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March 9, 2009

Mission to Persecuted Christian Homeschoolers in Germany

The Highländlers, a group of Georgia homeschoolers, will be taking a mission team into Europe this summer. They were prompted by the persecution of American missionary families and German Christians who will not yield their children to the strong indoctrination of the state. Missionary families are being forced to withdraw from Germany; parents are being imprisoned and heavily fined, children forcefully taken from their homes, and families are being compelled to seek political asylum in other countries (including the United States).

Resolutions and endorsements, from both the Georgia state government as well as the United States federal government, are being prepared to be hand-delivered to German state and federal officials.

Members of The Highländlers said they were very honored to have the personal attention and counsel of the leading attorneys who deal with these legal issues in Germany.

“They are deeply committed Christians who are strongly encouraging us that our efforts are making an impact in this situation, and that they are directed at the heart of the matter. We share the belief that our work will have a positive effect in bringing real help to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, and foster the fundamental freedoms within these nations that are at risk of losing them.”

The Highländlers mission team will meet with hundreds of German students and with the directors of Christian schools. The team will be discuss practical ways for Christians to educate their children according to their conscience, through umbrella schools and other alternatives.

The team will also meet with home educators in various settings, including speaking and performing at a home education conference in The Netherlands.

Our team is comprised of an experienced semi-professional group of folk dancers, who keep alive the history and culture of the Bavarian and Scottish traditions. Throughout history, public speaking and performance have proven to be powerful means of swaying public opinion—a key that opens doors for the sharing of faith, obedience, and responsibility to God. The Highländlers are scheduled to perform at several unique and historic events.

The mission team of nine people will be traveling for 5-and-a-half weeks. Its estimated costs are $60,000.

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