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Homeschooling Once Again Attacked in New French Law
March 19, 2019: Families who wish to educate their own children are being targeted once again in a new proposed law known as L’École de la Confiance (the school of trust).

“Compulsory Schooling” Despite the Law: Home Education in France
December 28, 2018: The International Center for Home Education reviews an article by an education professor on French homeschooling.

Homeschooling Under Attack in France
July 15, 2016: New restrictions backed by threats of coercion have alarmed families in a nation with one of the largest homeschooling populations in Europe.

Opera Singing Grad Praises of Home Education: France
June 16, 2016: How being homeschooled led to writing a novel and becoming an opera singer

Open letter to Madame Minister of Education
June 1, 2016: French homeschool families resist a draft law to increase restrictions on homeschooling. (French)

Proposition de loi n°3704 seeks to limit home education (French)
May 15, 2016: French families oppose a bill to switch home education to a permission-based system, instead of the current declaration-based system. The bill states that permission to home educate must be justified by one of these situations: children with medical needs or disabilities, children involved in intensive training of sports or arts, parents who travel, or too great a geographical distance to a school.

Social Services and Home Education
April 11, 2015: The French organization CEDIF works to protect parental rights and published an overview on these topics (French or recent English update)

Bill to outlaw homeschooling withdrawn
March 11, 2014: The author of Senate Bill 245 has withdrawn his proposal to regulate and effectively outlaw homeschooling

Bill introduced to outlaw home education
February 6, 2014: French-speaking homeschoolers in Quebec, Canada are taking notice of the anti-homeschool efforts in France. HSLDA of Canada reports in French and English

Bill Would Restrict Homeschooling to “Exceptional Circumstances”
January 28, 2014: A bill in the French Senate seeking to restrict homeschooling would significantly alter the landscape of homeschool freedom not only in France but all of Europe.

Officials Overstep Their Bounds, Families Threatened in France, Austria
July 6, 2012: Families in France and Austria are fighting back against authorities’ attempts to deny their legal right to homeschool in those countries.

International Homeschooling—Watch Video from a Dozen Countries
January 2, 2012: Homeschoolers from across Europe gathered for a meaningful time of sharing experiences and learning about the homeschool laws in other countries.

French National TV Showcases Homeschooling in America
December 5, 2011: HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly and his family were featured recently on a national French television broadcast about homeschooling in the U.S.

French Homeschoolers Resist Political Agenda
December 2, 2011: Homeschool organizations in France continue to resist the agenda of French legislators to modify the education law.

Homeschool Leader Interviews
November 16, 2011: Hear about the current homeschool situations in a number of European countries, recorded at a recent European conference.

French Legislators Seek to Make Schooling Compulsory
September 30, 2011: French homeschoolers work against four proposed bills on education.

Bills Threaten Home School Freedom in France
June 11, 2011: Although one bill has been defeated, French homeschoolers continue to contact their representatives, urging them to oppose three other proposed bills that seek to increase the compulsory attendance age and make school attendance mandatory. (In French)

German Homeschooled Children Return Home under Court Supervision
October 13, 2009: The Wunderlich family were delighted that a local juvenile court decided to return custody of their four children after they were seized in a surprise visit by French social workers on September 28.

German Homeschooled Children Seized by French Social Workers
October 6, 2009: French authorities took four children from a German family who had fled to France to escape persecution against homeschoolers.

French Victory: HSLDA Helps Defeat 'Draconian' Legislation
French homeschooling families won an important legal battle for their rights when two amendments to limit homeschooling were withdrawn from a bill in the French Parliament in early January.

Homeschooling on the Rise in France
Thousands of French children are staying home because their parents have opted out of a system they claim no longer adequately teaches basic skills.

Families in France Turn to Homeschooling Despite Heavy Regulation
New legislation requires that homeschoolers be inspected every year from ages 6 to 16. The inspections are subjective and the requirements are vague.

 Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Ages: 6-16

Legal Status: Homeschooling is legal and is governed by the Education Code, Article L. 131, a supplemental decree and a circular. Families must annually notify the appropriate authorities of their intent to homeschool. Although the law only gives school inspectors the authority to “verify” the teaching in a homeschool each year, the reality is often quite different. Many times, officials conduct these inspections in an arbitrary and negative manner toward homeschooling. Officials may require homeschooled students to be tested, order children back to school after only one negative report instead of two, or threaten to declare children in danger of mistreatment to coerce parents to accept the inspector's demands.

Estimated number of homeschoolers: 2000-3000 private homeschoolers and 10,000-20,000 homeschoolers enrolled in correspondence schools

Study on homeschooling in France, conducted by LEDA, CISE, and LAIA: (French)

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