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A Great Miracle in Guatemala
Starting with nothing, homeschool advocates created a complete Spanish—language homeschooling curriculum with a biblical emphasis.

 Country Information

Compulsory Education Ages: 7—12

Legal Status: Homeschooling is still widely unheard of and not explicitly addressed in the education law. However, families are able to homeschool through the Hebron School (see contact information below) and receive recognition from the government, per Act 2116 of December 22, 2005. Hebron School homeschool diplomas are backed by the government, while diplomas bestowed by a parent are not currently recognized by the government or academic institutions in Guatemala. The Hebron School is working with the National Ministry of Education to introduce homeschool legislation to create further positive changes for families who wish to homeschool.

Estimated number of homeschoolers:1,000

 Contact Information

Hebron School Home Schooling
POC: Angela Barahona, General Coordinator (Spanish)
Mary Mejia (English)
Phone: +502 2 268 2909
Fax: +502 2 333 8392

Last Updated: January 1, 2016