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Government Approves Law Cancelling Parents’ Rights
November 1, 2015: The law would make Israel the first country in the world to take away parents’ rights as legal guardians of their own children.

An Israeli Law Firm Fights for Homeschool Freedoms
The Kabiri—Nevo—Keidar law firm represents Israeli families interested in schooling their children at home. Currently, the firm has tens of families who are members.

UnSchool of Thought
March 2005: The Jerusalem Report covers the growth of homeschooling in the Holy Land.

Homeschooling in Israel
An article from 2003 states there are several hundred homeschoolers in Israel.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance law:
5-15 years (grade 10) inclusive, per the Compulsory Education Law of 1949

Legal status of home schooling:
Homeschooling is legal. Clause 5B of the Compulsory Education Law 1949 (3 LSI 125 [5709-1948/49]) empowers the education minister to personally grant parents the right to teach their children at home provided they can fulfill all of their children’s educational needs. Families are required to apply for permission to homeschool from the Minister of Education.

Israel Ministry of Education:
English version

The latest official Ministry of Education internal guidelines for processing applications (updated April 2009) are online in Hebrew

Estimated number of homeschoolers:
Several hundred families

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Last Updated: April 6, 2018