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U.S.-Irish Partnership Stimulates Homeschool Community
December 7, 2015: HSLDA joined several American curriculum providers to support the inaugural national homeschool conference in Ireland. One goal was to inspire Christian homeschoolers to explore faith-based methods and materials.

State Will Isolate and Question Children about Homeschooling
October 27, 2015: As part of its plan to develop new ways to assess Irish homeschoolers, a government agency recently tasked with the job wants to interview home-educated children—away from their parents.

Irish Families Lay Firm Foundations
August 31, 2015: The Prince of Wales Hotel, Athlone was the venue for the event which saw 68 parents and 35 children enjoy all that was on offer, from book stands to children's workshops.

State Prosecutes in Spite of Constitution
October 14, 2014: Two Irish families who rejected the onerous registration procedures created by a national agency have been prosecuted in court, demonstrating why even an explicit constitutional right to homeschool needs defending.

Homeschool Mom Jailed
August 5, 2014: In Ireland, a mother was jailed in a dispute with the government, saying that she shouldn’t have to apply for permission to exercise her fundamental right to homeschool—which is explicit in the Irish Constitution.

New government agency established to monitor home educators
February 20, 2014: Families face attempts to increase monitoring home educators by the National Education Board.

It’s Final in Ireland: Kids, Government Rule in Home over Parents
November 16, 2012: Pro-family groups are going on the offensive to stop an incoming barrage of internationalists’ treaties as voters approve ballot measures on “children’s rights.”

American Homeschoolers Help Out Friends in Ireland
Although the homeschool movement of Ireland is small, the right of parents to homeschool was about to be severely diminished in late 1999.

 Country Information

Compulsory education ages: 6–16

Legal Status: Homeschooling is officially recognized by the Constitution of Ireland (Article 42) but allows for “reasonable regulation.” According to Ireland’s National Education Welfare Board, home education is the fastest growing form of education in Ireland.

“Education (Welfare) Act, 2000”

“Guidelines on the Assessment of Education in Places Other Than Recognised Schools”

Number of Homeschoolers: Approximately 750 children.

 Contact Information

Irish Christian Home Educators Association
POC: Ruth Redmond
Contact via the above website or at +353 87 2511933
ICHEA Facebook page

Irish Core Home Education Support Services (I-CHESS)
Access group through the Home Education Network
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Matthew Kenny, Associate Solicitor
Sheehan & Partners
+353 (0) 1-4533477
Send an email

Elizabeth Bruton, homeschool attorney
+353 162 44567
Mailing Address:
Hilford House, Leixlip County Kildare, Ireland

The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling (TEACH)
POC: Nathan Field – TEACH Manager
Tel: +44 1793 783 783
Send an email
TEACH Facebook page

Last Updated: June 29, 2016