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August 14, 2013

Burgeoning Homeschool Movement Addresses the Need for Documents, Requests Help

By Dr. Mathew S P

The inaugural “Swashikshan” group

As some of you may be aware, homeschoolers from all over India have formed an association called “Swashikshan” a few years back. ‘Swa’ means self and ‘Shikshan’ means learning in many Indian languages. You can find more details on our website. As I write this, there has been an interesting discussion going on in our Indian Homeschool email group.

The topic for the email discussion this time was on the need to have some form of identity document that we can give our kids who are being homeschooled (including homeschooling, unschooling and the various shades in between) to enable them to participate in activities or competitions which are usually open to school-going children of their age.

To give an example, there is a “Young Authors Hunt” competition conducted by Igenius in India. My oldest daughter, who is 14, took part and submitted a story, and now she has been selected to move onto the second round where she will be given a topic on the spot and asked to write a story/essay on it. However, to participate, each student needs several documents:

  • Previous year mark-sheet/report card of the participant
  • Certificates of extra-curricular achievements (if any)
  • ID proof of igenius Young Authors’ Hunt participant with class details

We have had many parents in our group giving us suggestions on how to go about providing the requested items. I thank HSLDA because it has been always a great support to our homeschooling movement ever since we have been in touch. Thank you so much Mike and Brittany! I would like to know from the international community how you would have gone about with this issue of identity documents for homeschooled or unschooled kids. Please visit our website and leave a comment with your suggestion. We appreciate your interest!

Dr. Mathew is a homeschool father and involved in the leadership of Swashikshan, the national home education association in India.

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