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Homeschooling in Chile

Chile does not have a specific home education law, but the Chilean constitution provides for educational freedom which is construed to allow parents to educate their children at home.

The Chilean Constitution establishes both the right to education and the freedom of teaching.

    Constitution of Chile, Chapter III, Article 19, §§ 10, 11:

    "10.- The right to education.

    The objective of education is the complete development of the individual in the various stages of his life.

    Parents have the preferential right and duty to educate their children. The State shall provide special protection for the exercise of this right.

    Basic education is mandatory; to that effect, the State must finance a gratuitous system designed to ensure access thereto by the entire population. It is, likewise, the duty of the State to promote the development of education at all levels, encourage scientific and technological research, artistic creation, and the protection and increase of the cultural patrimony of the Nation.

    11.- Freedom of teaching includes the right to open, organize and maintain educational establishments.

    Freedom of education has no other limitations but those imposed by morals, good customs, public order and national security.

    Officially recognized education cannot be directed towards propagating any type of political-partisan tendency.

    Parents have the right to choose the educational establishment for their children.

As parents are granted the right and duty to educate their children, and the State is mandated to provide protection of the exercise of this right, parents are free to homeschool in Chile. This freedom is not monitored by any state agency, and the homeschool must only comply with the limitations "imposed by morals, good customs, public order and national security." If a family is contacted by school officials or the police, who are given the authority to regulate truancy, the family should refer the official to the Chilean Constitution.

There are no requirements for notification, testing, or teacher qualifications.