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New Act Causes Difficulties for Lithuanian Homeschoolers
January 14, 2018: Rather than risk losing custody of her son for homeschooling, this mother intends to leave Lithuania.

Lithuania: Another Homeschooling Movement Begins
A young Lithuanian family devoted to discipleship through home education is pioneering the movement for their people.

School Official ‘Approves’ Homeschool
Lithuanian homeschoolers asked for prayer before meeting with a school principal about obtaining 'approval.'

Homeschooling in Lithuania
The Lithuanian Law on Education guarantees the right for parents to freely choose an educational institution for their children. However, parents must comply with local school requirements in order to homeschool.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Law: 7 to 16

Legal Status of Homeschooling:

Homeschooling was banned in 2012, due to the passage of the new Law of Education. The law published a list of accepted education forms, and purposefully excluded home education.

 Contact Information

Gintas & Ina Juoniai

Agne Kundrotiene
Co-founder of Lithuanian Education in Family Association

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Last Updated: May 10, 2017