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Classroom Without Borders
August 9, 2018: Wanting their children to learn at their own pace, a community of parents in Penang have opted to put their children out of the public school system and chosen to homeschool them instead.

Fed up with policy flip-flops, brainwashing, parents turn to home-schooling
January 16, 2016: An outdated school system, education policy flip-flops and religious indoctrination are among the reasons cited by parents who choose to home-school their children.

A Safe Environment to Ask Questions
April 20, 2015: 15-year-old Eliza Tan shares how her own journey as a homeschooled student has enriched her as a person and a Christian teen.

Homeschooling in Malaysia: A Vibrant Explosion
May 8, 2013: Representatives from a Malaysian homeschool organization chronicle the history of the movement and highlight current activities and growth.

Interview with Homeschool Pioneers in Malaysia
March 4, 2013: Founders of Homefrontier, an online network of Christian homeschoolers in Malaysia, were recently interviewed on Malaysian radio.

Interest in Homeschooling Grows in Malaysia
March 9, 2011: Motivated by the continued deterioration of the public school system, hundreds of Malaysian families pursue homeschooling in spite of exemption regulations and uncertainty.

The Homeschooling Option
March 10, 2010: In Malaysia, homeschooling is a trend that is gaining in popularity.

My home, my school
April 19, 2009: Education as a rigid structure? Many parents have gone the extra mile in Malaysia to customize the best—fit for their child’s education.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 7–12

Legal status of homeschooling: Homeschooling is legal. Although the Education Act of 1996 (Act 550) made primary education compulsory, several homeschool parents met with the Minister of Education to clarify the effect on homeschoolers. The Minister stated that fines for not sending children to school only apply to parents or guardians who neither send their children to school nor educate them in any way at home.

However, homeschoolers must apply for school exemption from the Ministry of Education, and stringent regulations have developed that often prevent families from obtaining official approval.

Estimated number of homeschoolers: Hundreds of families.

 Contact Information

POC: David BC Tan
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learning Beyond Schooling
POC: KV Soon

Malaysia Home Education Network:

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