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Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic: Homeschooled MK Wins Scholarship to Top Medical School
January 22, 2012: The son of veteran missionaries has recently been accepted to one of the top medical schools in the Dominican Republic.

Homeschooling Family Faces Challenges after Shooting
March 28, 2011: The Antonios, veteran missionaries and homeschoolers, are in need of support as they struggle with medical expenses after an armed robbery.

Homeschooling Offers Hope in Dominican Republic
American missionaries Dr. Gene and Rebecca Antonio and their eight children are spearheading the homeschool movement in the Dominican Republic. The Antonios have founded a homeschooling network and are introducing Christ—centered Spanish—language curriculum.

Country Information

Legal status of homeschooling: Education is governed by Constitution (2010) which states, “The family is responsible for the education of its members and has the right to choose the type of education of their minor children” (Art. 63.2) and the General Education Law 66/97 (Ley General de Educación).

Contact Information

Dr. Gene Antonio

Hebron Ministries
Spanish Homeschool Curriculum and Support Group
POC: Josefina Machado, Hebron School Director
Phone: +502 2 268 2909
Fax: +502 2 333 8392

Last Updated: August 5, 2016