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Homeschooling will not deter social skills
July 7, 2016: Parents discuss with MaltaToday how homeschooling allows children to socialize with a wide range of people and ages.

C.S. Lewis’s Stepson: Schools Should Be For Fish, Not Kids
July 5, 2016: In a recent interview, Douglas Gresham lamented the state of conventional education and recommended homeschooling as an alternative.

Schools should be for fish, not humans
June 8, 2016: Douglas Gresham, stepson of the author of the Chronicles of Narnia books, speaks on the benefits of homeschooling.

HSLDA Writes Maltese Education Minister—Allow Home Education
September 8, 2015: Help families on the Mediterranean island of Malta by asking their Education Minister to allow homeschooling.

Homeschool in Malta
July 3, 2014: Homeschool mom Abigail Giuffrè and founder of the Facebook Group ‘Homeschool in Malta’ writes about the current climate for home education

Government considering home schooling
June 12, 2013: The Times of Malta discusses a recent conversation with Education Minister Evarist Bartolo regarding changes to the Education Act.

 Country Information

Compulsory education: 5–15 per the Education Act §2

Legal status of homeschooling: There is growing interest in homeschooling on the island of Malta and families are in dialogue with the Ministry of Education to include a provision for homeschooling in the education law.

While the Education Act (Cap. 327, 1991) §5 refers to compulsory school attendance, there is a legal basis for parents to direct the education of their children. The Constitution of Malta (1964) states only that education, not school attendance, is compulsory (§10). The Education Act (Cap. 327, 1991) §6 further states, “It is the right of every parent of a minor to give his decision with regard to any matter concerning the education which the minor is to receive.”

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