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Mexico: Magazines and Conferences Help Homeschooling Expand
June 3, 2011: News from El Hogar Educador, a Hispanic homeschool ministry, on the growth of homeschooling in Latin America.

Homeschooling Ministry Reaches Families in Cuba
May 19, 2011: A Hispanic homeschool ministry based in Mexico helps families homeschool.

Mexico is at War
March 9, 2011: Longtime missionary to Mexico and HSLDA contact Mike Richardson shares his recent experiences in the midst of the country’s upheaval. Richardson is founder of El Hogar Educador, an organization that ministers to the booming homeschool population in Mexico.

Home School Foundation: Mexican Homeschool Conference a Success
April 19, 2010: HSLDA’s charitable arm provided funds for El Hogar Educador’s first homeschool conference in central Mexico—which drew 640 families from five different countries.

El Hogar Educador Conference a Great Success
August 21, 2009: Homeschooling continues to expand in Mexico as evidenced by the growth in attendance and support of the annual El Hogar Educador conference.

Major Ministry Changes in the Mexico Homeschool Organization
El Hogar Educator plans to divide their ministry into two separate entities. One will be the missionary side of their organization, and will be called Vida Nueva Ministries.

Mexico: Homeschooling Ministry Gives Hope to Families
National conferences and Spanish—language resources are helping more and more families in Mexico to homeschool, thanks to the Richardson family’s homeschool ministry.

El Hogar Educador Helping Mexico's Homeschoolers
Mike Richardson established El Hogar Educador as a ministry to help Mexican families to grow strong through homeschooling.

Reaching Out to Mexico
American missionary Mike Richardson launched Vida Nueva Ministries to teach Mexican families about homeschooling and building solid families.

Llamado a la Acción: Mande un Correo Electrónico a la Embajada Sueca
February 22, 2012:Los educadores en el hogar en Suecia han solicitado específicamente a sus compañeros educadores en el hogar alrededor del mundo que, por favor, se comuniquen con los embajadores de Suecia. (English versión here)

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Ages: Age requirements vary from state to state but generally children have to be in school until the 6th grade.

Legal Status: Without clear compulsory attendance laws, homeschooling is flourishing legally. As a general rule Mexican families homeschool without significant interference from the government.

Estimate number of homeschoolers:5,000 families

 Contact Information

El Hogar Educador
Tel: +1 770 713 9053
Email: (English), (Spanish)

El Hogar Educador continues to expand their outreach in the Spanish speaking world. We are currently reaching 4500 families in every Mexican state as well as families in 34 other countries throughout the world with our free magazine. We also have an active outreach to many Hispanics living in the United States.

Hebron Ministries
Spanish Homeschool Curriculum and Support Group
POC: Josefina Machado, Hebron School Director
Phone: +502 2 268 2909
Fax: +502 2 333 8392

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