appeals court has returned legal custody of their children.

All on the Same Grid: Home Education in South Africa to be micromanaged by the State
August 8, 2014: At the time of the constitutional change in South Africa in 1994, education was in a sad state. Black children were still being taught under the much-criticized system of Bantu Education.

Western Cape Attacks Homeschoolers
August 8, 2014: Homeschooling parents were recently shocked when the Western Cape Education Department not once, but twice attempted to curb the liberty of parents to choose what is in the best interest of their children.

To homeschool or not to homeschool in Taiwan
More immigrant families are moving toward homeschooling using whichever curriculum parents prefer.

Homeschool Mom Jailed
August 5, 2014: In Ireland, a mother was jailed in a dispute with the government, saying that she shouldn’t have to apply for permission to exercise her fundamental right to homeschool—which is explicit in the Irish Constitution.

Homeschool in Malta
July 3, 2014: Homeschool mom Abigail Giuffrè and founder of the Facebook Group ‘Homeschool in Malta’ writes about the current climate for home education

Rise in Homeschooling Spurs Parliamentary Inquiry
June 1, 2014: A prominent Australian newspaper reports that state parliament is looking into the cause of a steep rise in homeschooling.

New UNCRC-Linked Policy Threatens Homeschool Freedom
May 20, 2014: Homeschoolers in Northern Ireland are asking for global support in opposing a new and imperious policy directed against home education.

Homeschooling takes off in Queensland
May 17, 2014: NAPLAN, bullying and simply struggling to fit in are some of the reasons why home school registrations have swollen by 234 per cent in the past seven years. Now, estimates say that there are more than 10,000 homeschoolers in the Queensland and rising.

Legislature Passes Romeike Resolution
April 28, 2014: The Tennessee General Assembly has passed a resolution calling on Congress to help ensure the Romeike family is granted asylum in the United States.

Homeschooling Congressmen Meet German Ambassador to Talk Freedom
April 15, 2014: Several U.S. congressmen—who also homeschooled their children—met with the German ambassador to discuss home education and ways to help homeschoolers in Germany.

Teen Lauds Homeschooling for Academic Success
April 5, 2014: A celebrated Jamaican graduate says she will chooses homeschooling “over private and public schools any day.”

Is Homeschooling a Window into the Soul of a Nation? What Does Romeike Really Mean?
April 4, 2014: A central issue in the case remains unsettled. Is Germany’s treatment of homeschoolers persecution? Although our judiciary says no, the executive branch issued an indefinite stay of deportation—suggesting maybe yes.

Council of Europe report threatens homeschooling
April 3, 2014: A parliamentary assembly report calls out homeschooling as a practice that should be restricted--please take action.

60 Minutes: School’s Out
March 23, 2014: A 60-Minute segment on the phenomenon of unschooling in the Land Down Under.

Bill to outlaw homeschooling withdrawn
March 11, 2014: The author of Senate Bill 245 has withdrawn his proposal to regulate and effectively outlaw homeschooling

Dangerous Policy Lurks behind Romeike Triumph
March 11, 2014: HSLDA is immensely grateful to federal officials for allowing the Romeikes to stay in America. But we also recognize that the government’s arguments for denying the family asylum reveal a philosophy that is hostile both to homeschoolers and religious liberty.

Officials Overstep Bounds by Passing Bill to Invade the Family
March 10, 2014: HSLDA is asking freedom-loving homeschoolers to protest a bill passed by the Scottish Parliament that appoints a government social worker to oversee every child in that country.

Parents in the South American country of Guyana vocalize their desire to homeschool their children.

Homeschooled student becomes youngest in Africa to earn black belt
February 20, 2014: Aasha Manns makes history by earning her black belt at eight years old.

Homeschool Wins IT Competition; Spurs National Debate
February 20, 2014: Widespread discussion of homeschooling resulted after Bulgaria prohibited a homeschooled student from participating in a national competition.

Homeschooling in Chinese-Speaking Countries in Asia
February 20, 2014: Families in Taiwan help homeschooling grow in Hong Kong and China.

New government agency established to monitor home educators
February 20, 2014: Families face attempts to increase monitoring home educators by the National Education Board.

Homeschooler to study ballet in Germany
February 20, 2014: A Japanese student qualifies to study ballet internationally.

Homeschoolers defeat attempt to regulate families in Aargau
February 20, 2014: Legal opinion coordinated by homeschoolers thwarts alarming plans to restrict freedom of education.

Conference Attracts International Speakers
February 20, 2014: The Norwegian Homeschool Association held a conference entitled "Home Education: Mainstream Tomorrow" at the University of Oslo.

Parents Share Homeschooling Stories
February 20, 2014: The Home Service, a homeschool support organization in the United Kingdom that provides help and advice for those homeschooling or considering doing so, asked two of its members to reflect on their homeschool journeys and the benefits it has brought to their families.

DOJ Tells Supreme Court: Homeschool Persecution Not a Problem
February 11, 2014: The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled Romeike v. Holder for review conference February 21. It is expected that the court will rule on whether or not to take the case before the end of the month.

Bill introduced to outlaw home education
February 6, 2014: French-speaking homeschoolers in Quebec, Canada are taking notice of the anti-homeschool efforts in France. HSLDA of Canada reports in French and English

Moving Homeschooling Forward in Africa
January 28, 2014: Homeschoolers in Kenya recounted familiar hopes and challenges during a regional conference. HSLDA affirmed its commitment to helping African homeschoolers gain new resources and expanded freedom.

Bill Would Restrict Homeschooling to “Exceptional Circumstances”
January 28, 2014: A bill in the French Senate seeking to restrict homeschooling would significantly alter the landscape of homeschool freedom not only in France but all of Europe.

Child Rights law passed after three-day debate
January 22, 2014: The Federal National Council has passed the country’s first Child Rights law.

Bullies spur parents to home school kids
January 19, 2014: Bullying and “cattiness” spurred by social media has contributed to a surge in the number of parents deciding to teach their children at home, according to one of the State's biggest homeschooling bodies.

200,000 Kenyan children have been sentenced to ignorance
January 17, 2014: The Kenyan Daily Nation suggests that recognizing homeschooling is a solution to 200,000 children not receiving an education in Kenya.

Truants may not move to France
January 14, 2014: A family from Hesse fighting to be allowed to teach their children at home want to move to France but the district court of Darmstadt says no (German).

Second Indian Homeschoolers Conference
January 7, 2014: Swashikshan, the all-India body of Homeschoolers in India, is gearing up for their second annual conference.

Legal loophole opens up chance for homeschooling
January 7, 2014: Parents in mainland China who want an alternative to rigid education take advantage of ‘official oversight’

Judge Rebuilds “Berlin Wall” Just for Homeschoolers
January 7, 2014: A judge’s decision has crushed the hopes of a German family who wanted to leave the country in order to resume homeschooling. The judge wrote that he considers homeschooling dangerous because it isolates children and fails to teach them tolerance “for those who think differently.”

Homeschool Freedom under Fire in Québec
December 23, 2013: A case involving a Catholic high school in Montreal threatens homeschooling freedom in the entire country.

South Africa: Homeschooling running into heavy weather
December 2013: A serious threat to home education comes from the direction of one of the teacher unions that is attempting to maneuver into a position to have the sole ability to assess homeschooled children—and compel assessment.

Loyola Supreme Court case could jeopardize right to homeschool in Canada
December 17, 2013: A crucial religious freedom case to be argued before the Supreme Court of has dire implications for the right to homeschool.

Hong Kong: Operating Underground; Hoping for Change
November 24, 2013: Homeschoolers in Hong Kong and Taiwan learn from each other's shared homeschool experiences.

Free Membership in Homeschool Network
November 24, 2013: We are inviting international homeschoolers to join A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network for free.

Finland: Media Champions Homeschooling
November 18, 2013: Media outlets in Finland track the trend of home education and give positive coverage to homeschooling families

Authorities affirm homeschooling in Moldova
November 7, 2013: A district prosecutor has dropped a case against a homeschooling family in Stefan-Voda, Moldova, and affirmed their right to homeschool.

Mother loses fight to home-school disabled son
November 12, 2013: The Court of Appeal rules that the 18-year-old, who suffers from cerebral palsy, must go to a school 100 miles away from his family home

Son, we’re not going to send you to school
November 12, 2013: A homeschool graduate from Western Australia, now a successful artist and illustrator, looks back on his parents’ decision to homeschool.

Homeschool Family Separated for Years Fights Back
November 10, 2013: Family launches a “demand justice” campaign over social services attacks.

Officials Refuse to Let Persecuted Homeschool Family Leave Germany
November 7, 2013: The New American reports that German authorities are again under fire in the Wunderlich case.

Uganda: Family first, then career
November 5, 2013: The NewVision daily paper profiles a mom who quit a high-profile job to homeschool her children

HSLDA Asks for Help for Swedish Family
November 5, 2013: Bereft of their son and mistreated by the courts, a Swedish homeschooling couple hopes to persuade local officials to help reunite their family.

Homeschooling is gaining strength in Brazil and generating controversy
November 4, 2013: BBC Brasil covers the growth of homeschooling (Portuguese)

Serious Threat to Home Education
October 31, 2013: The Pestalozzi Trust, the legal defense organization for homeschoolers in South Africa, analyzes the new SACAI “Assessment Instruction” on home education.

Judge Blocks Emigration as Seized German Children Now Go to Government School
October 29, 2013: A German court that ordered four homeschooled children to be removed at gunpoint over homeschooling has since said he won’t let the family emigrate to another European country where homeschooling is legal.

Is homeschooling Good for Your Child?
October 28, 2013: The Times of India reports on the growing number of homeschoolers across India.

Home Education Thrives in Australia's Largest State
October 26, 2013: Considered a 'boom state,' Western Australia also has a booming homeschool population.

Uganda: Education is Not a Government Responsibility
October 26, 2013: Faced with turmoil in the realm of education, a group of families in Uganda have begun homeschooling and advocating for parents to direct the education of their children.

Homeschooling in Ecuador: Is alternative education legal?
October 21: A mom in Ecuador reviews the Ecuadorian constitution, education law, and Homeschool Agreement from April 2013 (Spanish).

Canada: Meetings with the Québec Ombudsman
October 18, 2013

HSLDA Seeks Supreme Court Review of Romeike v. Holder
October 15, 2013: HSLDA has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case of a German homeschool family seeking asylum in America. A strong statement by the court in defense of liberty would counter recent attacks on homeschooling in Europe and elsewhere.

Maximum Penalty Demanded for Home Educators
October 14, 2013: For one whole year Thomas and Marit Schaum are to go behind bars because they are not willing to entrust their children to a public school.

Belgium: Controlling Homeschoolers: New Regulations Impose State Testing
September 30, 2013: News from around the world shows that as homeschooling grows it attracts the attention of government authorities--attention that is not always positive.

Homeschooling Popular with Chinese Parents
September 29, 2013: ChinaDaily reports that more Chinese parents are homeschooling their children—and are themselves getting an education in risk and reward.

State Wants to Ban Homeschooling
September 24, 2013: Authorities are making plans to ban home education in the Netherlands. You can help Dutch homeschoolers preserve their freedom.

Netherlands: State Wants to Ban Homeschooling
September 24. 2013: Authorities are making plans to ban home education in the Netherlands.

State-Sponsored Kidnapping and Jail for Homeschoolers in Germany
September 17, 2013: A crucial hearing this Thursday could determine whether Dirk and Petra Wunderlich’s children come home. Desperate to be reunited with their children and seeing no other legal options, they have agreed to send their children to a state-approved school.

Attorney Says Seizure of Wunderlich Children Reminiscent of Communist Regime
September 10, 2013: Dirk and Petra Wunderlich have not only had their children seized by the state but have been pressured into remaining in Germany. Their attorney says these draconian tactics remind him of the oppressive policies of former communist German rulers.

Home schooling up 65% in four years
September 8, 2013: The Sydney Morning Herald says number of children being taught at home in NSW has ballooned by 65%.

Will Home Education Create an Exodus from the Schools?
August 3, 2013: Home education was highlighted as the leading topic in the recent edition of a well-known Russian journal for school administrators. Read an article by Pavel Parfentiev, a homeschool advocate in Russia, excerpted from the journal (in Russian).

Help the Wunderlichs Get Their Kids Back
September 3, 2013: Will you help us expand our efforts to communicate our grave concern over the abuse of this family’s human rights?

Australia: Home Visits Imposed on Homeschoolers Down Under
August 31, 2013: The New South Wales Board of Studies in Australia issued new regulations for homeschoolers. The Sydney Home Education Network (SHEN) has stated that the new policy could make it very difficult for many families to continue homeschooling.

Children Seized in Shocking Raid
August 30, 2013: Government agents have seized four children from a German couple whose only “crime” is that they homeschool. HSLDA asks supporters to protest this outrageous act.

Farris: Germany Breaking Pledge to Protect Rights
August 30, 2013: Mike Farris, HSLDA founder and international rights expert, explains how Germany’s persecution of homeschoolers violates human rights.

Education Comes Home in China
August 30, 2013: A recent survey by the Education Research Institute gathers data and trends about homeschooling in China.

Homeschooling Rare but Growing in China
August 26, 2013: The Beijing Morning Post reports that homeschooling in China is in an emerging stage, with about 18,000 children across the country receiving education at home.

Homeschooling Family Fined $15,000 by Swedish Supreme Court
August 19, 2013: The highest Swedish court has ruled against Jonas Himmelstrand and his family and fined them an exorbitant sum, even though they are currently in exile in Finland and are no longer living or homeschooling in Sweden.

Uganda: Combatting Relativism by Rewriting National Curriculum
August 16, 2013: A homeschooling father discusses ethics and education.

Japan: Successful Convention, Post-disaster Update
August 16, 2013: Please pray for homeschoolers in Japan as they continue to deal with the aftermath of March 2011 disaster and for their upcoming annual homeschool summer camps that minister to children in Japan.

Finland: Chancellor of Justice Issues Resolution on Home Education
August 15, 2013: Homeschoolers in Finland were encouraged by a resolution recently issued by Finland's Chancellor of Justice.

Homeschool Conferences in Bulgaria: Eight Years Strong
August 15, 2013: Education in Bulgaria is tightly controlled by the government, and homeschooling is practically illegal. Yet it was the state-owned TV network, third-largest in the nation, that aired a recent homeschool documentary.

India: Burgeoning Homeschool Movement Addresses the Need for Documents, Requests Help
August 14, 2013: An Indian homeschool leader requests feedback from families around the world regarding verification of schooling.

Mother of Three Homeschools her Children
August 14, 2013: The Nassau Guardian covers the growth of homeschooling on the Caribbean island.

Germany: Home Educated Student Achieves Good Marks on Exam, Recognized by Media
August 12, 2013: A home educated graduate uses his academic success as a platform to demonstrate the benefits of home education and call for its legalization in Germany.

Proposed Law Assigns Government Agent for Every Child
July 23, 2013: Scottish homeschoolers are asking for help in fighting a proposed law that would assign a government agent to every child at birth. Experts warn that this type of legislation represents the logical progression of state-centered parenting ideals as embodied in various UN treaties.

Simply Too Dangerous to Continue Homeschooling
June 26, 2013: A family in Slovakia looks for a way to keep teaching their 5th-grade son at home in the face of laws that prohibit homeschooling past grade 4.

The Homeschooling Debate
June 26, 2013: An editorial in the Barbados Advocate discusses the trend toward homeschooling on the island.

Yalta Memorandum on the Protection of Family, Fatherhood, Motherhood and Morals
June 20, 2013: This important memorandum on parental rights was endorsed by over 50 organizations at the International Parents Forum. Download a PDF version >>

Homeschooling a Positive Choice
June 23, 2013: The Brisbane Times in Australia profiles a homeschool success story.

Romanian Homeschoolers Find Ally in Parliament
June 20, 2013: A well-attended conference and steps toward legalizing home education are recent developments encouraging homeschoolers in Romania.

Invitation from Polish Homeschoolers
June 20, 2013: Homeschoolers in Poland are inviting all comers to educational family camps to be held this summer in Kraków. The idea behind this project is to practice cultural exchange and development.

Increase in Homeschooling
June 14, 2013: A official from the Ministry of Education in Barbados states the government is willing to support homeschoolers but wants to oversee the families to ensure parents follow certain procedures.

Swedish Supremes Unmoved by Unprecedented Contact in Homeschool Case
June 11, 2013: A lawyer’s investigation reveals Swedish Supreme Court ignored requests from thousands and refused to hear case of boy taken from homeschooling parents.

Bill Proposes Massive Invasion of Every Family
June 11, 2013: The government of Scotland is proposing the ultimate invasion of the family in order to “protect” children.

Bulgarian National TV Network Airs Documentary about Home Education
June 3, 2012: Education in Bulgaria is tightly controlled by the government, and homeschooling is practically illegal. Yet it was the state-owned TV network, third-largest in the nation, that aired a recent homeschool documentary.

8th Annual Homeschool Curriculum Fair
May 23, 2013: The Bahamas Homeschooling Association announces its annual event for the homeschool community.

Bill to Spy on Parents is Criticised by Families
May 19, 2013: The Scottish National Party is facing growing calls to drop a sinister plan to interfere with family life by assigning every child in the country a state-sponsored guardian—or “Named Person” through a proposed bill in parliament.

I am a Homeschooler
May 14, 2013: A short documentary examines the lives of Bulgarian homeschoolers (with English subtitles).

Poland: Firm Steps Forward
May 9, 2013: Homeschooling in Poland is growing stronger through positive legal changes, the creation of umbrella schools, and increased numbers of homeschoolers.

International Speakers at Japanese Homeschool Conference
May 9, 2013: Please pray for the upcoming annual homeschool conventions in Japan, occurring in Osaka and Tokyo.

Taiwanese Student Receives International Volunteering Award
May 9, 2013: A homeschooled award recipient of the Prudential Spirit of Community was honored at Washington, D.C. ceremony.

Advocates Ardently Fight to Protect the Family in Russia and Ukraine
May 9, 2013: Home education experts, leaders, and parents continue to initiate round table discussions and forums to dialogue with Russian and Ukrainian government officials about the right of parents and the importance of the family.

Romania: MP Organizes Committee Meeting on Homeschooling
May 9, 2013: Romanian homeschoolers stand firm in their decade-long fight to legalize homeschooling.

Finland: Court Bias Against Home Education
May 9, 2013: The Supreme Court ruled against homeschoolers in a case about equal access to school materials.

Authorities Detect Homeschoolers; Family Flees to Austria
May 8, 2013: The Boersma family are another casualty of draconian German laws that restrict parents from directing the education of their children.

Homeschooling in Malaysia: A Vibrant Explosion
May 8, 2013: Representatives from a Malaysian homeschool organization chronicle the history of the movement and highlight current activities and growth.

Homeschooling in Taiwan
May 8, 2013: A widely read Taiwanese magazine covers homeschooling on pages 24-25.

Homeschooled Students Receive International Volunteering Awards
May 7, 2013: Prudential Spirit of Community recipients honored at ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Australia: Number of Home Educated Students Grows by Healthy 8%
May 5, 2013: A trend of consistent growth in the number of registered home educated students continues.

Swedish Court Rejects Homeschool Family’s Desperate Appeal
April 30, 2013: The Swedish Supreme Court has rejected the desperate appeal of a homeschooling couple whose son was seized by the state four years ago. We vow to continue the fight.

Homeschoolers Undertake Herculean Task of Rewriting National Curriculum
April 26, 2012: A Ugandan family started on a journey to find homeschooling resources and is now rewriting the national curriculum from a biblical perspective.

Homeschoolers Want Legal Vacuum Filled in Spain
April 24, 2013: Families in Spain fight for a legal framework to support families who choose to homeschool.

Germany’s home-schooling rebellion
April 24, 2013: A video report from Al-Jazeera on the status of homeschooling in Germany

Parents Fight To Regain Custody of Homeschooled Son
April 22, 2013: Yahoo’s coverage of the tragic Domenic Johansson case.

Desperate Homeschooling Parents Plead for Help—Hope Court Will Hear Case
April 16, 2013: Your letters, emails and faxes to the Swedish high court may be Annie and Christer Johansson’s last hope for having their son returned to them.

New Figures Show Rates of Children being Homeschooled Doubles
April 16, 2013: The number of children being homeschooled in Victoria, Australia is skyrocketing.

Interview with Australian Homeschool Grads
January 31, 2013: A group of five young adults who were all homeschooled share their post-homeschooling experiences.

Homeschool’s New Day in China
March 13, 2013: Interest in homeschooling grows as there are more and more success stories.

Interview with Homeschool Pioneers in Malaysia
March 4, 2013: Founders of Homefrontier, an online network of Christian homeschoolers in Malaysia, were recently interviewed on Malaysian radio.

German Homeschool Parents Appeal Asylum Ruling
February 22, 2013: ABC News reports on the Romeike’s political asylum case.

Heroic Single Mother Withstands Ignorant School Officials
February 21, 2013: A Finnish mother withstands ignorant school officials in her city to receive a positive statement and decision for home education.

Japan: Hanging in Limbo
February 21, 2013: The status of home education, while the numbers are flourishing, hangs in limbo in Japan without clear legal basis.

Family Camps Connect Generations
February 19, 2013: A Polish couple organizes and hosts family camps to encourage home education and solid relationships between families.

Taiwanese Families Help Fellow Homeschoolers in Hong Kong
February 19, 2013: Homeschoolers in Hong Kong and Taiwan learn from each other's shared homeschool experiences.

Slippery Slope to Mandatory Schooling
February 19, 2013: A proposed Social Security bill hides an agenda to institute universal preschool requirement in New Zealand.

VS Rommelt aan Asielstatus Christelijke Duitsers om Thuisonderwijs
February 18, 2013: The Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad covers the German Romeike family’s political asylum case in the United States.

Federal Government Tries to Block Homeschooling Refugees
February 15, 2013: Persecution of homeschoolers requires a state to sacrifice the rights of conscience and the rights of parents.

Pilot Program Extends Home Education
February 14, 2013:The pioneer spirit is active, strong, and thriving among homeschoolers in the Czech Republic.

Tyranny of the Small Steps: Mandatory Early Education in New Zealand
May 9, 2012:A proposed Social Security bill hides an agenda to institute universal preschool requirement in New Zealand.

Deportation of German Homeschool Family Affects U.S. Homeschool Freedom
February 12, 2013: HSLDA has appealed the Romeike’s case to the Six Circuit Court of Appeals—the federal court just below the Supreme Court.

The Little Russians Learning to be British
February 12, 2013: Tutor praises homeschooling as she teaches Russian children living in the United Kingdom with great success.

German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom
February 11, 2013: The U.S. government’s latest arguments against granting asylum to a German homeschooling family could have profound consequences for homeschool freedom in America.

Over 50,000 Homeschoolers in South Africa and Growing
February 8, 2013: A blogger writing in Afrikaans reports on the growing homeschool movement.

More Families Join Homeschooling Boom
January 23, 2013: Since 2008 homeschooling in Ipswich, Queensland has increased nearly five-fold.

Homeschooling My Kids Gives Me Satisfaction
January 8, 2013: AllAfrica highlights the story of a mother who put aside her degree to teach her children.

Sweden Pursues Homeschoolers … Again
December 29, 2012: It makes homes more comfortable with IKEA, driving safer with Volvo, and communication easier with Skype—but when it comes to homeschooling, the country of Sweden makes parents’ lives as difficult as possible.

Education Debate in China
December 22, 2012: A now-homeschooled teen has begun a growing campaign for equal education opportunities in China.

Another Court Ruling on Homeschooling
December 19, 2012: The Granada Provincial Court in Spain ruled against licensed teachers who kept their son from the public school to homeschool him yet also stated that the parent’s actions did not constitute criminal behavior. (Spanish)

Another Homeschool Victory Appealed by Government
December 14, 2012: The Swedish government is seeking to quash a favorable homeschool ruling in appeal.

Court Terminates Parental Rights in Homeschool Case
December 14, 2012: An appeals court panel in Sweden has imposed the “death penalty” on a homeschooling family, granting the state full custody of their son.

German Officials Threaten Homeschoolers: “We’ll Be Back”
December 12, 2012: Another German homeschooling family has been subjected to their government’s Gestapo-like efforts to make sure every child in the country is educated in its schools under the influence of its textbooks.

Family Execution—Swedish Style
December 11, 2012: An appeals court stunned a Swedish couple by terminating their parental rights in regard to their son, who has been in state custody for more than three years.

Parents Have Every Right to Homeschooling
December 5, 2012: A Kenyan parent takes issues with the recent article released by the Ministry of Education on homeschooling and the proposed education bill.

Parents in Berlin Exchange Experiences
December 3, 2012: Taiwan’s Central News Agency provides coverage of the recent Global Home Education Conference 2012.

Homeschoolers Worldwide Join Forces
December 3, 2012: The New American features the first-ever Global Home Education Conference held in November 2012 and highlights the stories of families around the world.

“Come Peacefully Now or by Force Later”
November 27, 2012: A German family faces criminal and civil charges and has lost legal custody of their children for homeschooling. Michael Farris has called on the global homeschool community to take action!

Kenya to Outlaw Homeschooling?
November 24, 2012: Kenya is drafting a new law after adopting a new constitution, which does not make a provision for home education.

Bill Seeks To Lay Firm Ground For Education
November 23, 2012: Individuals and organizations have expressed reservations with the Basic Education Bill, 2012, saying it outlaws homeschooling.

Johansson Family Back in Court
November 20, 2012: A government committee is appealing a court decision that upheld the parental rights of the Johanssons, whose son has been in state custody since 2009.

It’s Final in Ireland: Kids, Government Rule in Home over Parents
November 16, 2012: Pro-family groups are going on the offensive to stop an incoming barrage of internationalists’ treaties as voters approve ballot measures on “children’s rights.”

Homeschool Movement Ignored by Parliament
November 14, 2012: HSLDA encourages members and friends to contact the Kenya parliament and urge lawmakers to protect the right of parents to homeschool.

Global Conference Issues Call for Homeschool Freedom
November 6, 2012: An historic international conference in Berlin rallied homeschoolers, who then insisted that governments respect homeschool freedom as a first-order human right.

Welfare Reforms May Limit Homeschooling
October 24, 2012: Children of beneficiaries who are homeschooled may be forced into a registered school under the government’s welfare reforms.

The Family School
October 29, 2012: An Italian television show examines a family of four children who are educating at home.

Former German Minister: Homeschooling a “Healthy” Response to State School Monopoly
“Blum is the highest ranking political figure in Germany to recognize the need for reform in Germany’s view on parental freedoms in education. As a former minister of labor under Helmut Kohl, Blum’s remarks can hardly be ignored by his party… ”

Abuse Remains Norm Despite Major Court Victory
October 22, 2012: In an unusual but welcome victory for homeschoolers in Sweden, an appeals court ruled that a Jewish family did have a right to homeschool their children in part because of their faith.

Bill Breaches Human Rights
October 17, 2012: Many New Zealanders are concerned that a new Social Security bill will violate human rights in its early childhood education requirements.

Judge: Homeschooling “Damages” Kids
October 2, 2012: A family was devastated when a judge stripped the parents of child custody rights simply for homeschooling. HSLDA intends to press for reform during a global conference on homeschooling to be held November in Germany.

School Registration Bill Worries Welsh Families
September 24, 2012: HSLDA pledges to help homeschool families in Wales as officials there try to pass laws requiring home education registration and inspection.

Wildcats Boss Favors Homeschooling
September 15, 2012: NBL Wildcats chief Nick Marvin homeschools his children because he believes educating them is his “fundamental duty.”

Victims of “Brutal System” Look to Global Support
September 10, 2012: Oppressed by their own governments, persecuted homeschoolers hope a groundbreaking global conference will rally support and promote reform. You can help.
Watch the video >>

Home or School
September 3, 2012: Parents in China explore alternatives to public education and consider homeschooling.

Homeschoolers Undertake Herculean Task of Rewriting National Curriculum
April 26, 2012: A Ugandan family started on a journey to find homeschooling resources and is now rewriting the national curriculum from a biblical perspective.

A Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling
August 7, 2012: The National reports from the United Arab Emirates on homeschooling and its advantages and disadvantages.

Brazil: Families Hope for a Homeschool Amendment
July 31, 2012: After a decade of fines and court cases for homeschooling, families in Brazil are hopeful as the climate steadily improves.

Taiwan: Homeschoolers Help Needy Aboriginal Families
July 30, 2012: A homeschool family helps local teens discover their own talents and worth through their second-hand store and restaurant ministry.

Taiwan: Family Writes Bestseller About Homeschool Journey
July 25, 2012: A book written by a homeschool family has become a bestseller in Taiwan.

Persecuted & Exiled Swedish Homeschoolers “Walk to Freedom,” Vow to Fight On
July 19, 2012: A group of homeschoolers walk from Sweden to Finland in protest of Sweden’s ban on homeschooling

Finland: Homeschooling Launched to the Political Agenda
July 17, 2012: The Social Democratic Party recently proposed to make homeschooling subject to licensing, launching homeschooling onto the political scene in Finland.

Bulgaria: NGOs Attack the Freedom of Families to Homeschool
July 17, 2012: Bulgarian homeschool families met recently for their seventh annual conference where participants discussed the growing pressure from NGOs against parental rights.

Australia: Homeschooling Parents Seek to Qualify for Tax Refunds
July 17, 2012: Parents who homeschool in Australia do not receive any government funding although they support all other children who attend schools through their taxes.

Officials Cease Prosecution
July 16, 2012: The attorney for a homeschool family facing unwarranted neglect charges says international support definitely helped bring a favorable end to the investigation.

Bullied Kids Get Homeschooled
July 12, 2012: Australia’s 7News features bullying in schools and the number of parents who are choosing to homeschool in response.

Inaugural Meeting of Indian Association of Homeschoolers
July 10, 2012: Indian homeschoolers are excited to announce the very first meeting of their national association on July 14 in Mumbai. You may also participate via online webinar. Register today!>>

Australian Homeschool Grad to Address the United Nations
July 9, 2012: Homeschool grad Dan Ryan has been selected as Australia’s youth representative to the United Nations.

Officials Overstep Their Bounds, Families Threatened in France, Austria
July 6, 2012: Families in France and Austria are fighting back against authorities’ attempts to deny their legal right to homeschool in those countries.

Leave Sweden to Find Freedom
July 6, 2012: Dozens of Swedish home educators will walk 100 miles from Sweden to the Åland Islands, Finland to symbolize the freedom to home educate that exists in Finland.

Homeschooling Pays off for Nishtha at SEA
July 6, 2012: A homeschooled student places third in a national exam.

Homeschooling Produces Top-Rate Students, Achievers
July 1, 2012: The Filipino Business Mirror attests to the benefits of homeschooling and highlights students in the Philippines, where homeschooling is exploding.

Netherlands: Sixteen-year-old Homeschooler Graduates from College
June 26, 2012: Homeschooling allowed the high school age son of homeschool pioneers in the Netherlands to graduate early from his college studies.

Parents of Boy Seized by State Hopeful after Favorable Court Ruling
June 14, 2012: A major breakthrough in the Johansson case gives hope!

State Pressures Family to Enroll 3-Year-Old in Preschool
June 11, 2012: HSLDA helped close a social services investigation that was launched after a family withdrew their son from a voluntary preschool program.

Victory: University Accepts Documents from Homeschool Grad
June 6, 2012: A homeschool graduate in Poland has received news that he will finally be able to complete his university studies, thanks to the assistance of HSLDA.

Persecuted Homeschooling Father Launches Blog
June 4, 2012: A father who has endured 12 years of government persecution plans to document the plight of homeschoolers in Germany.

Germany: Persecuted Homeschooling Father Launches Blog
June 4, 2012: A father who has endured 12 years of government persecution plans to document the plight of homeschoolers in Germany.

Homeschooling Discussed by German Politicians
June 1, 2012: A report from Stephan Ehmke, education policy spokesman of the German CDU Kiel (German). (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

What if, instead of going to school, your child studied at home?
June 1, 2012: Visão, a leading weekly magazine covers the growth of homeschooling in Portugal.

Homeschool Leaders Wary As DOE “Endorses” Homeschooling
June 1, 2012: Homeschool leaders are concerned that government home-study programs threaten the growth of true home education.

Pastor Charged with Criminal Child Abuse Over Home Education
June 1, 2012: HSLDA encourages members and friends to contact Bulgarian officials on behalf of a pastor who is being persecuted for homeschooling.

Persecuted Homeschoolers Wow Brazilians
June 1, 2012: Homeschoolers are drawing positive attention in Brazil by winning numerous prizes in academic contests.

Philippines Looks to Homeschooling to Accommodate Different Struggles
May 28, 2012: The Department of Education in the Philippines has announced its intention towards homeschooling as a possible solution to the current issues of the community, reports the website.

Johansson Custody Dispute Continues
May 28, 2012: The Gotland municipality continues its attempt to remove custody of Domenic from his parents, although new developments show that Indian officials are advocating on behalf of the family, reports Swedish newspaper Världen Idag.

Papal Delegation Says Homeschoolers Must be Free
May 14, 2012: The delegation to the United Nations responded to the “disconcerting trend” to downplay parental rights in favor of the state. HSLDA welcomes Vatican involvement in this issue.

2012 Christian Homeschool Conference in Norway
May 14, 2012: Register before May 25 to attend a great conference in southern Norway with speakers Curt and Sandra Lovelace! (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

From Sweden Without Love
May 5, 2012: A political storm continues to rage around Domenic Johansson and his parents, reports Indian news source Pravasi Today. Author Christopher CM Warren decries Sweden as a “social prison.”

Ukrainian Family Advocates Speak out for Home Education
April 26, 2012: Over one thousand pro-family advocates recently gathered in Kiev to oppose encroachment by the state into the traditional realm of the family.

HSLDA of Canada Launches Appeal to Supreme Court
April 26, 2012: Homeschoolers in Canada bear the brunt of increased attacks on parental rights

Romania: Families Choose to Homeschool under Hardship
April 26, 2012: The number of Romanian families choosing to homeschool is increasing dramatically despite economic difficulty, lack of support, and an unfavorable legal climate.

India: Homeschooled Students Cope with “Real” Life
April 26, 2012: Hundreds of families in India are discovering that homeschooling better prepares their children for life then the institutionalized school system does.

Russia: A Social Network for Home Educators
April 26, 2012: Home educators in Russia are taking pains to connect across their vast homeland with a new social network and support group.

Finland: Homeschoolers Welcome Swedish President in Exile
April 26, 2012: Finland continues to enjoy significant homeschool freedom, in stark contrast to Sweden, its Nordic neighbor to the west.

Philippines: Homeschoolers are Catalysts in Nation-Building
April 26, 2012: The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands supports the rapid growth of homeschooling through a variety of events.

Australia: Changing the World One Family at a Time
April 26, 2012: The annual CampFest week in New South Wales, Australia reinvigorates homeschooling families.

East Africa: Homeschooling in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
April 26, 2012: An annual homeschool conference in East Africa draws families from all walks of life.

Taiwan: Homeschooler’s Film Nominated to International Festival
April 26, 2012: A 14 year old homeschooled student recently made a short film about skating in the 2011 Skate Asia competition.

Ukrainian Family Advocates Speak out for Home Education
April 26, 2012:Over one thousand pro-family advocates recently gathered in Kiev to oppose encroachment by the state into the traditional realm of the family.

Homeschooling as an Alternative to Sending Kids to School
April 25, 2012: A new movement led by the Homeschooling Association of the Philippine Islands is changing the landscape of education by advocating homeschooling in the Philippines.

The Edge in Homeschooling
April 19, 2012: With more than 100 families in Kenya choosing to homeschool their children, the Business Daily Africa explains how families are moving away from a one-size-fits-all education system.

Swedish Homeschoolers Flee “Parental Inquisition”
April 10, 2012: Sweden used to be synonymous with freedom and safety. But today, Sweden is creating new political refugees: the homeschooler.

Victory in Canada: Restrictive Education Bill Defeated
March 27, 2012: A strong showing by homeschoolers in Alberta prevented the passage of a bill that would have given the government virtual control over all education content and curriculum.

Interview with Swedish Homeschooler in Exile
March 23, 2012: An interview with Jonas Himmelstrand, president of the Swedish Home Educators Association, on the dire situation for homeschoolers in Sweden.

Outcry over Sweden’s Persecution of Homeschoolers Grows
March 22, 2012: As homeschooling families continue to flee Sweden in the face of escalating persecution, the global outcry over controversial Swedish policies is growing louder, says the New American.

Swedish Homeschool Family “Broken to Pieces”
March 21, 2012: CBN News airs the first television interview granted by Christer and Annie Johansson since their son Domenic was state-napped in June 2009.

Restrictive Vote Delayed as Protest Delivers Warning
March 20, 2012: Homeschoolers in Alberta, Canada continue to fight for their freedom to teach biblical truth to their children as part of their homeschool program.

Global Pressure on Parental Rights Mounting
March 19, 2012: Parents are threatened globally as Sweden persists in its hardline crackdown on homeschoolers and Canada threatens to pass a bill that would severely diminish homeschool freedom.

Continue to Pray for Alberta Homeschoolers!
March 13, 2012: Thanks to all of who called the Alberta government on Friday to ask them to amend the law that would require homeschoolers to teach politically correct views such as “tolerance” for controversial lifestyles.

Home schooling puts children in a class of their own
March 10, 2012: A growing group of Asians in the UAE are opting to teach their children at home.

Help Stop Law Requiring Homeschoolers to Teach “Tolerance!”
March 8, 2012: HSLDA of Canada is asking for our help! Our homeschooling brothers and sisters to the north (Alberta) are facing the possibility that they will be banned from teaching during schooltime that the Bible is true.

Homeschooling a Topic of Discussion in the Netherlands
March 5, 2012: A sudden interest in homeschooling in the Netherlands sparked a parliamentary debate and comment from the Minister of Education.

Canadian Province Imposing “Diversity Training” on Homeschools
February 27, 2012: A new education act in the Canadian province of Alberta is poised to impose political correctness on families—even those who teach their own children in their own homes.

Reactions Force Government to Retreat on Education Bill
February 25, 2012: A proposed education bill to increase the compulsory education ages addresses homeschooling as well.

Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution
February 17, 2011: The president of the Swedish Association for Home Education (Rohus) has finally been forced into exile with his family in neighboring Finland.

Leviathan Groaning
February 17, 2012: Crisis magazine features the plight of the Swedish Johansson family and analyzes the increasing totalitarianism of Swedish officials.

Call to Action: Email Your Swedish Embassy
February 14, 2012: The homeschool situation in Sweden is rapidly deteriorating. Swedish families request urgent help from their fellow homeschoolers around the world and call for a massive email campaign to Swedish Embassies.

Tales Out of School
February 11, 2012: A book published in 2011 tells the stories of 40 Australian homeschoolers

Bulgaria a Battlefield for Anti-Family Social Engineering
February 8, 2012: Family advocates in Bulgaria say “rights of the child” language disguises an attempt to take the country back to the dark years of communist totalitarianism, where children do not belong to their parents but to a socialist state.

The Homeschool of Life
February 6, 2012: A Perth-based news source features a homeschooling family and notes that the number of parents educating their children at home is on the rise.

Czech Republic: Homeschool Improvements on the Horizon
January 23, 2012: Homeschoolers work to pass a bill that would eliminate unnecessary state requirements and make homeschooling permanent after a five-year experimental mode.

Homeschooling Catching on Slowly
February 3, 2012: The Hindu newspaper documents that home education is steadily growing among India’s billions of citizens.

Sweden Says No Jewish Homeschooling
February 3, 2012: Jewish citizens in Sweden note that Sweden does not tolerate differences well, as a Jewish homeschooling family faces hefty fines.

Bullying by the Local Authorities
February 3, 2012: Swedish newspaper Värlen Idag says that the Himmelstrand family’s fine of nearly $26,000 for homeschooling amounts to bullying from their local municipal authorities (Swedish).

Fined for Homeschooling: 180,000 Swedish Kroner
February 3, 2012: The Himmelstrand family fights for their right to homeschool in the face of crippling fines. Swedish newspaper Dagen reports (Swedish).

Homeschooling Catching on Slowly
February 3, 2012: The Hindu newspaper documents that home education is steadily growing among India’s billions of citizens.

Japan: Child Abuse Laws Negatively Affect Homeschoolers
January 25 , 2012: The director of a Japanese homeschool organization reports on recent developments and needs of homeschoolers in Japan.

One Year Closer to Legalized Homeschooling
January 30, 2012: In 2011, Romanian families enjoyed highs and endured lows, including a new connection with an American umbrella school and a negative vote on homeschooling in the parliamentary Education Committee.

Poland: Grateful for International Support
January 24, 2012: To all who work to support homeschoolers and make connections in the homeschool community, thank you very much!

Australia: Homeschooling After Three Decades
January 24, 2012: Home education has flourished in Australia from the 1970s to the present, despite periodic legislative battles in all six states and two territories.

India: Fun-Filled Times in Mumbai
January 23, 2012: Spend a day in the life of an Indian homeschooler—journey with them to the National Park, on a bird watching expedition, and to a science center.

Homeschool Hospitality in Taiwan
January 23, 2012: Homeschool mom Rhonda Kline’s account of her family’s experiences living and homeschooling in other countries.

Lifework Forum’s Mission in Bulgaria
January 22, 2012: Curt and Sandra Lovelace of Lifework Forum recently met with families in Bulgaria and help to shed light on the battles that homeschoolers face in the former Soviet nation.

Austria: Haven for German Homeschoolers
January 22, 2012: Many families flee to Austria to escape draconian education laws in Germany.

Switzerland: Families Ordered to Send Their Children to School
January 22, 2012: Swiss cantons are tightening restrictions for homeschoolers after the Federal Court ruled against two homeschool families.

Bulgaria: Children’s Rights vs. Parental Rights?
January 22, 2012: A proposed law in Bulgaria claims that children’s rights are inconsistent with the rights of parents.

Dominican Republic: Homeschooled MK Wins Scholarship to Top Medical School
January 22, 2012: The son of veteran missionaries has recently been accepted to one of the top medical schools in the Dominican Republic.

Swedish Pol to Social Services Minister: Take Homeschooled Kids!
January 17, 2012: Sweden is moving swiftly toward complete intolerance of home education.

International Homeschooling—Watch Video from a Dozen Countries
January 2, 2012: Homeschoolers from across Europe gathered for a meaningful time of sharing experiences and learning about the homeschool laws in other countries.

Video on Homeschooling in Portugal
Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

Homeschool Experiment Needed in Slovakia
December 20, 2011: Stringent regulations keep families from homeschooling in Slovakia, but the fledgling homeschool movement hopes to change that soon.

Family of State-napped Swedish Child Savors Small Victory
December 20, 2011: The Gotland District Court has ruled against the Swedish social services in their quest to terminate Christer and Annie’s parental rights of Domenic.

Tribute to New Zealand Homeschool Leader
December 9, 2011: Craig Smith (1951–2011) was a key leader in the homeschool movement in New Zealand whose legacy and influence will impact generations.

French National TV Showcases Homeschooling in America
December 5, 2011: HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly and his family were featured recently on a national French television broadcast about homeschooling in the U.S.

French Homeschoolers Resist Political Agenda
December 2, 2011: Homeschool organizations in France continue to resist the agenda of French legislators to modify the education law.

Jamaican Prime Minister Homeschools
November 29, 2011: Jamaica’s prime minister and his wife say they are standing by their decision to homeschool their sons.

Jamaican Prime Minister Criticized for Homeschooling
November 28, 2011: HSLDA’s press release on the Jamaican Prime Minister’s decision to homeschool his sons.

Debate Rages Over PM’s Decision to Home-Educate
November 24, 2011: TVJ provides coverage of the Prime Minister of Jamaica and his family’s decision to homeschool their sons.

Educator Speaks on Home Schooling Issue
November 24, 2011: A Jamaican educator discusses homeschooling and alternative learning options on TVJ.

11-Year-Old Pianist Shows Strengths of Homeschooling
November 23, 2011: A child prodigy comes from a homeschooling family. The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports.

Dutch Family Victorious in Parental Rights Case
November 21, 2011: The Weijman family in Amsterdam, Netherlands won a victory when a Dutch judge rejected a request by social services to restrict the family’s parental rights simply for their choice to homeschool.

Russian Manifesto: Protect the Traditional Family
November 17, 2011: Russian organizations and experts met recently to denounce efforts to undermine parental rights and expand state control over families.

Government Willing to Use “Force” on Homeschool Kids
November 16, 2011: reports that threats are coming as options dwindle in the fight over education.

Homeschool Leader Interviews
November 16, 2011: Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

Authorities to Parents: Take Your Kids to School or Else We Will!
November 8, 2011: Having endured jail sentences and heavy fines for homeschooling, the Dudek family now faces the threat of having their children taken to school by force.

Triumph of the State over Family: Brazilian Congress Reinforces Ban on Homeschooling
November 1, 2011: Brazil’s National Congress rejects for the third time a bill that would have authorized a parent’s right to choose to home educate their children.

Government Persecution Does Target Homeschoolers
October 15, 2011: A law journal says a family’s asylum request is legitimate.

Officials Seek to Terminate Johansson Parenthood
October 7, 2011: HSLDA is asking all who care about families and homeschooling to again intervene on behalf of Annie and Christer Johansson, who may soon lose any right to parenting their son, Domenic.

Six Months after the Disaster
October 6, 2011: On their fifth relief trip since the March earthquake and tsunami, Japanese homeschoolers—plus five American homeschoolers—continue to bring hope and joy to needy families.

The Romeike Family: Still Waiting on Asylum Appeal
October 3, 2011: A new law review article helps the Romeike family’s case for political asylum in the United States.

Family Meets with Local School Official
October 3, 2011: Homeschoolers provide an update on the Ketterling family’s situation in Norway.

Young Swedish Politicians Defend Homeschooling
October 3, 2011: Young Swedish politicians defended homeschooling in Svenska Dagbladet, the largest national conservative newspaper in Sweden.

Poland: First Homeschool Graduates
September 30, 2011: Although homeschooling in Poland is a relatively new phenomenon, the country has produced multiple homeschool graduates. Hear from the graduates.

Taiwan: Homeschoolers Hold Camp for Needy Children
September 30, 2011: The Mujen Home Educators Association hosts a summer camp that changes the lives of the children who attend as well as the homeschoolers who act as counselors.

Norway: Homeschoolers Meet for Encouragement
September 30, 2011: A Christian homeschool conference was held in Finsland, Norway, on 4 June 2011. God blessed the conference in many ways.

French Legislators Seek to Make Schooling Compulsory
September 30, 2011: French homeschoolers work against four proposed bills on education.

Taiwan: Government Recognizes High School Homeschoolers
September 30, 2011: Outstanding news for homeschooled high school students in Taiwan.

Successful Lobbying in the Netherlands
September 30, 2011: Homeschoolers in the Netherlands influence the political field.

India Sees Rise in Homeschooling
September 30, 2011: In India, homeschooling is gaining attention and support in many arenas.

United Kingdom: Thoughts of a Home Educated University Student
September 30, 2011: A British homeschool graduate reflects on his education.

Singapore: Homeschoolers in Asia Carry the Torch
September 30, 2011: Students and sponsors from Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to participate in the 3rd annual TEACH ASIA Student Convention.

A Brief Sketch on the Korean Christian Homeschooling Movement
September 30, 2011: Learn about the growth of homeschooling in South Korea.

Parents take education by the horns
September 29, 2011: The Jakarta Post highlights Indonesian families who have discovered the benefits of homeschooling.

Report from Poland: European Homeschool Conference
September 27, 2011: Polish homeschooler leaders explain the benefits and outcomes of a recent homeschool conference held in Spain (in Polish). Includes a video with HSLDA’s Mike Donnelly (in English).

Out-of-School Education
September 27, 2011: This special issue of the International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE), a journal of interest to homeschool advocates, focuses primarily on home education.

Fox News Discusses Domenic Johansson Case
September 27, 2011: A major U.S. news station addresses homeschooling in Sweden and the plight of Domenic Johansson on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano (around timestamp 2:05).

Fight or Flee
September 21, 2011: Liberty magazine provides in-depth coverage on the impact of Sweden’s new education law, which took effect July 1.

Spanish Court Drops Charges Against Homeschooling Family
September 16, 2011: The Christian Post documents the recent court victory in Spain.

Court Victory: “Thank Heaven and Thank HSLDA”
September 13, 2011: An online petition and a legal brief proved instrumental as a Spanish court dropped charges against the González family.

Homeschooling Situation Becoming Urgent
September 9, 2011: HSLDA asks members and friends to support Spanish homeschoolers as authorities in Spain grow increasingly hostile toward home education.

Back to Homeschool
September 9, 2011: The Toronto Sun provides an update on a Canadian family taken to court for homeschooling. HSLDA of Canada is supporting the family.

Updated: Family Threatened by Child Protective Services
August 25, 2011: Local officials are threatening a homeschool family living in rural Norway with Child Protective Services.

Global Human Rights Conference Includes Homeschooling
August 29, 2011: For the first time in its 50-year history, the World Congress on the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy included homeschooling its agenda. Representatives from HSLDA and Patrick Henry College were there.

Homeschooling Challenged in Spain
August 29, 2011: Another Spanish family is in court for homeschooling. HSLDA urges members and friends to support them by signing an online petition.

In a Class of Their Own
August 29, 2011: A recent article in the Waikato Times, a New Zealand paper, dispels myths about homeschooling.

Home Education is Growing in Popularity
August 22, 2011: Finnish TV interviews the Paavolainen and Furu families, homeschoolers in Finland. Juhani Paavolainen is the chairman of Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish home educator’s association. Michael Donnelly, HSLDA director of international relations, weighs in on the benefits of homeschooling and its prevalence in the U.S. (around 02:10 and 04:25). Notes: You will need to download Microsoft Silverlight to watch the video. After downloading, please enter 75508 into the search box at the top-right corner to find the clip.

Finland is A Model
August 21, 2011: Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet highlights homeschool freedom in Finland—in stark contrast to neighboring Sweden—and interviews HSLDA’s director of international relations, Michael Donnelly.

Save The School Year
August 18, 2011: Chilean Minister of Education Felipe Bulnes has announced that the government supports homeschooling, as student demonstrations continue to disrupt schools in Chile.

New Zealand Homeschool Leader’s Health Failing
August 12, 2011: Craig Smith, a key homeschool leader in New Zealand and longtime friend of HSLDA, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer.

Criminal School
August 10, 2011: The Swedish political magazine Neo interviews Swedish homeschoolers and HSLDA’s own Michael Donnelly to understand the nation’s antagonistic policies toward homeschooling.

Bringing Hope and Joy to Japan
August 4, 2011: At the end of August, Japanese homeschoolers will embark on their fifth relief trip to minister to families affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Would you like to join them?

Swedish Magazine Highlights the UNCRC
August 3, 2011: Neo, a Swedish “classical liberal magazine,” provides in—depth coverage of the UNCRC—the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child—and recent developments in the Scandinavian nation.

Hindustan Times: Homeschoolers Petition High Court
August 3, 2011: Last year’s revised education law has stirred up quite a bit of debate as to whether compulsory education in India can be fulfilled through homeschooling.

Homeschooling Promotes Social Integration
July 20, 2011: Christians, Muslims, and secular families alike joined together at the sixth annual homeschool conference in Bulgaria.

Swedish Homeschoolers Forced to Flee Their Homeland—Video Translation
July 8, 2011: This is an unofficial translation of the approximately two—minute report aired on Rapport, a Swedish television nightly news program.

Call to Action: Sign Petition for Domenic Johansson
July 6, 2011: Please sign a new petition urging Swedish officials to reunite Domenic Johansson with his parents.

Only One Child in Iceland Homeschooled
July 1, 2011: Despite changes to the education law in 2008, homeschooling remains very restricted in Iceland.

Only one child in Iceland home schooled
July 1, 2011: An Icelandic-based newspaper provides its perspective on the growth and status of homeschooling in Iceland

Italy: Chained to a Test
June 30, 2011: Annual testing requirements and antagonistic school officials are causing difficulty for homeschoolers in Italy.

Taiwan: Homeschool Family Publishes Book
June 30, 2011: Unique circumstances allow a Taiwanese homeschool family to publish a book about their experiences.

Romania: The Current Situation
June 30, 2011: Families in Romania currently seek affiliation with a U.S.—based school so that they can continue to legally homeschool under an “umbrella” institution.

Officials Amazed at Rise in Homeschooling
June 29, 2011: Homeschooling in Austria is growing, and the education authorities are taking notice.

Russia: Good Report on Homeschooling
June 29, 2011: An interregional homeschooling organization helped lead the battle to ensure Russian education law recognizes home education.

Russia: Legal Guide Published by Homeschool Advocate
June 29, 2011: Another positive development for home education in Russia is the appearance of a new book for homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers Minister to Displaced Japanese
June 30, 2011: Homeschoolers in Japan continue to reach out to families and individuals who were affected by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in March.

Bills Threaten Home School Freedom in France
June 11, 2011: Although one bill has been defeated, French homeschoolers continue to contact their representatives, urging them to oppose three other proposed bills that seek to increase the compulsory attendance age and make school attendance mandatory. (In French)

Compulsory Schooling From Age Three
June 9, 2011: A rising Swedish politician writes in favor of compulsory day care for 3—year—olds in Sweden’s second largest newspaper, “We cannot allow parents to deny their children the right to go to pre—school.” (In Swedish)

Norway: Royal Family Homeschools
June 6, 2011: Homeschooling in Norway is growing steadily thanks to a favorable legal climate and supportive national homeschool association.

United Kingdom: Refreshment & Encouragement in Wales
June 6, 2011: Homeschoolers met together at The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling annual conference for a time of refreshment, encouragement, and fellowship.

An American Homeschool Leader Goes to Europe
June 6, 2011: Read the first—hand account of a Colorado state homeschool leader as he met homeschoolers in England, Ireland, and Sweden.

Bulgaria: Homeschoolers will Change the World
June 3, 2011: Although families in Bulgaria homeschool in a hostile legal environment, the commitment of parents to their children is bearing real fruit.

Kenya: New Policy Recognizes Alternative Education
Homeschool mom and director of a Kenya homeschool groups discusses the current status of home education in this African country.

Mexico: Magazines and Conferences Help Homeschooling Expand
June 3, 2011: News from El Hogar Educador, a Hispanic homeschool ministry, on the growth of homeschooling in Latin America.

Homeschooling in Croatia
June 1, 2011: A Croatian Homeschooling Association representative is interviewed as part of the Croatian show Life Line.

President of Rohus Presents at Canadian Conference
May 28, 2011: Jonas Himmelstrand, president of the Swedish homeschool association Rohus, debunks the myth that Sweden is a social utopia at the Institute of Marriage and Family—Canada’s 2011 conference.

FreedomFest 2011 Held in Stockholm
May 22, 2011: The annual FreedomFest gathering highlights the status of homeschooling in Sweden. Rohus President Jonas Himmelstrand presents. (In Swedish)

Homeschooling Highlights Shortfalls in Taiwan’s Education System
May 20, 2011: Taiwan Today, an online newspaper published by the Government Information Office, reports how homeschooling is proving one of the more successful means of educational reform on the island. This is the first time that homeschooling has been mentioned in any government publication.

Homeschooling Ministry Reaches Families in Cuba
May 19, 2011: A Hispanic homeschool ministry based in Mexico helps families homeschool.

Sweden’s Big Government “Utopia” Unmasked
May 16, 2011: As Crisis magazine argues, the Johansson case is one of several scandals now undermining Sweden’s reputation as a model of democratic socialism.

Homeschoolers in Eastern European Country Need Help
May 6, 2011: Families in one Eastern European country where homeschooling is technically illegal need assistance.

Court Drops Charges Against Family
April 28, 2011: A Spanish court dropped the case against a homeschool family after receiving hundreds of letters and emails from HSLDA families and homeschoolers around the world.

Universal Daycare Leaves Sweden’s Children Less Educated
April 26, 2011: A Canadian newspaper published an article by Rohus President Jonas Himmelstrand in connection with his recent visit to Canada for a guest lecture.

German Authorities Threaten Homeschool Family
April 19, 2011: A German judge recognized that homeschooling provides quality education, but still denied a family permission to teach their children at home.

ECHR Addresses Johansson Case, Letter—Writing Campaign Successful
April 14, 2011: After nine months, the European Court of Human Rights has finally assigned a case number to the application filed on behalf of the Johansson family.

Homeschoolers Help Amid Devastation
April 4, 2011: Japanese homeschoolers are doing what they can to help others in the wake of the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami—can you help?

Home-schooling in the UAE: Parents teach to give their kids an edge
March 29, 2011: The National, an English language newspaper in the UAE, covers the growth of homeschooling.

Homeschooling Grows in Italy
March 28, 2011: In Italy, several families are working hard to pioneer homeschooling.

Homeschooling Family Faces Challenges after Shooting
March 28, 2011: The Antonios, veteran missionaries and homeschoolers, are in need of support as they struggle with medical expenses after an armed robbery.

In Breakthrough, Swedish Appeals Court to Hear Homeschooling Case
March 25, 2011: In an important development, a Swedish appeals court has decided to take the case of two homeschooling families.

National Curriculum not Binding on Private Education
March 25, 2011: Judge Cynthia Pretorius confirmed in the Pretoria High Court today that the state curriculum is not binding on independent schools and parents who educate their children at home.

The Forgotten Education
March 15, 2011: George Porumbachanov is the 14—year—old son of Bulgarian homeschool leaders. This article was originally delivered as an inspiring speech at the annual Bulgarian homeschool conference held in August 2010 in Silistra, Bulgaria.

Home Educators Did it
March 9, 2011: Keystone Magazine reports on a team of home—educated teens who won an international robotics competition. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Interest in Homeschooling Grows in Malaysia
March 9, 2011: Motivated by the continued deterioration of the public school system, hundreds of Malaysian families pursue homeschooling in spite of exemption regulations and uncertainty.

Former HSLDA Staff Attorney Guest Speaker at Japanese Homeschool Conference
March 9, 2011: During a recent visit to Japan, former HSLDA staff attorney Scott Somerville and his wife Marcia encouraged the steadily growing homeschool population.

Media Breakthrough: Taiwanese Newspapers Highlight Homeschoolers
March 9, 2011: A very special Christmas party for homeschoolers catches the eye of major Taiwanese news services.

Local Homeschool Group Helps American Family Connect
March 9, 2011: A homeschool mom describes her family’s adjustment to living and homeschooling in Taipei, Taiwan.

New Education Law Passes Parliament
March 9, 2011: The Romanian Home Schooling Association reports on the recent passing of a new education law in the country.

Mexico is at War
March 9, 2011: Longtime missionary to Mexico and HSLDA contact Mike Richardson shares his recent experiences in the midst of the country’s upheaval. Richardson is founder of El Hogar Educador, an organization that ministers to the booming homeschool population in Mexico.

Homeschool Pioneers in Bulgaria: Endurance through Adversity
March 8, 2011: The Homeschool Association in Bulgaria reports on the status of homeschoolers there as they persevere in a hostile legal environment.

Homeschooling in Brazil: An Introduction
March 7, 2011: A second generation homeschooler relates his experiences growing up in Brazil as a missionary kid and the recent founding of Brazil’s first national homeschool organization.

Good Kite—Flying Days
March 7, 2011: A British homeschooling mother offers meaningful encouragement in a light—heartened manner as she recounts her family’s homeschool journey.

Home Education in Yesterday’s and Today’s Poland
March 7, 2011: Homeschooling in Poland has a long and fascinating history. Read on to learn about the victory Polish homeschoolers achieved last year that has caused the number of Polish homeschoolers to skyrocket.

Education without School
March 6, 2011: An Austrian newspaper interviews two homeschooling families in Vienna, describing their homeschool program and homeschool regulations in Austria in a neutral tone. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland
February 28, 2011: A Swedish parent gives an inside look at the difficulty his family experienced while homeschooling in Sweden, their decision to leave their homeland, and their positive experience in Finland.

The School Law is Clear
February 23, 2011: Swedish homeschoolers find little sympathy from courts and officials in Sweden, who continue to take a hard—line stance on this critical issue.

Continued Battle for Homeschooling
February 23, 2011: Uppsala Nya Tidning, a local Swedish newspaper, interviews homeschool mom Lisa Angerstig, who has been fined and is in court for the decision to homeschool her son.

German Prosecutor Seeks to Make Example of Homeschooling Family
February 11, 2011: Back in court again, the Dudek family underwent a grueling retrial this past week for the “criminal offense” of teaching their children at home.

Family Facing Legal Difficulties
February 7, 2011: After a December ruling that denied parents the right to homeschool in Spain, homeschoolers are facing legal difficulties. Please write the court today to help show that homeschooling is a positive and accepted form of education around the world.

Pro—family Group Puts Pressure on European Court over Notorious Homeschooling Case
February 3, 2011: The Alliance of Romanian Families is intervening in the case of Domenic Johansson.

Stolen by Swedish Social Services: Russian Mother Slams Authorities for Taking Twins
February 1, 2011: Swedish social services have removed two 12—year—old twin girls from their mother.

Finnish Newspaper Highlights Homeschooling
January 24, 2011: A prominent Helsinki newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet, recently published a positive article on homeschooling that highlighted Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish Home Educators Association, and also mentioned HSLDA’s support for international homeschoolers.

Father Jailed for Visit with Son Set Free
January 22, 2011: After two months, Christer Johansson has been released from jail.

Immediate Action Requested: Letter—Writing Campaign for the Johansson Family
January 11, 2011: Please help HSLDA undertake a letter—writing campaign to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), where the Johanssons’ case is languishing. The ECHR has failed to take any action or provide any response since the case was filed in June 2010.

Bulgarian Newspaper Highlights Homeschooling
January 3, 3011: A major Bulgarian newspaper (Dnevnik) recently published an opinion piece written by Viktor Kostov, Bulgarian lawyer and homeschool advocate. In his article, Kostov points to the demonstrable failure of the public education system in Bulgaria, criticizes the state’s historic monopoly of the education system, and reports on the success of home education.

Good News for Homeschoolers in Russia
December 15, 2010: Homeschoolers in Russia succeeded in their fight to protect the right of families to direct the education of their children.

Urgent Action Needed: Send Cards to Johansson Family in Sweden
December 13, 2010: Please send notes of encouragement to homeschooling father Christer Johansson, who is in a Swedish prison.

German Family to Apply for Political Asylum
December 8, 2010: Forced to flee their homeland, a German family is now applying for refugee status in New Zealand.

Swedish Homeschooler’s Book Focuses on Family
November 23, 2010: Jonas Himmelstrand gives a video interview discussing key points in his new book about the breakdown of family relationships in his native Sweden.

Bulgarian Homeschoolers Face Resistance
November 23, 2010: Bulgarian homeschoolers hold fast in the face of resistance and an uncertain legal environment.

Spain Holds First National Congress on Homeschooling
November 22, 2010: The first—ever homeschool congress in Spain drew attention to a “booming” method of education and brought together supporters of homeschooling.

Second Romanian Home School Conference a Success
November 22, 2010: A nationwide conference helped to encourage homeschoolers and grow the homeschool movement in Romania.

Urgent Prayer Needed: German Family Ordered to Court
November 19, 2010: A family already suffering intense persecution at the hands of German authorities, in the form of fines and jail time, expects the treatment to escalate following a January court date.

Nordic Neighbors Differ on Key Human Rights Issue
November 5, 2010: The response of nordic governments to homeschoolers within their borders offers a sobering contrast: Finland explicitly encourages homeschooling, while Sweden represses it and even persecutes parents who chose to educate their children at home.

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family, Disregards Legal System
October 25, 2010: Swedish officials have abridged the rights of yet another homeschool family by not allowing them to appeal the second denial of their application to homeschool.

Finnish Homeschoolers Want Partnership, not Confrontation
October 8, 2010: Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish Home Educators Association, is working to improve the atmosphere for homeschooling in Finland.

Government’s Claws Dig Deeper in Johansson Case
October 6, 2010: Domenic Johansson remains in state custody following a Swedish judge’s recent ruling, based in part because he was homeschooled. The family now looks to the European Court of Human Rights for justice.

Homeschoolers Leave Sweden under Pressure and Protest
September 30, 2010: Yet another Swedish family encounters great difficulty for homeschooling their children, and this time, the family has had enough.

Justice Needed for Homeschooling Families
September 17, 2010: A letter to a Botswana newspaper sets the record straight regarding several families who face court battles for homeschooling their children.

Government Decides When Homeschooling is Okay
September 16, 2010: A recent post on the National Council of Home Educators in New Zealand website reveals a startlingly obvious attempt by the government to decide when homeschooling should be allowed.

Education Bill Would Criminalize Homeschooling
September 16, 2010: Family advocacy groups say that a bill recently recommended to the Bulgarian Parliament would violate the rights of parents—and would put homeschoolers at risk of being prosecuted.

Homeschooling: Legal in India
September 16, 2010: Homeschoolers in India received great news this past week when the country’s top education official recognized and affirmed homeschooling as a legal educational option.

The Botswana Gazette: Families Face Jail for Schooling Children at Home
September 15, 2010: Four Seventh Day Adventist Church families in Mahalapye face imprisonment after defying a court order to enroll their children in public schools, instead of teaching them at home.

Swedish Magazine Covers Homeschool Struggle
September 13, 2010: The latest issue of the Swedish cultural magazine, Axess Magasin, includes a carefully neutral article about homeschooling. The article quotes pro—homeschool individuals, including a professor of law, a columnist, and an author/historian, yet gives a majority of space to Swedish government officials who state their prejudices about homeschooling without any evidence (see HSLDA’s open letter to Swedish politician Bertil Östberg). (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Times of India: RTE: Homeschooling, Too, is Fine, Says Sibal
September 9, 2010: The Indian Minister of Education clarifies the new education law’s position on homeschooling and states that parents may continue to instruct their children at home

Times of India: When Staying at Home Does Not Mean Skipping Education
September 9, 2010: A small band of parents in the city of Pune, India do not want to put their children through school and have taken up the teacher’s role.

Östberg’s Comments Moving Sweden Down Dangerous Path
September 9, 2010: HSLDA’s director of international relations posts an open letter to Sweden’s top education officials, warning that their statist philosophy and persecution of homeschooling can only harm families and freedom.

Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment
September 3, 2010: Please take action to support persecuted homeschoolers in Africa. Contact the Botswana Embassy and Office of the President of Botswana and ask officials to protect the rights of these families.

Homeschoolers Vow to Continue in Face of New Law
August 23, 2010: Homeschoolers in Sweden state they will continue to homeschool this coming year, with or without government permission.

Homeschooling Disappears in New Legislation on Education
August 23, 2010: Homeschooling freedom is in jeopardy in the Russian Federation. Please take this opportunity to influence Russian officials in favor of homeschooling and act on behalf of your fellow homeschoolers overseas.

Take Action to Support Swedish Homeschoolers
Please take a moment to post a comment to an article on homeschooling in the Swedish newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning and help your fellow homeschoolers.

Family Denied Permission to Homeschool in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles
A family’s right to homeschool is being challenged by local authorities on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Homeschooling Conference Encourages Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Homeschoolers
August 10, 2010: Last month, an international homeschooling conference held in Telemark, Norway allowed the presidents of three Nordic homeschool associations to meet for the first time.

Swiss Family Faces Legal Battle for Homeschooling
July 23, 2010: HSLDA is helping a veteran homeschooling family fight for the right to continue educating their children in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.

New Education Law Makes Homeschooling Illegal
July 7, 2010: Persecuted Swedish homeschoolers now face greater difficulty after the passing of a new education law that further restricts homeschooling

Homeschool Families’ Homes Raided in Botswana, Africa
July 7, 2010: Several families are appealing a judge’s ruling—which was backed by police action—that they register their children in government schools.

New American: Sweden Bans Homeschooling, Religious Instruction
June 28, 2010: The Kingdom of Sweden took a dramatic turn toward totalitarianism with the adoption of a sweeping new education “reform” package that essentially prohibits home schooling and forces all schools to teach the same government curriculum.

Sweden Denies Due Process to Family
June 14, 2010: In a stunning display of bureaucratic indifference and contempt of due process rights, a local Swedish court has removed a highly qualified attorney from the Johansson case.

Swedes Need Help in Final Push to Avoid Extreme Homeschool Law
June 8, 2010: International pressure could make the difference for Swedish homeschoolers fighting to prevent Sweden’s parliament from passing a law that would essentially ban homeschooling.

Sign Petition to German Parliament to Allow Homeschooling
May 17, 2010: Signatures are being collected on a petition to the German Bundestag to request that the German federal parliament take up the matter of legalizing homeschooling. HSLDA urges members to sign today.

Petition: Return Dominic Johansson to His Parents!
May 10, 2010: Join thousands in signing an online petition demanding that Swedish authorities return Dominic Johansson to his homeschooling parents.

Committee Meeting Rescheduled—Contact on Behalf of Johanssons
May 6, 2010: The meeting of the Social Service Committee to discuss Dominic Johansson’s return to his parents has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 12 after the original meeting was canceled.

Romanian Homeschoolers Seek Good Law
May 3, 2010: A growing network of Romanian homeschoolers is lobbying parliament to formally recognize the right of parents to educate their children at home.

Please Reconsider Policies Toward Homeschooling
March 26, 2010: HSLDA emailed members of the Swedish Parliament, urging them to reconsider proposed laws that would make it all but impossible to legally homeschool in Sweden.

Global Post: German Families Look to United States for Asylum
April 22, 2010: A decision allowing homeschoolers to stay in America could attract other families.

Home School Foundation: Mexican Homeschool Conference a Success
April 19, 2010: HSLDA’s charitable arm provided funds for El Hogar Educador’s first homeschool conference in central Mexico—which drew 640 families from five different countries.

Taipei Times: Homeschooled Students Face Special Challenges
April 17, 2010: While homeschooling is recognized by the Ministry of Education, it is challenging, with some authorities still reluctant to offer necessary help to homeschoolers, parents of homeschoolers said recently.

Contact Swedish Social Services Committee on Behalf of Johansson Family
April 16, 2010: Dominic Johansson’s return to his parents is to be discussed by the Swedish Social Services Committee on Friday, April 23, 2010.

First Romanian Homeschool Conference Held
April 14, 2010: The first homeschooling conference for Romanian—speaking people took place recently in Arad, Romania, near the Hungarian border. The event was a big step forward in efforts to fully legalize home education.

Draconian Homeschool Regulations Tabled—For Now
April 8, 2010: Thanks to the dogged advocacy of British homeschoolers, the government tabled severe restrictions prompted by the notorious “Badman Report.” But the fight could be renewed depending on the outcome of national elections in May.

Press Release: Government Drops Licensing Scheme for Home Educators
April 8, 2010: Home educators today feel a huge sense of relief as the Government has been forced to drop the home education parts of the Children Schools and Families Bill in a last—minute wash—up agreed by front benchers of the three major parties at the end of the current Parliament. (Freedom for Children to Grow)

Help Us Help Persecuted Homeschoolers
April 6, 2010: The strength of our movement is the willingness of homeschoolers to look beyond our own borders to help persecuted brothers and sisters—for their own good and ours. In light of this fact, HSLDA is seeking volunteers to host or support persecuted homeschool families. Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling
March 26, 2010: Despite the fact that his children passed difficult government imposed tests, and even qualified for law school at the ages of 13 and 14, homeschooler Cleber Nunes and his wife Bernadeth have been slapped with fines equivalent to a total of $3,200 for refusing to submit their children to the Brazilian school system.

Home Education at Stake in Court Case
March 24, 2010: Uppsala Länsrätt (a lower court) this Tuesday handled a case about the rights of parents, in certain cases, to teach their own children instead of letting them go to school.

The Family Who Has School in Their Living Room
March 24, 2010: Home education is as far removed from school as you can get. Never any tests or homework. No classroom and no classmates. The Himmelstrand family in Storvreta have schooled at home and can’t imagine a better teaching environment.

BBC: Where Homeschooling is Illegal
March 22, 2010: Earlier this year a German family was granted political asylum in the United States because in their own country they weren’t allowed to homeschool their children. Yet others in Germany are not letting the law dissuade them from choosing their preferred method of education.

U.S. Immigration Opposes Asylum Decision
March 22, 2010: In a deeply disturbing notice, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has lodged an appeal of Judge Lawrence Burman’s grant of asylum to the Romeike family.

The Whole World is Their Classroom
March 11, 2010: Four families share why they homeschool and the joys they experience from home—educating their children.

Sweden Takes A Hardening Line
March 8, 2010: A new law which would allow for home education only under “extraordinary circumstances” is awaiting finishing touches before it is brought before the entire Swedish Parliament where it is expected to pass.

Draconian Home Education Law Continues to Move Forward
March 5, 2010: The freedom of home educators in the United Kingdom hangs in the balance, as British parliamentarians deliberate over a potential upheaval of current home education law.

Update: Further Legal Action Being Explored in Johansson Case
February 22, 2010: HSLDA and the Alliance Defense Fund are aggressively exploring all available legal options to ensure that Swedish authorities return custody of a 7—year—old boy to his homeschooling parents.

Homeschoolers Sought for German—American ePal Program
February 5, 2010: By joining the ePal program, American homeschool students can gain a unique cultural learning experience while exposing German students to the advantages of home education.

Homeschooling Bill in the Brazilian House of Representatives
February 5, 2010: A bill now in the Brazilian congress would authorize homeschooling, but would subject it to the same controls and oversight as public education.

Homeschool Channel Interviews Mike Donnelly on Romeike Decision
February 1, 2010: In a wide—ranging discussion Mike Donnelly explains the history and significance of the recent Romeike political asylum decision.

Homeschooling Family Granted Political Asylum
January 26, 2009: In a case with international ramifications, U.S. Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman granted the political asylum application of a German homeschooling family. Read the legal brief >>

Court Upholds State—Sponsored “Kidnapping” of Homeschooled Boy
December 22, 2009: As most people count their blessings and prepare to enjoy Christmas with family, many others face serious struggles. Among these is the Swedish family of Annie and Christer Johansson whose only child, 7—year—old Dominic Johansson, was “kidnapped” by Swedish authorities in June of this year.

Criminal Background Checks Part of Draconian Law Proposed for Homeschoolers
December 12, 2009: A bill proposed by the British government and now making its way through parliament would impose the most burdensome and intrusive regulation on homeschooling in the English—speaking world.

Judge Fines Homeschoolers, No Jail Sentence
November 25, 2009: Jurgen and Rosemarie Dudek of Archfeld, Germany, were found guilty under the German State of Hessen’s criminal law that requires that all children go to school. Even as Judge Drier recognized that the family was doing a fine job in educating their children, he still imposed a fine of 120 euros on them.

Prosecutor to Homeschoolers: No Compromise—You’re Going to Jail!
November 20, 2009: On trial again for homeschooling their children, the Dudeks are hoping to avoid jail time despite the threats of the state prosecutor.

German Homeschooled Children Return Home under Court Supervision
October 13, 2009: The Wunderlich family were delighted that a local juvenile court decided to return custody of their four children after they were seized in a surprise visit by French social workers on September 28.

German Homeschooled Children Seized by French Social Workers
October 6, 2009: French authorities took four children from a German family who had fled to France to escape persecution against homeschoolers.

Critique of Proposed Swedish Homeschooling Legislation
October 5, 2009: This independent study by a retired professional educator was presented to Sweden's department of education.

Sweden—the Next Germany for Homeschoolers?
September 16, 2009: After battling authorities over the right to homeschool their 7—year—old son, a Swedish couple had their boy taken away by police just as they were about to leave the country.

Students Sought for German—American ePal Program
August 27, 2009: A new program seeks to educate German students and their families on the advantages of homeschooling. It also offers a unique cross cultural experience for your child.

El Hogar Educador Conference a Great Success
August 21, 2009: Homeschooling continues to expand in Mexico as evidenced by the growth in attendance and support of the annual El Hogar Educador conference.

German Homeschoolers Seek Asylum in America—Video Translation
July 22, 2009: This is an unofficial translation of the Romeike family story that appeared on a national German talkshow hosted by Guenther Jauch on Stern TV.

Signatures Needed to Oppose Restrictive Homeschool Legislation
July 21, 2009: On June 15, 2009, the Swedish government released its draft for a new school law, which, if passed, would impose severe restrictions on parents wishing to homeschool their children.

English Home Education: Already In Proper Balance
Shockwaves were sent through the home education community in Britain when the Badman report was released on June 11. Michael Farris takes a close look at the report and reveals its many obvious flaws and fallacies.

Deutsche Welle: ‘Homeschooling Should not be Regulated by the State’
HSLDA's Michael Donnelly argues for homeschool freedom in an online forum for the German—language publication Deutsche Welle.

Major Ministry Changes in the Mexico Homeschool Organization
El Hogar Educator plans to divide their ministry into two separate entities. One will be the missionary side of their organization, and will be called Vida Nueva Ministries.

Mission to Persecuted Christian Homeschoolers in Germany
The Highländlers, a group of Georgia homeschoolers, will be taking a mission team into Europe this summer. They were prompted by the persecution of American missionary families and German Christians who will not yield their children to the strong indoctrination of the state.

Deutsche Welle: “My Teacher is Named Mom”—Homeschooling in the United States
More and more American parents are no longer waiting for the government to reform public schools. Instead they are becoming teachers themselves. (German language article).

Deutsche Welle: Homeschooling Asylum
This radio interview focuses on the Romeike family, who sought asylum in the United State after being persecuted for homeschooling in Germany

Florida’s CHESS Homeschool Organization Hosts Contest to Benefit Elimu Nyumbani
A Florida homeschooling organization is sponsoring an art contest to raise money and supplies for Elimu Nyumbani, Kenya’s national homeschooling organization.

Decision in Romeike Political Asylum Case Delayed
The Romeikes will need to wait until 3:30 p.m. Central Time on Tuesday, January 26, before they know whether they will be granted political asylum.

Appeals Court Orders New Trial for Homeschoolers Sentenced to Prison
A German couple’s jail sentence was overturned on Christmas Eve. However, the family may still face prosecution for homeschooling.

Lithuania: Another Homeschooling Movement Begins
A young Lithuanian family devoted to discipleship through home education is pioneering the movement for their people.

Home Education in Norway
After two families pioneered the Norwegian homeschooling movement in the early 1990s, home education in Norway is now legal and growing.

Homeschoolers Face Renewed Trials, Fresh Encouragement
A German criminal case is dismissed; Swiss cantons crack down on homeschooling, and American homeschool families get involved to encourage German homeschoolers.

A Family’s Influence in Southeast Asia
One family’s desire to train up godly children now helps reach families throughout Southeast Asia.

HSLDA, German Homeschooling Featured on Moody Radio
Julie Roys interviews HSLDA Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly and homeschoolers Uve Romeike, Juergen Dudek, and Reinhard Klett about persecution in Germany on Moody’s Prime Time America.

Mexico: Homeschooling Ministry Gives Hope to Families
National conferences and Spanish—language resources are helping more and more families in Mexico to homeschool, thanks to the Richardson family’s homeschool ministry.

Judge Returns Custody of Children, But Orders Them into Public School
A Germany Family Court judge restored to Johannes and Cornelia Gorber full custody of their children, who had been removed from the family home in January.

HSLDA Files Asylum Application for German Homeschool Family
HSLDA is supporting a first—of—its kind application for political asylum by a German homeschooling family.

Homeschooling Expands “Down Under”
Home education is flourishing in Australia as homeschooled graduates succeed in college and the workplace, and support groups continue to grow.

Homeschooling Movement on the Rise
One support group founded by a pioneering homeschool family now services about half of the 1,200 students being home educated in Taiwan.

Help Kenyan Homeschoolers Build New Facility
Brenda Anderson, an Avon representative based in Houston, Texas, has offered to raise funds in support of Elimu Nyumbani, a homeschool organization in Kenya.

Home schooling gaining popularity in Abu Dhabi
November 12, 2008: Home schooling has increased in popularity and admissions in the capital over the last few years.

American Family Summoned to Defend Parental Rights for Homeschooling
The case of an American family who were summoned to court for homeschooling demonstrates the continued persecution of home educators by officials in Germany.

South Korea: Homeschooling Prospers by Families Helping Families
Inspired by their American mentors, South Koreans are expanding homeschooling in their country.

Philippines Homeschool Update—November 2008
Homeschooling is burgeoning in the Philippines as many parents focus on education in hopes of lifting the country out of economic and social turmoil. Among the leaders of the movement is a former businessman who felt led by the Lord to pioneer homeschool organizations as well as a national conference.

Kenya Homeschool Update—October 2008
Thanks largely to the efforts of one pioneering family, homeschooling has come a long way in Kenya. About 100 families educate their children at home, backed by a homeschool support group and fund—raising network. But this progress is threatened by new laws that could restrict the freedom to homeschool.

International Homeschooling Theme at HSLDA Leaders Conference
International homeschooling was an important theme at the 21st annual HSLDA—sponsored leaders conference held in Niagara Falls, N.Y., where among the 600 people in attendance 12 countries were represented.

Highs And Lows Of Two Families Illustrate Challenges For German Homeschoolers
The Gorbers continue to fights for custody of their children while the Dudeks face a new round of criminal charges—all of this over homeschooling. Brazilian Homeschoolers Score Surprise Victory in Showdown Against Government
In a surprise victory against government officials who sought to prosecute a homeschooling family for refusing to participate in the public school system, David and Jonatas Nunes have passed tests proving a high level of knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Last Days Watchman: Persecution in Brazil—Challenges and sufferings in the Brazilian homeschooling movement
Josue Bueno, his wife and their 9 children were ordered to submit to psychological treatment under social workers. Because of their homeschooling practices, state officials also threatened to remove their children.

German Youth Authorities Allow Gorber Children Home ‘Temporarily’
In a surprise decision earlier this week, the Youth Welfare Authorities in Germany, the “Jugendamt,” have allowed the remaining five Gorber children to return home until the beginning of September. Homeschooling Showdown in Brazil—Children to be Tested by Court in Battle Over Educational Rights of Parents
Two homeschooled children face a battery of tests this week in a showdown between the Brazilian government and a Christian family over the educational rights of parents in the South American nation.

Last Days Watchman: Homeschooling in the Brazilian Congress
Recently Rep. Henrique Afonso introduced in the Brazilian Congress a bill intended to expand the freedom of parents to homeschool their children.

German Court Keeps Five Kids Because Parents are Homeschoolers
A homeschooling family in Southern Germany spent six hours in a grueling Family Court session this week with the hopes of regaining custody of their six homeschooled children, who have been held in state custody since January.

Dudek Family Receives Formal Sentence
German homeschool families continue to be persecuted and receive harsh treatment from government agencies in the Federal Republic of Germany while the European Union’s Petitions Committee has promised to look into accusations against Germany for repressing homeschooling.

European Commission to Open Dialogue with Germany on Homeschooling Law
On July 17, the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament heard the first complaint ever against Germany regarding its treatment of homeschoolers.

Criminalizing Homeschooling
June 19, 2008: Homeschooling is a criminal offense, comparable to a trucker who repeatedly gets behind the wheel drunk. At least this is the opinion of Chief Judge Becker, who has sentenced the Dudek family to three months imprisonment without parole.

German Family Faces Trial, Possible Jail Time for Homeschooling
The Dudek family in Archfeld, Germany will be tried on June 18 for homeschooling their children. The Dudeks have quietly and successfully educated their children at home in obedience to God but in the face of Germany’s restrictive laws regarding homeschooling.

School Official ‘Approves’ Homeschool
Lithuanian homeschoolers asked for prayer before meeting with a school principal about obtaining 'approval.'

Persecuted Homeschool Family to Leave Germany
The Neubronners, a German homeschooling family in Bremen, Germany, have been fighting for several years to homeschool their children.

Kenya Homeschool Update
Homeschooling in Kenya has a long history and was previously practiced by missionaries and foreigners living in the country. Over the last 10 years, a growing number of indigenous Kenyans have turned to this alternative as a means to provide education for their children.

Germany: Officials Want to Sell Family's Possessions to Pay Homeschooling Fine
Your faxes, letters and emails are needed to help a German family facing a $6,300 fine for homeschooling.

German Prosecutor Wants Homeschooling Parents in Jail
In the German state of Hesse, one homeschooling family is determined to resist government oppression of home education. For their brave stand, the family risks losing custody of their children and going to jail.

Homeschooling: Pluralistic Freedom, Not Parallel Society
In remarks to German home educators, HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly presents suggestions for the long—term battle for homeschool freedom in that country.

German Authorities Threaten to Deport Homeschooling Missionaries
Not content to harass citizens who homeschool, German authorities recently tried to deny residency to American missionaries just because they are home educators.

Mission Boosts Homeschooling
Homeschooling in South Korea is growing by leaps and bounds! Thank all those who are praying and supporting the Family Mission International.

Showdown on Marriage Looming in European Union
The stage is now set for a major showdown on the issue of same—sex marriage in Europe—a debate that has profound implications for the very future of Europe. The precipitating event will likely be Poland’s firm rejection last week of those portions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual preference.

German Appeals Court Returns Custody of Homeschooled Girl to Parents
A German appeals court in Bavaria set aside a lower court ruling that had authorized the Youth Welfare Office in Erlangen Germany to retain custody of 16—year—old homeschooler Melissa Busekros.

Homeschooling in Lithuania
The Lithuanian Law on Education guarantees the right for parents to freely choose an educational institution for their children. However, parents must comply with local school requirements in order to homeschool.

French Victory: HSLDA Helps Defeat 'Draconian' Legislation
French homeschooling families won an important legal battle for their rights when two amendments to limit homeschooling were withdrawn from a bill in the French Parliament in early January.

Homeschoolers in Poland Facing Trouble
The situation for homeschooling families in Poland is getting more difficult. Homeschooling is legal there, but highly regulated.

History of Homeschooling Movement in Poland
When Poland was devoured by its German and Soviet neighbors in 1939, the school system officially stopped functioning. The home became the underground seat of learning for more than a million young Poles. In 21st century Poland, some Poles still learn underground, although their war is different.

Letter to Ministry of Education
Chris Klicka, HSLDA Senior Counsel, writes to the Ministry of Education, encouraging officials to allow more freedom in Poland’s notice of intent to homeschool laws. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Homeschooling Offers Hope in Dominican Republic
American missionaries Dr. Gene and Rebecca Antonio and their eight children are spearheading the homeschool movement in the Dominican Republic. The Antonios have founded a homeschooling network and are introducing Christ—centered Spanish—language curriculum.

Homeschooling Progresses in Poland
Homeschoolers in Poland have been moving forward. Over 10 years ago, Marek Budajczak started the homeschooling movement in Poland. He has battled for the right to homeschool legally and has written a book in Polish for homeschoolers.

Romanian Homeschoolers Move Forward with Help from America
A Romanian homeschooling association is working with the government to legalize homeschooling outright and preserve education freedom.

A Great Miracle in Guatemala
Starting with nothing, homeschool advocates created a complete Spanish—language homeschooling curriculum with a biblical emphasis.

Homeschooling: Don't 'Fix' What Isn't Broken
"The proposed changes to the Victorian Education Act could negatively impact homeschoolers." said Mr. Terry Harding, principal of Australia's largest homeschooling organisation, the Australian Christian Academy.

UnSchool of Thought
March 2005: The Jerusalem Report covers the growth of homeschooling in the Holy Land.

HSLDA of Canada Involved in Victory for Parental Rights
On January 30, 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to criminalize spanking as a form of parental discipline.

Homeschooling in Israel
An article from 2003 states there are several hundred homeschoolers in Israel.

Home Schooling Expands Around the Globe
Families in nations around the world look at our home schooling freedoms in awe. Many are willing to sacrifice and pay any price for similar opportunities.

Home—School Movement Goes Global
Homeschooling is rapidly expanding worldwide as families abroad search for options to guide their children’s education amid growing concerns over lax educational standards and increasing violence in government—run schools.

Thomas Paine’s Solution for the Rest of the World
Just as a freedom could not be found in the Old World, so too in most countries today it’s hard to find solutions to the worldwide problem of family disintegration. We are, however, beginning to see the glimmers of light.

How to Reach the World for Christ
I believe there’s tremendous opportunity here to use homeschooling as a vehicle for evangelism. A family that traveled to another country to aid the budding homeschooling movement there would also have a tremendous ability to share the gospel.

There’s No Place Like Home—On Any Continent
For years, only a few brave missionaries pioneered the path for homeschooling on foreign soil, teaching their progeny at home out of sheer necessity to keep their families together while serving in rural areas or hostile cultures.

African parents share a vision for home education
June 16, 2016: A new homeschool association encourages and equips parents.

Laigle’s Forum: Homeschooled Boy Snatched from Plane in Sweden
September 16, 2009: Swedish police took a 7—year—old boy away from his parents just as they were about to depart for India where they planned to homeschool their son.

Freedom of Education is Coming Under Attack Worldwide
February 23, 2016: A newly-published Index of Freedom of Education (2015/16) ranks each country around the world on this fundamental topic.