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Authorities affirm homeschooling in Moldova
November 7, 2013: A district prosecutor has dropped a case against a homeschooling family in Stefan-Voda, Moldova, and affirmed their right to homeschool.

 Country Information

Compulsory education: Ages 7–15, nine years of education required

Legal status of homeschooling: According to Moldovan law, homeschooling is considered “training in the family” or “instruction at home.” Parents are free to choose the form of education that their children receive, as well as the place and language of instruction:

Constitution of the Republic of Moldova (July 29, 1994), Article 35:
(9) The priority right of choosing an appropriate educational background for children lies with the parents.

Law on Education (No. 547-XIII, 1995), Article 60:
1. a) Parents have the right to choose the school and language for their kids.
(2) Parents or guardians are required:

a) To provide a form of compulsory education (public or private) or carry out the training in the family;
b) To ensure the education of the child in the family and to create suitable conditions for study, skill development, and self-school activity.

 Contact Information

** Please contact HSLDA for potential referrals to homeschool families or if you have knowledge of homeschooling in Moldova. Thank you!

Last Updated: January 1, 2016