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Czech Republic
Czech Republic

November 25, 2002

Recent Election May Indicate Harder Times for Czech Homeschoolers

Homeschooling continues to grow in the Czech Republic. Recently, nationwide elections were held but went very badly for those who love freedom. The Social Democrats continue to control the Ministry of Education. Fortunately, the current female minister, Petra Buzklva, seems to be less negative toward home education and is unsure what her official policy will be. Michal Semin from the Czech homeschool organization will be meeting with her in the near future.

The Czechs are thankful for the assistance of U.S. homeschoolers in contacting the Czech Parliament earlier this year. Homeschoolers' action contributed to killing the education bill, which included provisions harshly limiting homeschool freedom. The education bill will have to be re-written and Czech homeschoolers have their own legislative draft available for the parliament members.

Recent floods have destroyed the homes of more than a million Czechs and hundreds of schools are closed. Consequently, the Ministry of Education has many distractions at this point and is not as concerned about homeschooling.