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June 30, 2011

Homeschoolers Minister to Displaced Japanese

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Homeschoolers in Japan continue to reach out to families and individuals who were affected by the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in March. Recent reports and photos from Chea Japan, one of the main homeschool organizations in Japan, show the level of devastation and the continued need for assistance. A leader from Chea Japan recently traveled to devastated areas with several homeschooled teens who volunteered to help with the relief work. Here are a few of their poignant comments:

“Mountain after mountain of rubble. It was hard to imagine that people used to live here. Houses all gone. Only foundations.”

“Before I went out to the disaster area, I had wondered if the media was over-exaggerating the situation. But, no, everything was a mess. Not just one or two places, but everywhere.”

“One day, we helped clean out the yard of a church. The pastor seemed so happy.”

Over the course of four days, the group visited five cities. One morning, they started mud clean-up at 6:30 AM and hauled away 50 bags before breakfast. Another day they distributed two tons of relief goods in fifteen minutes.

Not only did these teens change the lives of those affected by the earthquake and its aftermath, but, in addition, Chea Japan President Hiro Inaba explains that the trip was “definitely a life changing experience for the kids as well.” Please continue to pray for families in Japan and consider whether you can provide financial support to help those in Japan, and in similar tragic circumstances, who are rebuilding their lives.

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