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Rising Sun, Rising Movement
December 13, 2016: Japana’s recent homeschool conference revealed how much the movement has grown—and the challenges it has yet to overcome.

A Celebration of Homeschooling: Wedding Day for Japanese Grad
June 16, 2016: A homeschool dad reminisces about their family’s journey.

Swedish Family Homeschools in Japan
August 31, 2015: This new system is referred to as the “Konin” system, or translated, “Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates.” It no longer stipulates that students must have graduated from a traditional school or have taken the national examination.

Homeschooler to study ballet in Germany
February 20, 2014: A Japanese student qualifies to study ballet internationally.

Japan: Successful Convention, Post-disaster Update
August 16, 2013: Please pray for homeschoolers in Japan as they continue to deal with the aftermath of March 2011 disaster and for their upcoming annual homeschool summer camps that minister to children in Japan.

International Speakers at Japanese Homeschool Conference
May 9, 2013: Please pray for the upcoming annual homeschool conventions in Japan, occurring in Osaka and Tokyo.

Japan: Hanging in Limbo
February 21, 2013: The status of home education, while the numbers are flourishing, hangs in limbo in Japan without clear legal basis.

Japan: Child Abuse Laws Negatively Affect Homeschoolers
January 25 , 2012: The director of a Japanese homeschool organization reports on recent developments and needs of homeschoolers in Japan.

Six Months after the Disaster
October 6, 2011: On their fifth relief trip since the March earthquake and tsunami, Japanese homeschoolers—plus five American homeschoolers—continue to bring hope and joy to needy families.

Bringing Hope and Joy to Japan
August 4, 2011: At the end of August, Japanese homeschoolers will embark on their fifth relief trip to minister to families affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Would you like to join them?

Homeschoolers Minister to Displaced Japanese
June 30, 2011: Homeschoolers in Japan continue to reach out to families and individuals who were affected by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in March.

Homeschoolers Help Amid Devastation
April 4, 2011: Japanese homeschoolers are doing what they can to help others in the wake of the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami—can you help?

Former HSLDA Staff Attorney Guest Speaker at Japanese Homeschool Conference
March 9, 2011: During a recent visit to Japan, former HSLDA staff attorney Scott Somerville and his wife Marcia encouraged the steadily growing homeschool population.

Home Schooling On the Rise in Japan

Japanese Press and Business Leaders Launch Home Schooling Movement

Japanese Home Schoolers Need Your Help! (May 1997)

 Country Information

Legal status of home schooling:
The law is vague and the business community is supporting home schooling, so home schoolers are largely left alone.

Compulsory attendance law:
Children ages 7 to 14 are subject to the federal compulsory attendance law. High school is not mandated.

Estimated number of home schoolers:
Between 1,000–5,000 families.

 Contact Information

Rv Haruto Yoshii
General Director
AHSIC (Association of HomeSchoolers in Christ)
e-mail: (Japanese)

CHEA of Japan
President: Hiro Inaba
e-mail: or

HOSA (Homeschool Support Association)
Contact: Kozo Hino
Phone: +81 -3446 -2541

Last Updated: January 1, 2016