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March 28, 2018

Families Denied Permission to Homeschool in Curaçao

By Samantha Locadia-Russell

In Curaçao, officials are harassing homeschool families despite a provision in the education law that should make home education legal.

It’s mandatory for every child on the Caribbean island to go to school starting from the new school year after they turn 4 years old. All children must be registered at a school.

However, according to the Compulsory Education Regulation, Article 4, Clause 2, you can gain exemption if you object to the orientation of all the present schools on the island. Unfortunately, the government acts as if this law does not exist.

There are a couple of families that have submitted a formal request to homeschool according to Article 4, Clause 2. In one case the government did not respond for some years, and after that the family received written notice that it is illegal to homeschool in Curaçao.

Last December the situation got so bad that one family was visited by education officials accompanied by the police. They spoke very badly to this family about homeschooling, and treated them as if they were criminals. The officials threatened to take custody of the family’s 5-year-old if they did not enroll the child in school. The whole situation was very traumatic for the famil—especially the child, who heard everything.

We want to ask for your prayers for Curaçao. Pray that the government will recognize this law and give the parents exemption so that they can homeschool peacefully.