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August 21, 2009

El Hogar Educador Conference a Great Success

Dave Tucker, a board member of El Hogar Educador (EHE) sent us news of their very successful annual conference held in Saltillo, Mexico. Tucker reported that the conference attracted approximately 829 families, 11 of whom were U.S. families, and 22 of whom were international families.

Tucker was excited to report that the goals and visions of the EHE Board are becoming realized partly as a result of the gifts received at the EHE Conference. They specifically received several offers from people who volunteered to provide pictures for the EHE magazine. Even a professional graphic artist offered to help produce the magazine!

EHE was also blessed to receive enough donations to cover the building rental costs for next year’s conference. In addition, many people offered to help organize conferences in other areas of Mexico. One such offer included building space, audio-visual equipment, manpower, and other help—all EHE has to provide are speakers and marketing.

Below is a letter from Dick and Dorothy Karman, homeschool leaders of the Oregon Christian Education Association Network (OCEAN), who attended the conference:

Dick and I had the privilege to attend the Mexico conference this year.

We have heard about it for many years, and this year we experienced it first hand. The conference was well organized and those in attendance were hungry for God’s word. All whom we met were so very gracious to us and invited us to join them whenever we wanted to return to Mexico. It is such a blessing to be able to have sweet fellowship with other believers—even though we are of a different culture. Our love of the Lord draws us together. Their warmth and hospitality certainly puts me to shame.

We were honored and pleased to get to meet the new board of El Hogar Educador. God has hand-picked an excellent team to continue the work of EHE, moving forward to help Spanish speaking families in Mexico and around the world train up their children for the Lord.

We thank God for the opportunity to be blessed at the EHE conference last weekend.

We are excited about how the EHE homeschool conference is growing and attracting more families as homeschooling expands in the country of Mexico.