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November 7, 2007

German Officials Want to Sell Family’s Possessions to Pay Homeschooling Fine

Dagmar and Tillman Neubronner were home at their small publishing house in the City-State of Bremen, Germany, when a knock came at the door. Outside were two German marshals who wanted to enter and see if there were any possessions they could seize and sell to pay the $6,300 fine levied against the family because they homeschool their children.

The Neubronners are simple people, quietly educating their two sons Thomas and Moritz at home. They have tried to comply with attendance laws, but their children do not want to be in public school. The parents will not force them to stay there because they believe it is best for them to be homeschooled. Last year, the City-State of Bremen allowed the family to homeschool, but this year they refused. While most state laws regarding compulsory attendance in Germany allow for exceptions, these are nearly always denied, except for overseas German diplomats and the children of entertainers.

The family has filed a lawsuit against the Bremen City-State, whose officials continue to insist that the Neubronners send their children to public school. The Neubronners cannot afford to pay the fine levied against them. But they have been blessed by local attorney Mathias Westerholt, who has been donating much of his time to the case. Home School Legal Defense Association also has been supporting the case in partnership with the Alliance Defense Fund.

For more information and details you can read the November 6 World Net Daily article: “Homeschoolers Facing $6,300 Fine.”

We are not asking for your financial support. But we are asking you to send letters, emails and faxes to the officials in Bremen, urging them to permit the Neubronners to homeschool and to change their regulations to allow other residents in Bremen to homeschool their children. For a sample letter you can see what HSLDA President Mike Smith wrote by clicking here.

You can fax the Director of the Bremen Department of Education by dialing 011-49-421-361-15542.

The address for mail is:

Frau Senatorin Renate Jurgens-Pieper
Senatorin für Bildung und Wissenschaft
Rembertiring 8-12
D-28195 Bremen

Because emails are easy to delete, they should be sent in addition to the other methods listed above to: Please blind copy the Neubronners on your emails at:

HSLDA continues to support German Homeschoolers in their quest for freedom from persecution at the hands of the German government. To read more about this problem and what HSLDA is doing about it you can visit our Germany homepage.

Thank you for standing with our German brothers and sisters!