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May 17, 2010

Sign Petition to German Parliament to Allow Homeschooling

Signatures are being collected on a petition to the German Bundestag to request that the German federal parliament take up the matter of legalizing homeschooling. The site for the petition requires a registration but allows for foreigners to sign in and sign the petition. By using the translation features of current websites, it is possible to navigate the registration and co-signature requirements.

By signing this petition we can help German homeschoolers in their quest for freedom from persecution. Thank you for taking the time to help!

To cosign the petition follow these five steps:

Step 1: Register for username and password.

Step 2: After receiving the automatic “verify registration” email from the site, click the link and login.

Step 3: Go to the following link.

Step 4: Click on the hyperlink entitled “Mitzeichner” under the column heading entitled “Anzahl Mitzeichnungen.” This will register you as a co-signer to the petition.

Step 5: You’re done. Close the browser or page at your convenience.

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