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Job in Jeopardy Over “Accreditation”
A qualified homeschool graduate was lined up for a job until background investigators got confused by his homeschool diploma.

Hungary for Home Education Support
June 16, 2016: HSLDA’s own Faith Berens recently traveled to Europe to encourage international homeschoolers.

Ministering to Homeschoolers in Hungary and Romania
Homeschooling is legal in Hungary and Romania, but the movement is still in its beginning stages. Bruce Purdy, a pastor from Lancaster, Ohio, recently attended homeschool conferences in these two countries to encourage and support a number of these newly homeschooling families.

Hungarian Homeschoolers Need Our Help
Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Hungarians have enjoyed more freedom. Presently the homeschool movement is small, but growing and well organized.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Ages: Ages 6-16

Legal Status:
The Hungarian laws allow homeschoolers to teach their children as private students at home as long as they generally follow the state curriculum and have children examined twice a year.

Homeschooling is legal in Hungary under certain conditions, but is still in its beginning stages. It made its official beginning in 2000 when Hungarian church planters working under Westminster Biblical World Mission were encouraged to practice it by Chris Klicka and the mission working with him.

 Contact Information & Resources

Hungarian Home Schooling Association
POC: Rev. Imre Szőke; Rev. Gyula Bagoly
Phone: +36 46 412-558
3527 Miskolc
Kartacs u. No. 1

Chris Klicka’s well-known book on homeschooling, The Right Choice: Home Schooling, has been translated into Hungarian and published by the Presbyterian Publishing House of Miskolc, Hungary. It has all the chapters relevant to the Hungarian situation (the first 14 chapters) and an excellent introduction to the Hungarian readership by Rev. Imre Szoke, director of the Hungary Home School Association. It can be purchased by emailing: It can also be seen at the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Central and Eastern Europe website. (Click the English version and go to “Publications”).

Last Updated: June 29, 2016