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November 30, 2005

An Israeli Law Firm Fights for Homeschool Freedoms

The Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar law firm represents Israeli families interested in schooling their children at home. Currently, the firm has dozens of families who are members.

The law in Israel has not yet been formalized in a way that most homeschooling families in Israel would desire. Right now the homeschool law is based on a 50-year old ordinance. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Education frequently misapplies the law and dictates how and when homeschooling will be approved. The Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar law firm hopes to update this law and the directives formalized by statute to provide a clear and simple process for receiving approval to homeschool.

If the Ministry does not work with Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar to establish clear and simple criteria for the provision of homeschooling, the firm will file a petition on behalf of the families in the High Court of Justice to force the Ministry to amend their directives.

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