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Jailed for Christmas—Send a Card!
December 17, 2109: This holiday, Pastor Ramón Rigal and his wife Adya will not be “home for Christmas.”

HSLDA Promotes Freedom During Ministerial Week
August 14, 2019: We participated in U.S. State Department events promoting religious freedom and rallied outside the Cuban embassy to call for the release of jailed homeschool parents.

Lawyer Gets Hard Labor for Helping Jailed Homeschoolers
August 13, 2019: A Cuban attorney who tried to help the now-imprisoned Rigal family with their legal defense has now been sentenced himself.

Senators Seek to Free Cuban Homeschool Parents
June 12, 2019: Members of Congress denounced Cuba’s oppressive policies as two more homeschool parents were sent to jail.

U.S. Commission Condemns Cuban Aggression Toward Homeschooling Parents
April 26, 2019: HSLDA commends the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom for condemning Cuba’s treatment of homeschooling families in Guantanamo.

Cuba Crushes Homeschooling: Jails Pastor And Wife for Years, Others Recant
April 23, 2019: The Cuban pastor who encouraged others to follow his example and homeschool their children has been jailed. This could mean the end of homeschooling in the communist country.

 Country Information

Compulsory attendance: 6-11

Legal Status: Homeschooling is Not Legal

The Constitution of Cuba says the following about education “The State guides, fosters, and promotes education, culture and sciences in all their manifestations‚Ķeducation is a function of the State, and free of charge‚ĶThe law specifies the formation and structure of the national system of education, as well as the scope of compulsory schooling, and defines the basic general training that every citizen must acquire, as a minimum.” (chapter V, article 39,