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Homeschooling in India
One family’s success shows how homeschooling is thriving in the world’s second most-populous nation.

Why Parents are Choosing to Unschool Their Children
February 17, 2019: Tired of the conformist educational code in the country, reports the Financial Express, some parents are now taking the path less traveled and choosing to homeschool—and even unschool their children.

Homeschooling Parents Pool Resources, Set up Centers to Enrich Learning
February 11, 2019: The Times of India recounts how homeschool parents are forming groups to share education resources and provide support.

Mumbai: A Group of Parentsí Forward March Towards Alternative Education
February 10, 2019: A filmmaker is working on documenting the experiences of homeschooling families as they encourage innovation in their children.

Parents of Homeschooling Kids Demand Board for Accreditation
January 28, 2019: Parents homeschooling their children are seeking a means of accreditation and support groups.

What Do Parents in Maharashtra Think of Homeschools?
December 26, 2018: “I used to get 15-20 calls a day from parents across the country,” says this pioneering Indian homeschooler. “They were all interested in knowing my story and wanted to know if they too can take the step. I often caution parents that homeschooling does not have a set formula. What worked for me might not work for everyone.”

Learning with Leisure: Five Indians on What It was Like to be Homeschooled
December 20, 2018: “A lot of kids were jealous,” recalls one adult of her homeschooling experience. “They thought we could watch TV all day, we didn’t have to wear a uniform.”

In a class of its own: homeschooling gathers ground
May 6, 2018 While there are no clear data on students being taught at home, experts in the field believe that around 15,000 families in the country have chosen to homeschool their kids.

Home schooled Bengaluru boy to represent India in International Olympiad in Informatics 2018
May 10, 2018 Ramchandra Kishor Apte from Maniram Home School is one of the four Indian students to represent the country in International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2018.

Indian Father Shares Homeschooling Challenges
December 7, 2015: A homeschooling dad from India assures readers that, yes, his kids are socialized and do have fun!

Indians Answer the Question ‘Why Homeschool’?
August 31, 2015: Though we had different experiences of school life, the moment we heard about homeschooling both of us loved the concept and immediately decided that we would want to homeschool our children.

Parents at home with home-schooling idea
March 27, 2015: The Times of India reports on seven couples who have decided to homeschool.

Second Indian Homeschoolers Conference
January 7, 2014: Swashikshan, the all-India body of Homeschoolers in India, is gearing up for their second annual conference.

Is homeschooling Good for Your Child?
October 28, 2013: The Times of India reports on the growing number of homeschoolers across India.

India: Burgeoning Homeschool Movement Addresses the Need for Documents, Requests Help
August 14, 2013: An Indian homeschool leader requests feedback from families around the world regarding verification of schooling.

Inaugural Meeting of Indian Association of Homeschoolers
July 10, 2012: Indian homeschoolers are excited to announce the very first meeting of their national association on July 14 in Mumbai. You may also participate via online webinar. Register today!>>

India: Homeschooled Students Cope with “Real” Life
April 26, 2012: Hundreds of families in India are discovering that homeschooling better prepares their children for life then the institutionalized school system does.

Homeschooling Catching on Slowly
February 3, 2012: The Hindu newspaper documents that home education is steadily growing among India’s billions of citizens.

India: Fun-Filled Times in Mumbai
January 23, 2012: Spend a day in the life of an Indian homeschooler—journey with them to the National Park, on a bird watching expedition, and to a science center.

India Sees Rise in Homeschooling
September 30, 2011: In India, homeschooling is gaining attention and support in many arenas.

Hindustan Times: Homeschoolers Petition High Court
August 3, 2011: Last year’s revised education law has stirred up quite a bit of debate as to whether compulsory education in India can be fulfilled through homeschooling.

Homeschooling: Legal in India
September 16, 2010: Homeschoolers in India received great news this past week when the country’s top education official recognized and affirmed homeschooling as a legal educational option.

Times of India: RTE: Homeschooling, Too, is Fine, Says Sibal
September 9, 2010: The Indian Minister of Education clarifies the new education law’s position on homeschooling and states that parents may continue to instruct their children at home

Times of India: When Staying at Home Does Not Mean Skipping Education
September 9, 2010: A small band of parents in the city of Pune, India do not want to put their children through school and have taken up the teacher’s role.

Indian Express: Plea dismissed, but homeschooling still a grey area.
May 31, 2010: New education law in India impacts homeschoolers

 Country Information

Compulsory Education Ages: 6-14

Legal Status: A new education law (Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009, RTE) came into effect on April 1, 2010 that mandates compulsory attendance in schools. Education in India is both a national and state matter. In the past, homeschooling has been regulated solely at the state-level and homeschoolers have largely been left alone.

Homeschoolers and alternative schools in India are continuing to petition the government in favor of a parent's right to choose the form of his child's education. In April 2010, the High Court heard a case regarding whether the RTE infringes on the freedom of parents. The court dismissed the petition, but gave parents who homeschool or send their children to alternative schools eight weeks to make a presentation before the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Homeschoolers met to draft a presentation, as well as a letter to the Minister of MHRD asking that he accommodate homeschooling in the RTE Act or at the very least clarify its stand on home education.

In September 2010, Minister of Education Kapil Sibal released a statement through The Times of India stating that the “RTE Act wants every child to be in school, but if somebody decides not to send his/her children to school, we [the government] are not going to interfere. The compulsion is on the state, not on the parents. Parents are free not to send their children to school, but teach them at home. We cannot be micromanaging.” This statement offers the official clarification that homeschoolers in India have been waiting for.

Estimated number of homeschoolers: 500-1000 children

 Contact Information & Resources

Swashikshan Indian Association of Homeschoolers
Swashikshan Facebook page

Christian Homeschoolers in India (join group for access)
India Homeschoolers Forum (join for access)
Homeschoolers Facebook page

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