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September 17, 2003

Australia Has Its Own Homeschool Legal Defense Association

The Kingdom Defence Trust was founded in 1999 in order to advance the Christian faith and to apply Scriptural principles in the areas of ethics, law and government. The Kingdom Defence Trust seeks to assist in the defense of Christian families who are prosecuted because of the expression of their faith, including the choice to homeschool.

The Kingdom Defence Trust realized that legislation in Australia has the effect of curtailing expressions of Christian faith, such as home education. Education reforms are awaiting passage that would regulate homeschoolers. Government schools lose funding for each child that is homeschooled. As a result, there have been several prosecutions of homeschooling families in various Australian states. The Kingdom Defence Trust has successfully defended some of these families.

Following is a recent publication explaining the Trust's goals:

"The Trust's other major objective is to provide the Christian community with education about the Christian worldview and perspective. It plans to undertake this task by means of seminars and conferences in strategic locations around Australia.

"The Trust has already helped families and individuals facing prosecution or litigation around Australia. It has also sponsored a Christian student toward obtaining a law degree, with the objective of furthering the Trust's objectives. But there is much yet to be done. At this stage, the Trust's primary task is to inform the Christian community of its existence, and the availability of its services.

"The Trust is committed to providing high quality, affordable legal representation at the lowest possible cost. Even so, legal action is invariably expensive and time-consuming. The Trust is solely dependent upon the gifts of God's people to ensure its ongoing ability to deliver such help to those who need it."

The Kingdom Defence Trust is an ally with the Australian Christian Academy and works with Terry Harding in promoting homeschool freedom.

Michael Whitrow, Chairman of Trustees for the Kingdom Defence Trust, and his wife, Sue, have five children. The two children remaining at home are currently being homeschooled at high school level.