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Homeschooling Growth Continues as Parents Seek More Flexibility
February 25, 2019: Homeschooling in Western Australia continues to grow with parents opting out of traditional schools for a host of reasons, according to television news.

Parents Turning Their Backs on Mainstream Schooling to Teach Their Kids at Home
January 15, 2019: “I see a bond in my children that wasn't there before,” this Australian mother told ABC News about the results of switching to homeschooling. “And it's changed me so much as well.”

Homeschooling in Queensland almost Triples in Five Years
January 14, 2019: The Brisbane Times interviews homeschooling families and explores why home education has grown in the region.

Unhappy Parents Embrace Homeschooling in Record Numbers
April 23, 2018: A newspaper reports thant the number of children being taught at home has soared more than 80 per cent over the past six years, propelled by strong growth in Victoria and NSW, which account for 54 per cent of home-school registrations nationwide.

A Winning Combination
February 2, 2018: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that hundreds of Victorian families are balancing their paid work with teaching their children at home.

Homeschooling Continues to Boom in Australia
November 14, 2017: The number of students registered for homeschooling grew by 13% nationally from 2014 to 2015 and again by 13% from 2015 to 2016.

Australian Homeschoolers Fight Proposed Restrictions
February 22, 2017: Families in the state of Victoria need your help to defeat regulations that would injure their children’s opportunities to learn in freedom.

Australian States Get Failing Grades
February 29, 2016: How do Australia’s states shape up in comparison to freedom of homeschooling around the world? Read on to compare with your country.

VCE results: Home-school hero
December 14, 2015: He's the student who achieved a perfect (Victorian Certificate of Education) result without ever setting foot in high school.

Growth in Homeschooling in Australia
December 7, 2015: Statistics detail the tremendous growth in home education down under.

Growth in Home-schooling in Australia
October 19, 2015:Home schooling continues to grow steadily in Australia with a 6% increase from 2013-2014.

Homeschool Grad Critiques Government Report on Homeschooling
October 19, 2015: An Australian homeschool graduate reviews the recent parliamentary inquiry and recommendations into homeschooling in New South Wales.

Speaking Out Against Parliamentary Report
April 20, 2015: A parliamentary inquiry on homeschooling results in a 305-page anti-homeschooling report.

Professor: Parents Incapable of Teaching Reading and Writing
October 3, 2014: An education lecturer from Monash University in Australia claims that all children should learn in a school and that only highly trained professionals can help children to read and write.

Rise in Homeschooling Spurs Parliamentary Inquiry
June 1, 2014: A prominent Australian newspaper reports that state parliament is looking into the cause of a steep rise in homeschooling.

Homeschooling takes off in Queensland
May 17, 2014: NAPLAN, bullying and simply struggling to fit in are some of the reasons why home school registrations have swollen by 234 per cent in the past seven years. Now, estimates say that there are more than 10,000 homeschoolers in the Queensland and rising.

60 Minutes: School’s Out
March 23, 2014: A 60-Minute segment on the phenomenon of unschooling in the Land Down Under.

Bullies spur parents to home school kids
January 19, 2014: Bullying and “cattiness” spurred by social media has contributed to a surge in the number of parents deciding to teach their children at home, according to one of the State's biggest homeschooling bodies.

Son, we’re not going to send you to school
November 12, 2013: A homeschool graduate from Western Australia, now a successful artist and illustrator, looks back on his parents’ decision to homeschool.

Home Education Thrives in Australia's Largest State
October 26, 2013: Considered a 'boom state,' Western Australia also has a booming homeschool population.

Home schooling up 65% in four years
September 8, 2013: The Sydney Morning Herald says number of children being taught at home in NSW has ballooned by 65%.

Australia: Home Visits Imposed on Homeschoolers Down Under
August 31, 2013: The New South Wales Board of Studies in Australia issued new regulations for homeschoolers. The Sydney Home Education Network (SHEN) has stated that the new policy could make it very difficult for many families to continue homeschooling.

Homeschooling a Positive Choice
June 23, 2013: The Brisbane Times in Australia profiles a homeschool success story.

Australia: Number of Home Educated Students Grows by Healthy 8%
May 5, 2013: A trend of consistent growth in the number of registered home educated students continues.

New Figures Show Rates of Children being Homeschooled Doubles
April 16, 2013: The number of children being homeschooled in Victoria, Australia is skyrocketing.

Interview with Australian Homeschool Grads
January 31, 2013: A group of five young adults who were all homeschooled share their post-homeschooling experiences.

More Families Join Homeschooling Boom
January 23, 2013: Since 2008 homeschooling in Ipswich, Queensland has increased nearly five-fold.

Wildcats Boss Favors Homeschooling
September 15, 2012: NBL Wildcats chief Nick Marvin homeschools his children because he believes educating them is his “fundamental duty.”

Australia: Homeschooling Parents Seek to Qualify for Tax Refunds
July 17, 2012: Parents who homeschool in Australia do not receive any government funding although they support all other children who attend schools through their taxes.

Bullied Kids Get Homeschooled
July 12, 2012: Australia’s 7News features bullying in schools and the number of parents who are choosing to homeschool in response.

Australian Homeschool Grad to Address the United Nations
July 9, 2012: Homeschool grad Dan Ryan has been selected as Australia’s youth representative to the United Nations.

Australia: Changing the World One Family at a Time
April 26, 2012: The annual CampFest week in New South Wales, Australia reinvigorates homeschooling families.

Tales Out of School
February 11, 2012: A book published in 2011 tells the stories of 40 Australian homeschoolers

The Homeschool of Life
February 6, 2012: A Perth-based news source features a homeschooling family and notes that the number of parents educating their children at home is on the rise.

Australia: Homeschooling After Three Decades
January 24, 2012: Home education has flourished in Australia from the 1970s to the present, despite periodic legislative battles in all six states and two territories.

Homeschooling Expands “Down Under”
Home education is flourishing in Australia as homeschooled graduates succeed in college and the workplace, and support groups continue to grow.

Homeschooling: Don't 'Fix' What Isn't Broken
"The proposed changes to the Victorian Education Act could negatively impact homeschoolers." said Mr. Terry Harding, principal of Australia's largest homeschooling organisation, the Australian Christian Academy.

Homeschoolers in Uproar About New Restrictive Education Act
The new Education Act in Victoria, if passed, will require parents who educate their children at home to register with state authorities.

Australia Has Its Own Homeschool Legal Defense Association
The Kingdom Defence Trust realized that legislation in Australia has the effect of curtailing expressions of Christian faith, such as home education

Update on Home Education in Australia
In Australia, home education has grown rapidly over the past 25 years. Families are educating their children at home in all six States and two territories in urban, suburban, regional, and remote parts of Australia.

Across the States of Australia
Homeschoolers in Australia face many of the same problems faced by homeschoolers in the United States.

Australian Christian Academy Supports Homeschooling
With 20 years of service to the home education community, ACA is the largest non—government homeschooling provider in the South Pacific.

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Country Information

Compulsory Attendance Ages: 6–15

Legal Status: In Australia there are six states and two territories, each having its own Education Act. Homeschooling is legal in all Australian states and territories.

Regarding homeschoolers: Each state or territory government has a home school registration authority that seeks to register homeschooled children and to monitor their academic work. Home schoolers are required to register with their state or territorial education authority.

Regarding schools of distance education: All states have government schools of distance education. The states of Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia have non-government schools of distance education. Families who participate in distance education operate at home in the same way as home schoolers, but have the support of teachers and educational resources associated with the school of distance education. Students who are enrolled in a school of distance education are not required to register with state government authorities, as the school of distance education is subjected to government scrutiny, not the family.

Number of Homeschoolers: Approximately 30,000 families—including both home school and schools of distance education. The Australian Christian College (Australia’s largest Christian school of distance education) has over 1,700 families, with 4,000 students ranging from Preschool to Year 12 in its home education programs.

Contact Information

Australian Christian Home Schooling
POC: Terry Harding
PO Box 3101
Caboolture BC, Queensland 4510
Ph +61 7 3881 5744
Fax +61 7 3889 7245

Home Education Association
Ph: +61 1300 72 99 91

Homeschool Christian Academy
Offices and teacher support in every Australian State
POC: Stuart Chapman
Tel: +61 8 9385 0242

SouthEast Home Education
Homeschool division of Southern Cross Educational Enterprises
Contact: Greg & April Simon
Ph: +61 (0) 7 3881-5777 or +61 (0) 7 3881-5789

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