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Hong Kong
Hong Kong

December 7, 2015

Hong Kong Families Tell the World: We Are Homeschoolers

By Cam Highfield

We are excited to announce that 14 homeschool families in Hong Kong have jointly published a book called “We are homeschoolers”!  The book was published in June 2015, with the support of EDiversity, a parent-initiated charity dedicated to promote diversity in education in Hong Kong.  Read an article in the South China Morning Post here.    

The book features a mix of Chinese and English articles.  Both local and expatriate parents, and children aged up to 16, are contributors.  “We are homeschoolers” was endorsed by several local academics, including the Dean of the Faculty of Education at Hong Kong University, Prof. Stephen Andrews. 

EDiversity has the slogan “We need choices in education—because every child is different.”

Arni and Cam Highfield homeschool their children in Hong Kong and work with EDiversity.

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