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June 3, 2011

Homeschoolers will Change the World

In Bulgaria, families involved in the fledgling homeschool movement face adverse conditions. Homeschooling is technically prohibited, so parents who choose to educate their children at home are often attacked and threatened by school and local officials. Government officials have proposed new education legislation that would put more control into the hands of the Bulgarian government. Bulgarian society does not consider homeschooling a “normal” educational option. Approximately 60–100 families remain committed to homeschooling in this hostile environment, and the Homeschool Association in Bulgaria is actively working to positively influence the nation’s legal framework.

Despite this adversity, the devotion of parents who seek to give their children the best education possible is bringing about positive results. In perhaps the most important arena, Bulgarian parents are seeing growth in their children as they mature, pursue academic and social excellence, and begin to hold on to Christian values for themselves.

George Porumbachanov, the 14-year-old son of Bulgarian homeschool leaders, speaking at the annual Bulgarian homeschool conference, attests to the tremendous results achieved by homeschool families.

Read the transcript of 14-year-old George’s speech, originally delivered at the annual Bulgarian homeschool conference held in August 2010 in Silistra, Bulgaria (available in English or Bulgarian).

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