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Brazil Set to Legalize Homeschooling
April 30, 2019: Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has proposed a new law to the Brazilian Congress, which would formally legalize homeschooling in Brazil.

Homeschoolers Face Crackdown in Brazil
March 12, 2019: Brazilian officials have pledged their support for homeschooling, but the National Congress’s delays have led to harsh treatment of homeschooling families.

Homeschooling and Its Certification in Brazil
February 19, 2019: This video explains in Portuguese the current homeschooling situation in Brazil.

Government Seeks to Legalize Homeschooling with Executive Order
January 24, 2019: According to a Sao Paulo newspaper, the national Congress is moving forward on passing legislation to normalize homeschooling in Brazil.

Brazil’s Homeschoolers Look to Congress after Supreme Court Decision
September 18, 2018: The Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that homeschooling is not implicitly recognized by the country’s constitution. Homeschoolers now look to the legislature to protect their freedoms.

Brazil Supreme Court to Rule on Legality of Homeschooling
August 27, 2018: Thousands of Brazilian families are eagerly hoping that the court will affirm their right to homeschool.

HSLDA’s Brief to the Supreme Court of Brazil
At the invitation of a national Brazilian education official, HSLDA Director of Global Outreach Mike Donnelly submitted a brief to the supreme court explaining why Brazil should recognize home education as a valid and effective means of schooling.

Leader Proposes Legislation Guaranteeing the Right to Home Education
May 17, 2018: A Brazilian newspaper reports progress toward a law protecting this fundamental right.

“Homeschooling in Brazil Is a Fact. It’s Not Going Away.”
March 20, 2018: As the Brazilian supreme court prepares to rule on a high-profile case involving home education, the homeschool community in Brazil is not only flourishing—it’s growing.

Education Ministry to Present New Opinion on Homeschooling
October 17, 2017: The Brazilian media reports that the decision could formalize home education in South America’s largest nation (Portuguese language).

HSLDA to Brazil’s Top Court: Legalize Homeschooling
June 20, 2017: HSLDA filed a brief with the Brazilian supreme court explaining why homeschooling should be made explicitly legal.

Homeschooling Grows in Brazil
June 19, 2017: Online courses and a recent court ruling have helped home education to grow rapidly in South America’s most populous country (Portuguese language).

Homeschooling gains strength in Brazil and seeks legalization
May 8, 2016: Brazil has about three thousand families who prefer to teach their children at home, an educational method that is widespread in other countries (Portuguese)

What Happened in Rio?
April 22, 2016: The city of Rio de Janeiro recently showed its warm hospitality to 214 homeschool leaders, researchers, parents, and interested policymakers from around the globe during the second Global Home Education Conference.

Homeschool Leaders Forge Ties In Rio
March 22, 2016: As Brazilian homeschoolers await a crucial court decision, leaders from around the world gathered to advance the future of homeschooling as a human right.

Stop Brazil from becoming the Next Germany on Home Education!
February 23, 2016: Is Brazil the next Germany when it comes to homeschooling? You can support global freedom and participate in the Global Home Education Conference by live streaming March 9-12.

Bill pending before the Federal Chamber promises to allow home schooling
October 25, 2015: Brazilian news source Hoje Em Dia interviews two homeschooling families and the president of ANED, the Brazilian homeschool association.

Battle Won, Brazilian Homeschooler Admitted to University
August 31, 2015: A judges decision helped a homeschooler gain admittance to a major university in Brazil.

STF to determine whether to allow home education
June 13, 2015: The Jornal de Santa Catarina also covers the Supreme Court notice.

Supreme Court to decide if homeschool should be permitted
June 8, 2015: The Supremo Tribunal Federal, Brazil’s Supreme Court, will be taking up a case on Educação Domiciliar, or home education. See also the notice on the Supremo Tribunal Federal’s website.

Families Satisfied With No Homeschool Law
April 20, 2015: Although undefined in Brazilian legislation, families are increasingly able to homeschool with fewer and fewer difficulties.

Unprecedented decision puts young woman who studied at home in college
April 13, 2015: A homeschooled student has won the right according to a regional court in Brazil (Tribunal Regional Federal da 1a Região) to obtain the certificate of high school completion by passing the national exam at age 16, even though by law the exam is allowed only for students 18 and older.

Teenager studying at home can enter college according to the court
April 13, 2015: The Brazilian television network Globo interviews Lorena Dias.

Lorena Dias’ case shows the importance of family in education
April 13, 2015: Commentator Gilberto Dimenstein of Radio CBN Network in Brazil discusses the Brazilian court ruling on 17-year-old homeschooler Lorena Dias.

Alumni share homeschooling experiences, which is growing in Brazil
February 25, 2015: Folha, one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, interviews homeschool alumni to share their experience.

Homeschooling is gaining strength in Brazil and generating controversy
November 4, 2013: BBC Brasil covers the growth of homeschooling (Portuguese)

Brazil: Families Hope for a Homeschool Amendment
July 31, 2012: After a decade of fines and court cases for homeschooling, families in Brazil are hopeful as the climate steadily improves.

Persecuted Homeschoolers Wow Brazilians
June 1, 2012: Homeschoolers are drawing positive attention in Brazil by winning numerous prizes in academic contests.

Triumph of the State over Family: Brazilian Congress Reinforces Ban on Homeschooling
November 1, 2011: Brazil’s National Congress rejects for the third time a bill that would have authorized a parent’s right to choose to home educate their children.

Homeschooling in Brazil: An Introduction
March 7, 2011: A second generation homeschooler relates his experiences growing up in Brazil as a missionary kid and the recent founding of Brazil’s first national homeschool organization. Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling
March 26, 2010: Despite the fact that his children passed difficult government imposed tests, and even qualified for law school at the ages of 13 and 14, homeschooler Cleber Nunes and his wife Bernadeth have been slapped with fines equivalent to a total of $3,200 for refusing to submit their children to the Brazilian school system.

Homeschooling Bill in the Brazilian House of Representatives
February 5, 2010: A bill now in the Brazilian congress would authorize homeschooling, but would subject it to the same controls and oversight as public education. Brazilian Homeschoolers Score Surprise Victory in Showdown Against Government
In a surprise victory against government officials who sought to prosecute a homeschooling family for refusing to participate in the public school system, David and Jonatas Nunes have passed tests proving a high level of knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Last Days Watchman: Persecution in Brazil—Challenges and sufferings in the Brazilian homeschooling movement
Josue Bueno, his wife and their 9 children were ordered to submit to psychological treatment under social workers. Because of their homeschooling practices, state officials also threatened to remove their children. Homeschooling Showdown in Brazil—Children to be Tested by Court in Battle Over Educational Rights of Parents
Two homeschooled children face a battery of tests this week in a showdown between the Brazilian government and a Christian family over the educational rights of parents in the South American nation.

Last Days Watchman: Homeschooling in the Brazilian Congress
Recently Rep. Henrique Afonso introduced in the Brazilian Congress a bill intended to expand the freedom of parents to homeschool their children.

The Right to Choose Home Education in Brazil

From Chris Klicka to Brazilian Embassy official

Brazilian Embassy Official's Response to Chris Klicka About Home Schooling

Julio Severo's Response to the Brazilian Embassy

Brazil's Home—schooling Ban Draws Outcry from U.S. Group

Brazil parents seek freedom to home school

Republic Protects Freedoms of Minority

Country Information

Compulsory attendance:6–14

Legal Status of home schooling: Undefined in Brazilian legislation. The number of families choosing to homeschool is growing rapidly. Homeschoolers are working together to introduce positive homeschool legislation. An article from ANED, the national homeschool association, provides more history on the Brazilian movement.

Number of homeschoolers:3,200 families

Contact Information

Associação Nacional de Educação Domiciliar
Brazilian National Association for Homeschooling
Contact via email or Facebook

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