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June 3, 2011

Spanish Homeschooling Grows Dramatically

By Mike Richardson

Rarely does a day go by that you do not read or hear about, in every major news outlet, the violence and conflict within the borders of Mexico. These are real stories that are dramatically affecting the lives of many. They are not overstated or exaggerated. If anything, they are underreported!

But there is another story—a story that you are not likely to read or hear about on CNN, FOX, ABC, or in the New York Times. It is the story of real people using their time, energy, and resources to reach other Spanish-speaking families, throughout the world, for Jesus and to teach them about the benefits home education.

The Spanish-speaking homeschool movement began in Mexico but is expanding throughout the world. In May, El Hogar Educador mailed the spring issue of its magazine to 5,428 families in 28 countries. Through its website, the ministry is reaching many additional families.

In 2012, there are five conferences scheduled throughout Mexico. The second conference is being held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. There is a great deal of excitement for this conference—it is the first for that area of Mexico. All the available homes are filled with guests and hotels are filling up quickly. The conference organizers estimate that the attendance will be close to 1,000 people!

Those little “tidbits” of information sound pretty simple and straightforward, but as Paul Harvey would say, “and now for the rest of the story.”

The Magazine

  • Every article was either written by or translated by a Mexican believer.
  • The editing was done by a Mexican homeschool father.
  • The layout and design work was done by a Mexican homeschool young lady.
  • The printing was done by a Mexican homeschool father.
  • The collating, folding, stapling, trimming, labeling, and mailing were done by a local Mexican church whose pastor is a homeschool father.
  • The mailing list is maintained by a Mexican homeschool mother.
  • The website was written by and is maintained by a Mexican homeschool father.

The Conference

Many of the challenges of holding a large event are the same no matter where it is held, but some locations do provide unique challenges. It came to our attention that the church we selected to house the books and curriculum had major problems with water leaking when it rains. When we asked about where the leaks were located so that we could avoid putting books in those areas, we were told that it leaked at every seam. The seams are approximately two feet apart across the entire building! Since there will be 13 publishers and distributors of Spanish Christian education material at the conference, a solution had to be found to avoid the risk of damaging the books and other materials. After evaluating all the options, we decided to purchase 7,500 square feet of heavy-duty tarps (the kind used on tractor trailers) and install it over the roof of the building.

Our local coordinator and his team are doing a wonderful job of taking care of all the details to make this an exciting and well-organized conference. Their lives and their work clearly demonstrate a servant’s heart and a desire to serve Jesus Christ—through serving families.

  • All of the El Hogar Educacion board members are homeschooling believers.
    • Most are Mexican by birth;
    • Two are missionaries who have lived in Mexico for nearly 18 years; and
    • One grew up in Mexico, as the son of missionaries, and then he went on to serve five years with his wife as missionaries.
  • All local conference coordinators are Mexican homeschool families.
  • Almost all conference ushers, workers and ushers are Mexican homeschoolers.
  • Six of the seven conference speakers are homeschool moms and dads who live in Mexico. The seventh is the board member who grew up in Mexico.

I could continue to write but I think you get the idea. Our Mexican brothers and sisters are hard at work—reaching Spanish speaking families in Latin America for Jesus.

 Other Resources

For more information about the Hispanic homeschool movement write, in English or Spanish, to or El Hogar Educador, 1001 S. 10th Street, G-529, McAllen, TX 78501.

Learn more by visiting HSLDA’s Mexico webpage.