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Greek child services snatch kid because mom decides to homeschool
October 13, 2015: Child services seek to remove custody from a mother who preferred to home educate her child.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 6-15

Legal status of homeschooling: Per Article 2, §3 of the Greek education law (Law 1566/1985 on the structure and function of primary and secondary education) attendance is compulsory in elementary and high schools. Homeschooling is only explicitly allowed in Greek law in the case of children with special needs. The law states that in exceptional cases, education can occur in the home with direct supervision and materials from the school (Article 32, Section 4).

There is growing interest in homeschooling among Greek citizens and it is hopeful that pro-homeschooling legislation will be introduced in the near future.

 Contact Information & Resources

Homeschooling-Greece Parents Group

Facebook page for homeschoolers in Greece

** No further contact information at this time. If you have knowledge of homeschooling in Greece, please contact HSLDA at Thank you!

Last Updated: January 1, 2016