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March 28, 2011

Homeschooling Grows in Italy

Homeschooling in Italy is growing, and a website called is helping. Run by homeschool mom Erika Di Martino, the tagline on the Controscuola website reads, “Education is compulsory ... not school attendance!”

In Italy, homeschooling is a legal educational option. Yet officials frequently mistake the education laws to mean that school attendance is required and not merely that children must receive an education.

Recent conferences and gatherings have been organized through Controscuola to help encourage the growing homeschool movement. Last month, about 50 homeschoolers gathered in Rimini, in northeastern Italy, where Di Martino led a conference on the basics of homeschooling. In addition to this conference, homeschoolers have also gathered in Pordenone, Perugia, the Veneto region, and in Modica, Sicily. The Controscuola website also includes an interactive map—a key feature that helps to connect families with fellow homeschoolers in Italy.

As pioneers of the homeschooling movement in Italy, Di Martino and others hope that their efforts help make homeschooling known across their country.

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