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Homeschooling Family in Finland Harassed
January 8, 2019: With HSLDA’s help, a homeschooling family hopes to finally end an ongoing investigation so they can concentrate on learning and growing together.

Court Says Homeschooling Not Criminal
April 20, 2015: A court ruling gives a great victory for home educators in Finland, stating it is parents that oversee their homeschool, not the municipal school that oversees the parents.

Finland: Media Champions Homeschooling
November 18, 2013: Media outlets in Finland track the trend of home education and give positive coverage to homeschooling families

Finland: Chancellor of Justice Issues Resolution on Home Education
August 15, 2013: Homeschoolers in Finland were encouraged by a resolution recently issued by Finland's Chancellor of Justice.

Finland: Court Bias Against Home Education
May 9, 2013: The Supreme Court ruled against homeschoolers in a case about equal access to school materials.

Heroic Single Mother Withstands Ignorant School Officials
February 21, 2013: A Finnish mother withstands ignorant school officials in her city to receive a positive statement and decision for home education.

Finland: Homeschooling Launched to the Political Agenda
July 17, 2012: The Social Democratic Party recently proposed to make homeschooling subject to licensing, launching homeschooling onto the political scene in Finland.

Finland: Homeschoolers Welcome Swedish President in Exile
April 26, 2012: Finland continues to enjoy significant homeschool freedom, in stark contrast to Sweden, its Nordic neighbor to the west.

Norway: Homeschoolers Meet for Encouragement
September 30, 2011: A Christian homeschool conference was held in Finsland, Norway, on 4 June 2011. God blessed the conference in many ways.

Home Education is Growing in Popularity
August 22, 2011: Finnish TV interviews the Paavolainen and Furu families, homeschoolers in Finland. Juhani Paavolainen is the chairman of Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish home educator’s association. Michael Donnelly, HSLDA director of international relations, weighs in on the benefits of homeschooling and its prevalence in the U.S. (around 02:10 and 04:25). Notes: You will need to download Microsoft Silverlight to watch the video. After downloading, please enter 75508 into the search box at the top-right corner to find the clip.

Finland is A Model
August 21, 2011: Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet highlights homeschool freedom in Finland—in stark contrast to neighboring Sweden—and interviews HSLDA’s director of international relations, Michael Donnelly.

A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland
February 28, 2011: A Swedish parent gives an inside look at the difficulty his family experienced while homeschooling in Sweden, their decision to leave their homeland, and their positive experience in Finland.

Finnish Newspaper Highlights Homeschooling
January 24, 2011: A prominent Helsinki newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet, recently published a positive article on homeschooling that highlighted Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish Home Educators Association, and also mentioned HSLDA’s support for international homeschoolers.

Nordic Neighbors Differ on Key Human Rights Issue
November 5, 2010: The response of nordic governments to homeschoolers within their borders offers a sobering contrast: Finland explicitly encourages homeschooling, while Sweden represses it and even persecutes parents who chose to educate their children at home.

Finnish Homeschoolers Want Partnership, not Confrontation
October 8, 2010: Suomen kotiopettajat, the Finnish Home Educators Association, is working to improve the atmosphere for homeschooling in Finland.

Homeschooling Gains Attention in Finland
September 24, 2010: Homeschooling in the Nordic country of Finland is legal and increasing in popularity.

Homeschooling Conference Encourages Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Homeschoolers
August 10, 2010: Last month, an international homeschooling conference held in Telemark, Norway allowed the presidents of three Nordic homeschool associations to meet for the first time.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 7-16

Legal status of homeschooling: Homeschooling is legal and protected by both the Constitution and Finnish law. Education is governed by the Basic Education Act (628/1998). According to the Ministry of Education, there is no obligation to attend school in Finland, only the obligation to receive basic education. Compulsory education may be completed by studying at home. Authorities accept a parent’s right to homeschool but often deflate this right and in some cases misinterpret the law. The law gives a supervisory role to the local authorities.

Estimated number of homeschoolers: 250

 Contact Information

Suomen kotiopettajat
Finnish Home Educators Association
Lyhytkuja 3, 07900 Loviisa
Tel. + 358 506 4800

Last Updated: January 1, 2016