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August 15, 2013

Homeschool Conferences in Bulgaria: Eight Years Strong

The Bulgarian Homeschool Association (BHA) conferred the Eighth National Homeschool Conference from July 17-18 in the beautiful mountainous region of Usana. Families attended from all over the country, and there were even some guests from Austria. It is a tradition for our association to organize national conferences, which are truly helpful and awaited annually with great interest by many families in Bulgaria. Thanks to these conferences, scores of families have made the decision to start educating their children at home. Homeschooling families in Bulgaria face opposition, yet are successfully opposing every attempt of the government to limit their rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children. BHA is a vehicle for families and advocates of freedom in Bulgaria to stand strong together. The chairman of the association, Mr. Peter Porumbachanov, believes that the group’s primary mission is to actively inform society about the advantages of homeschooling, so that the information reaches a maximum number of families and those who prefer to educate their children at home may do so.

To open the eighth conference, Porumbachanov read a congratulatory address from a champion of home education, freedom, and truth in Bulgaria—politician Vladimir Karolev. Mr. Karolev wished the attendees well in their journey and exhorted them to keep the courage to take personal responsibility for their decisions.

A variety of lecturers, including an attorney, homeschool parents, and advocates of family rights, presented practical advice to attendees. There were interesting role-playing scenarios where parents acted out different characters to become aware of situations in which a homeschool family can find itself. Attorney Victor Kostov explained the framework of the legal situation of homeschooling and the challenges awaiting us there. Vladi Nikolov and Tsveti Raikov recounted the troubles they each went through when their families decided to pull their children out of the public school system. Yavor Kostov told the exciting tale of the events accompanying his conflict with the social services when he pulled his son out of the public school. Successful homeschoolers discussed what they have learned and achieved in their different callings. Many parents shared, discussed, and asked questions on their matters of interest, turning the conference in a lively and unique experience.

The children were organized in different activities and had a wonderful time with their new and old friends from across the country. We wholeheartedly thank the team of volunteers who joined in and led the children’s activities: Neli Haralanov, Zlatka Marinov, Radoslava Petkov, Jivka Porumbachanov, Emi Bojidarov, Peter Porumbachanov, Dariel Kremov, Teodora Petkov, and Georgi Porumbachanov. The children were blissfully happy with the variety of activities including, but not limited to, competitions, craft projects, and even target shooting with an air gun.

All the families that participated in the conferences went their separate ways with the hope of seeing each other again next year, so that they can share the progress in the homeschooling of their children.

We invite you to visit the website of the Bulgarian Homeschool Association to view photos from the conference.

Peter Porumbachanov is chairman of the Bulgarian Homeschool Association.

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