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March 2, 2006

Homeschooling: Don't 'Fix' What Isn't Broken

"The proposed changes to the Victorian Education Act could negatively impact homeschoolers." said Mr. Terry Harding, principal of Australia's largest homeschooling organisation, the Australian Christian Academy.

"The current Education Act is possibly the most supportive of homeschooling, in the world." said Mr. Harding. "It has supported thousands of Victorian parents who have educated their children at home, over more than 20 years. The benefits to these thousands of children have included high literacy and numeracy, a rekindled love of learning and excellent outcomes such as entrance to TAFE, university and employment."

Mr. Harding, who is also completing his PhD research into home education, says that there is no research evidence anywhere in the world, which would justify the proposed government intrusions. "Australians," he said, "Are great believers in the saying, 'Don't fix what isn't broken'."

"Governments are good at running schools and schooling. The Victorian Government has no experience in running home education, nor has it demonstrated any knowledge of the wonderful results of home schooling in Victoria, over the past 20 years. There is no good reason for it to interfere in such a specialised educational practice that is working so well." said Mr. Harding. "The proposed changes indicate a gross lack of understanding of homeschooling by the government."

"I encourage the Minister to be proud of the way the current Education Act supports home education in Victoria. She should be protecting the Act, and should not allow educational bureaucrats to experiment with it, by making unjustified changes."

Terry Harding BA DipEd DipCDP MEd
Australian Christian Academy
PO Box 5677
Brendale, Qld 4500
Terry Harding may be contacted for further comment on mob. 0412320525

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